Five Nights At Freddy's!




Terms Le Roleplay
  • I only do CanonxOC! However I do double so don't worry about being left out. Just tell me if you'd like to double.
  • Please do your best when it comes to grammar and spelling! I know not everyone is perfect at it but, just do your best.
  • So concerning mary sues- any interesting character tends to have traits of a mary sue but I have to say if your character makes me want to pull my hair out of my head, I'll probably ask to drop the role play.
  • I want to be friends! So if you send me a PM, feel free to be relaxed about talking to me. Just say hello and tell me what you'd like to role play, I'm pretty laid back about that.
  • I don't mind making a thread or role playing over PM so feel free to tell me what you prefer!

For this roleplay I ask that you play: Foxy or Chica (Chica would be fxf)
It can take place in any of these games: 1,2,4 (I can still play Springtrap from fnaf3 if desired)

So if you're into watching anything and everything on youtube, you've seen this
I've been dying to do a role play where the animatronics are friendly and simply misunderstood like this. It's silly and cute! If you're looking for fluff and humor, this plot is for you.
Yep, OC is psycho and falls in love with an animatronic despite the fact it'll kill her in a heartbeat.
The cursed children are freed and the animatronics turn human, they're found unconscious in the pizzeria and taken to the hospital. Then they start their new lives and begin to learn what it's like to live outside.

If you have any plot ideas please feel free to tell me about them!