Five Nights At The End of the World

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  1. What would happen if the Animatronics never stopped? If Fazbear's Fright not only never burnt down, but never existed in the first place?

    Instead, children start going missing near the pizzeria, while scrap metal and fabric start to disappear at random from nearby scrapyards, and sometimes the metal screech of machinery can be heard from metal working shops in the dead of night.

    One night, someone spots a hulking figure and narrowly escapes, swearing up and down that one of the mascots of the infamous pizzeria. Nobody believes them, that is, until the reports begin to escalate...

    (So yeah, basically an apocalyptic themed FNAF roleplay. I have a number of characters that could work for this, though I am interested in playing a security guard (One of my own characters, not one of the 'canonical' ones)
  2. I am interested in what you have to offer.