Five Nights at Freddy's

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  1. This is the Role play thread, so if you have not signed up yet, click the link to go sign up if you wanna join! Read the rules and ideas too while you're there.

    Okay, for the members who have joined, remember how it starts so far? The animatronic characters start as the human in them (If you do have a human shoved inside of you). The story will progress till we finally get to the year the game currently takes place in. Start whenever you're ready, I'll go ahead and start mine!

    P.S. The sign up form is also the OOC form, so if you have anything to say, (Anything.You may even talk about cheese. Or daily things.) talk about it in the sign up/OOC thread. May I also suggest to make the Rp more interesting near the start, some of us become friends with one another?

    Todd awoke at his usual weekend time of 10 A.M, when his alarm that played the aggravating tone of a loud metallic bell that chimes' rung around the pirate themed room. He sprung out of his bed and darted for the front door, where his mother stopped him. "Where do you think you're going, sweetie?" The brunette women chuckled, patting his head, earning a annoying snarl from the boy. "Mom! I'm going outside with the other kids! Why do you ask this every time I want to go outside?" The mother laughed a bit. "Because you want to go outside in your pajamas every time." The women took the young boy with her to help him pick out some clothing to wear. As usual the russet haired boy always picked his red and white stripped shirt with tan pants. It was his play clothes, so it never really mattered to his mother if he wore it often.

    Before he ventured out of his home, the seven year old quickly grabbed his eye patch and wooden sword and rode his bike to the lake, where the kids from the town (Who were much older then him, but he could care less) would meet up and talk. He didn't care much for their conversation, but got a Bit angered that he was ignored. Todd would normally burst in the middle of their little talk bubbles, waving the wooden sword in the air yelling random things at the top of his lungs. He arrived at the lake, where the ten through seventeen year old kids would chat in their little groups, that Todd was normally left out of. Riding the bike near a group he attempted to jump/walk off (Not even he knew what stunt he was pulling.) his bicycle, but failed and injured his knee in the process, landing his bike in the swampy excuse of a lake. He watched, slightly angered but more concerned about being watched by the other kids in the vicinity. The seven year old was slightly embarrassed, trying to hide the specks of water threatening to spill from his eyes.
  2. Alice was wandering around the lake looking for flowers to collect for her mother and father. There wasn't much luck, she found maybe eight flowers, if that. She noticed a young boy on his knees, he was much younger than Alice. She didn't know what to do, help him or just continue collecting flowers. After about thirty seconds, she set down her flower basket on a lunch table and walked over to him. "Are you okay?" She asked holding out her hand.
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  3. Seeing a older girl walk over to him, he looked up at her, wondering if she was going to say something rude about him, as the other older kids were sure do later. Todd was taken back shocked by her question. Last time he pulled a idiot stunt like this, he was made fun of for weeks. He hesitated, but answered her question about four seconds later. "I'm fine" He blandly stated, taking her hand and then brushing off his scarred knee.
  4. "Dio, what you d-"

    He zoned her out. He hated hearing these lectures, these feel bad, guilt trip lectures. Honestly, he would give the world to be anywhere but here. Lazily nodding his head at each word she said, he gave out a silent whoop as she left she room. Disregarding her entire speech, Dio climbed out of his window, and dropped onto a small, but springy bush underneath. Satisfied with his escape, he took off, a pair of green scissors on his person.

    Which one of his teachers should he mess with today? Miss Perry certainly wouldn't miss a few gashes in her house.... and maybe he could cut up that flower garden of her's too!

    His plan settled, the young boy chuckled and ran off to his target.

    He arrived five minutes later, and watched the house like an owl, just waiting. Finally, Ms. Perry walked out of the house, and drove her car away, probably to get groceries. Springing from the bushes, he took his scissors and left marks on the damp, old wood that made up his teacher's stairs. Rapidly about-facing, he then ran straight into a small patch of earth where his teacher put up flowers. Now, while he wasn't a BULLY.....his teacher was really mean. Homework? That was just the pinnacle of cruelty! Chopping off about half of the flowers, he gleefully placed them into his pocket, and fled into the nearby vegetation. Thirty minutes later, he was greeted by music to his ears, the horrified shriek of Miss Perry, then the less satisfying noise of hearing her close the door to her house. Most likely, she would call his parents. Again. And while, admittedly, he caused a bit of trouble last time, how did he know that the match would burn up like that? Certainly wasn't his fault.

    Thoughts of punishment rushed through his head, and he decided he needed to plant false evidence. Slinking through the forest, as if enacting his own spy sequence, he spotted a lake, where a girl about the same age as him was helping a young boy. Shrugging at the odd sight, surmising she was his sister, he spotted the flower basket, then dumped all of the flowers he had chopped off from Miss Perry. Unable to resist, he let out a small giggle, then gave out a war whoop as he sprinted off; if he wanted to look innocent, he would have to go do something innocuous, like go to the library or something.
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  5. The reddish haired boy turned to see a boy placing some plants into the girl who had helped him's basket and rush off. A bit puzzled by this sight, he poked the girl. "Uhm, I think someone helped you get more flowers." He thought for a second then grinned to himself. "Well, they're mine now!" Todd laughed as he dashed over to the various flowers that were in the basket and took it by the handle and ran. He didn't run but a half a mile before he sat down by a tree with the flowers at his side to rest and adjust his eye patch that was slipping off and becoming rather annoying. It was only then that he realized he had left his wooden sword where he fell. He mentally face palmed and debated on whither to retrieve it yet.
  6. Alice sighed as she picked up the red-haired boy's wooden sword. "Now, what shall I do with this?" She looked at it for awhile and finally said "Perhaps I can find his house. I don't know where he lives but.. I'm sure I'll find it." So she went out to find him or where he lived. After about twenty minutes, she found him lying under the tree. "Is this yours?" She asked just with a normal face, no smile, no frown. "I'd figure it is."
  7. He had taken a small nap for a few minuets, having the basket it plain sight. After Todd awoke and saw the girl who had helped him up in front of him, he yelped a little bit out of surprise and quickly chucked the basket somewhere in the bushes, hoping she didn't notice. "I don't know where your basket is!" He blurted out. Todd was never a good liar. "Oh.. I mean, yes it is my sword" He spoke, quickly snatching the sword from her hands. The boy stepped to the side, in front of the bush trying to act normal, but most likely failing.
  8. The girl smiled as she began to spoke. "I know you took my flower basket. And I know that boy was trying to get me in trouble. I'm not blind you know?" She said grinning. "And you are an awful liar!" Alice picked up her basket and her skateboard as she was about to go home.
  9. Caught in his bluff, Todd sighed. "Alright, you caught me.." His face lightened a bit as he spoke again. "But pirates never give up!" He said,mustering up his most pirate-like accent he could. "I'll be back for it one day! I wont get caught as easily either!" The boy picked up his sword and ran back to the lake, screaming at the top of his lungs as he ran back toward a group of teenagers who only gave him an awkward glance or two.
  10. Was it REALLY that obvious? Even when he tried reading something educational, his mom saw riiight through his act.... and forced him to go and get those flowers back. Which was a pain. BECAUSE HE HAD NO IDEA WHERE THAT STUPID BASKET WENT. Notably pissed, he stormed off in a rage, he could probably go and bully another teacher, one that isn't as smart as Miss Perry. Passing the lake, he saw that weird boy again. Guy needed some friends, or maybe he was just mental. Pausing just a little bit at this odd sight, he stifled a mocking laugh and started moving forward to his next target.
  11. The girl was on her skateboard riding it as she saw a boy that put the flowers in her basket. Obviously, she wasn't going to give them back to the stupid little trouble maker. Instead she turned towards the trouble maker, picked up a jump rope, and tripped him. "You deserve that!" She smiled, picked up her skateboard and ran home laughing. When she got home she set the flowers on a table and locked the door. She took deep breathes and ran upstairs to her bedroom that was decorated purple. After she sat down on her bed she got a vase, poured water into it and stuck the flowers in there. "There!" She smiled. "Its perfect!" She set the flowers onto the kitchen table downstairs and got ready for dinner.
  12. After acting like a complete fool for no utter reason as always, Todd began to make his way back home, where his parents were surely waiting. He looked at his watch, seeing the time. His mothers words echoed in his head. He was late by twenty minuets! She has to be worried sick! Forgetting about his bike that was most likely rotting in the depths of the swampy pool of water, he began sprinting toward the direction of his home. Just as he was about to turn toward his house, one of the asshole excuses for a nine year old popped from behind a tree, scaring the seven year old half to death. "Well, Well, Todd, late again I see?" Spoke the crooked toothed nine year old. God, Todd could just punch those teeth right out of his head if he had the nerve to do so. "I have to go, crooked mouth." The russet hair child quickly spoke, trying to bypass the older aggressor. "Not so fast, buddy." Crooked Mouth grinned that shit eating grin of his as he stepped in front of Todd. "I'm not your buddy" Todd scoffed, looking past the paved road that lead to his home.

    He stepped to the left, so did Crooked Mouth. He tried to right, same thing. He was not very clearheaded about this situation and tried over and over again, soon realizing a straight run through would be futile. "Please let me get through!" The young child muttered, slightly angered. "No! You gotta get through if you can!" The nine year old snickered.
  13. The girl was about to go upstairs when she realized she forgot her bowtie by the tree. Her eyes widened as she face palmed. "Oh.. How could I forget that?! That is my favorite one!" She screamed as she put her coat on and ran outside. Her shoes had wheels on them so she could go fairly fast. She roller skated to the lake. But before she reached the tree, she realized that little seven year old boy was still here. It looked like he was trying to go home but that hideous excuse for a nine year old with a crooked tooth was standing in his way. Alice glared at him as she walked towards the hideous child. "What the hell do you think your doing? Getting in a way of a seven year old? Pathetic. You are a disgrace. You are unnecessary. You are unworthy. You are a disgrace to all human kind!" She shoved the hideous nine year old into the lake and threw a basketball into his face. "Well, now that's done." She dusted her hands, walked over to the tree and picked up her bowtie.
  14. Before she was out of earshot, Todd quickly shouted a thanks and continued running down the road to his house, where his parents were probably on the verge of sending a search party, seeing as how nervous they can be about Todd leaving the house alone. When he reached his destination, his mother was waiting anxiously at the door. "There you are!" She hugged her son. "I was worried sick! What happened? What happened to your knee? Are you okay?" She flooded him with questions, asking some before he could even respond.He assured her that he was alright, and went to the kitchen to get a juice box. After grabbing one of the fruity drinks, he went outside to sit on the steps of the front porch, watching random people rush by on their way to who knows where.
  15. In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves. - Buddha

    Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. -Mark Twain



    "Heh. Ballsy." Dio rose, then dusted the dirt off himself. He smiled to himself, "Yep, just like I thought. Self-righteous and stupid." Several things made him mad, getting tripped wasn't one of them. In fact, he admired her guts. But, on the other hand, getting embarrassed in front of a group of kids DID make him mad. Taking a look at the nine year old on the ground, knocked out cold by the basketball, he stepped on his hand, receiving no response. "Pigs. Every single one of em, even when they try ta do good, they just end up hurtin' people. Then again, I guess I shouldn't judge. They're kids." But then what are you? A small voice piped up in his head, "Me? I'm a champion of 'justice' of the.... other kind. My mom said it's called revenge, I just call it delayed justice." To call one a disgrace, unworthy, pathetic. That was what made him mad.

    To go and tell one not to bully, and then spit out harsh words oneself! "What a shameless hypocrite!" A disgrace to all human kind? Misunderstanding people like her, who only chose to see in white and black, were the CAUSES of these so called disgraces. These 'disgraces' were more honest than any 'good officer' or 'noble samaritan' he had ever seen. Of course, he didn't stoop to that level. He wasn't a scum. He then made it his mission to not be like that girl, who only chose to see one side of the coin. Leering at his own reflection in the lake, he then had a more contemplative face.



    "'Course, she had a point. Your kind of a dick." Kicking the downed boy a bit, he sat down on him as he thought about his next move. "...But then again, you probably had some reason. Maybe your dad hit you. Maybe you weren't loved at home. I dunno, but you look pretty frickin ugly. Yeah, she's probably not his sister, given how the boy ran off in a different direction." Getting up, he found what he needed in the nine year old's pocket. "Hey now, don't be upset. Oh wait, your out cold, nevermind." Getting up, he started whistling a tune to himself as he walked off.

    -20 minutes later-

    "Yep, here's yer money, now gimme! Yeah yeah, won't do anything too bad with it."

    Dashing out of the store, he hid his new acquisition in his hands. He hated hypocrites. He hated people who put out their righteous feelings on other, and then feel they did nothing wrong, because they don't regard the other as a human. Was that right, of him? To hate a hypocrite? Perhaps she too was hated by her father, or mother, and vented out her aggression. No, he still hated her, for her hypocrisy in calling another human something lower than her. How blind.

    -5 minutes later-

    He saw the flowers. And that annoying basket. But he wasn't here for them. He was here to get a little payback. But, nah, he wasn't a bully. He wasn't a scum. He was just, misunderstood. Like everyone. Of course, doing what he did, he still couldn't help but stifle a small sense of joy and triumph on seeing what he did.

    In front of that stupid house, in red paint.

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  16. As the girl got in front of her house, her eyes widened and she saw red paint everywhere. Automatically she knew who it was, I mean who else would it be? That stupid little ten year old. She felt as if she wanted to murder him. She wanted to murder that idiot crooked mouth and that house painting brat. She raced inside and started getting on her little hacking computer system. She loved revenge. Doesn't everyone? Alice found out where he lived, his phone number, and other personal information. After she did that, she got about twenty dollars out and walked to the store. She bought five buckets of pink and red paint. "This is going to be a wonderful show" She laughed and went to the idiot ten year olds house and painted his entire house pink and red. The furniture was red and pink, the walls were red and pink, the floor, even the car. The outside of the house was entirely red. She wrote in pink words.

    "Now you know how it feels."

    She ran to her house before anyone noticed her and she quickly washed the red paint off of her house. She sat on her porch in the front yard eating a piece of cake as she said to herself.

    "I hate living alone."
  17. "You mean you did this all for me? How did you get the money!?"

    Dio smirked, "Mom, I gamble with the other guys at the lake. I know how to do things. 'Course, I dont like flowers. So yeah, there's that. Consider this my apology!"

    "...Did it have to be red and pink?"

    He smiled even wider, "Yep! Red for blood, hard work, and pink for the gentleness that follows." He totally stole that from a book at that library.

    " well, I guess you don't have to get those flowers anymore.... our paint WAS getting really old..... Though, I don't think you get that your not supposed to paint on furniture or the car... oh well, that can be remedied with a good clean, I suppose. Well, bye Dio!"

    "Yep!" He smiled to himself. Everything had played out to a tee. Hell, he knew how well off she was, and given her nature, if he painted a word, she would try to go beyond. Of course, it didn't really matter. He got out of his punishment, AND ruined his parents! He even appreciated the red paint. It was lovely. Of course, he DID have to edit that pink thing a bit, which cost him a dollar or so, Now you know how it feels.... to have someone do work for you! Clapping his hands together in childish joy, he whistled as he walked off to that lake again. He wasn't lying about the gambling. On the way, he passed by some houses, and threw a paper airplane at painter girl's house.

    On it, "I WOULD tip you, but hey, you did it for free, so that's all okay. By the way, you have strove for yourself."

    ...Admittedly, he copied a bit of that last part from Buddha. He didn't even know what it meant, but it sounded cool. Oh well. It only took about a minute to win back the money he spent, and that nine year old thought that the kid and the girl robbed him! Revenge is a dish best served cold, but subverting an enemy to your own cause, without them even knowing was better.

    ....He also kinda stole that line. He had a LOT of free time at that library.
  18. Todd sat in his half-empty juice box on the step and sat up, stretching. His mother said he could go play a little bit more, but had to be home on time. God, he questioned why he chose to go play, he could hardly get home even when there were no time limitations. The red haired child ran off to some random place anyway to go waste the rest of the day that was left. He saw a house that was painted in peculiar colors. He laughed a bit, wondering why the house was in those colors. It was obviously still fresh, the aroma of the colorful liquid still wavering through the air. After studying the house for a bit, Todd made his way back to the lake to try and retrieve his sunken bike.
  19. Alice still sat there drinking tea, she noticed him of course but she didn't feel like talking at the moment. Finally she sighed and began to spoke. "Your welcome, I suppose." She picked up her bag and began to walk off. "I have to go." She got on her skateboard and rode to the park. She saw the little boy's bike. Alice picked it up and put it on the grass. She obviously wouldn't just leave it there. It would get all rusted and disgusting. And he would have to buy a new bike that costs god who knows how much! She took out some special cleaning materials and cleaned the wet, gross bike. She even replaces the seat and the wheels. She took out spray paint of the same color as the bike and shook it a little bit. Alice sprayed the paint all over the bike. When it got on the wheels and seat she rubbed the paint off. Then she put the bike by a tree and walked home.
  20. As he arrived, he saw that his bike was already fished out of the water. Todd wondered who did this, but didn't care to ask. His bike was out of the water. Was there any need to ask? Todd wheeled the bike over to a bike rack and sat it down where it hopefully wouldn't get stolen like a few kids did last time. That was pretty funny though. How did they put it in a tree? The boy walked over to the lakeside and began searching for frogs. This was a strange little hobby of his, but no one seemed to acknowledge it. He would always catch a frog and put it in a unused fish tank in his room and watch them for a while. A frog had jumped right out in front of him as he looked to his right. He quickly lunged toward it, but the green amphibian hopped away. Sighing in disappointment of the failed act, he moved some of the cat-tails to search for some more.