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  1. "Hello? Hellooo?? I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night.."

    Welcome to the FNaF/5NaF/Five Night's at Freddy's/Scary-Ass game/whatever you call it Sign ups! In this role play, you may be a canon animatronic (If it's not taken, that is) or you may create your own. Up to five OC animatronics are allowed. You can also play as a security guard (That includes Mike, by the way.). I'm going to be bending a few rules through the course of this Role play, meaning two guards are allowed.

    Let me Get some things straight.This is NOT going to be EXACTLY like the game.
    Yes, the animatrons will still violate the shit out of a poor security guard(s) at night. That's the main reason half the people who come here will be one of those scary-as-fuck animatronics, right? To troll Mike/Any other guard? Of course it is.

    Get your thinking hats on, we're starting from the beginning. The VERY Beginning.
    What I mean is, the animatronics will still be children.

    About the OC animatronic(s)...
    I can't stress this enough. NO.OVERPOWERED.CHARACTERS. This goes for canon too. But I've seen so many OC's for this fandom that are beautiful and awesome, but overpowered as Hell. Seriously, you'd think Satan possessed them, holy shit. Alright, try to add some variety. Don't make a Bunny OC, because there's Bonnie. Don't make a Walrus OC because Billy Bob Joe over there already made a walrus. (There is no Walrus OC as of yet, so go ahead my beautiful baby.) Same with attack motives and routes. Don't come running out of a curtain when the guard doesn't watch you for a while/watches you too much. Come up with something awesome! Pop out of the ceiling! Unplug that God-damn fan! Please unplug that fan. Please. If your animatronic is human at the start, you don't have to make it the same as your animatronic. Is your animatronic a brown furred dog? Your human could be Blonde if you want. Same goes again, with canon. Use your imagination!

    About OC Guards...
    Alright then my brave motherfuckers. You came to the wrong neighborhood. Joking, child, I love you. Don't be a cheater and over power the animatronic characters or somehow have infinite power. Or you will get forcefully shoved in a suit by me myself and I. By overpower, I mean don't cheat in any way,shape or form. Don't close the doors every three seconds unless needed, don't be a dick by somehow evade a attack from a animatronic that's already in your office. That's all for rules, really. I can trust you guys. Kinda. You guys too, must have a story. You came to this place for what reason? Low on money? Bored? Daredevil? Need a job? Tell us! Perhaps you were a child the same time a animatronic was, and you knew them and decided to come to this place as a remembrance? Have a plan fleshed out, because for a time, we will be role playing our stories.

    A little extra for everyone
    The main reason I'm adding stories is because in all honesty here, no matter how much you love this game, it would be a bit boring doing that same thing, right? So why not add a little extra in the start and throughout the story? The night is not the only time the animatronics walk...


    Hell Yeah.
    Alright guys, leave your Bios down in your applications. oh, by the way guards, you can be a worker or a kid/parent during the daytime in the Role play. Do whatever you want. Also, if you are a animatronic, your name does NOT have to match your name when you were human (If you were) or vice versa. Another thing for you guards, if you die you get shoved into a suit. Meaning you have a chance to be a animatronic. Or you can have a twist of fate and be reborn like, really quickly and somehow a night guard again. haha, sucks to be the unlucky man/woman this might happen to.

    Naw really. If you wanna be a animatronic but want to be a night guard first, this may work for you. You get to choose what happens. Unless the guard count is low. Then holy shit I apologize, but you may have to stay for a bit longer till we can get another guy.

    First off...

    Here is my form for an example

    I'm being Foxy. So, here is what my Bio would be

    "Foxy the Pirate fox (More commonly known as Foxy) is a fox animatronic whom resides in the Pirate Cove section of Freddy Fazbears Pizza. In appearance, Foxy is a fox with a tattered costume that shows parts of his endoskeleton on his chest and lower legs and bears an eye patch that flips upwards by will. He wears a pair of tan pants, which are in the same condition. If you do not check the pirate cove camera, he will slowly begin to emerge from behind the curtain and toward the security office. Check it too much, and the same scenario will occur. Foxy can be a jokester during the daytime, when he was in order. That trait carries on into his out-of-order stage as well, as he can be quite an ass to other animatronics or humans that see him in the day. Due to his pirate theme, he tends to take anything that looks expensive or shiny that you may have on you.

    When he was a human child, his name was Todd Rivers who was born September 15th, 1980 and went missing (Died) in 1987. Todd had Reddish hair and brown eyes (He always covered the right one with a eye patch though) Todd had a major obsession with pirates, his room was decorated from top to bottom with pirate related decor and toys. This obsession spawned from his favorite character Foxy from his favorite place, Freddy Fazbears Pizza. He was usually a mischievous kid who would cause trouble for his parents and teachers at his school. He had an unusual fear of being left out and forgotten, which may have created his trouble making nature, for he's always bursting into conversations and being obnoxious and loud. The day of his death troubled his parents more then it should have. Todd knew very well not to follow strangers, or go anywhere without the consent of his family. To this day, his family still mourns his passing."

    Oh dear lord that was long. I am sorry. I had to set an example.

    Reserved characters: (If you can't post at this time, message me and you'll be on this list. This will expire in 3 days unless request for a longer time) None.

    Animatronic characters: (Once you post your description, you'll be listed here if your a animatronic. Both OC and Canon are here.)
    Handy (Hans the Scoundrel)
    Bonnie Bunny
    Golden Freddy
    Kitty (Kitty Loves a Lot)
    Riley the Bandit
    Dolly the Dinosaur

    Security Guards: (Same as above, but just with security)
    Ben Jensen
    Felix Gibson

    canon characters that are not taken: Chica, Freddy and Mike

    OC count: 5(0 more spots remaining for animatronics 0 left for security)

    If any of you were boss enough to read the entirety on this, say "I unplugged the fan."

    Just do it. I really want that thing unplugged or I will rip every molecule of flesh off my face.

    That power wasting son of a bucket.

    Stop reading and post your bio, my beautiful child, you.

    Alright, since it wont let me explain the part about the kids, I'll sum it up. We're starting from the point where the animatronics are the children (Which I am sure it has been confirmed due to posters in one of the camera angles, which is west hall corner if I'm not mistaken that talk about five children who were murdered. It can be speculated they were shoved in a suit because of their disappearance and the blood and mucus compounds seeping from the characters eye sockets and mouth after the murders.). So just come up with a story for your character, whether it be guard, OC or animatronic. We're beginning from that point to the present where the game is. So get a fleshed out story in your head. (Also posted this in the comments)

    Link to Role Play thread:
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  2. Alright, since it wont let me explain the part about the kids, I'll sum it up. We're starting from the point where the animatronics are the children (Which I am sure it has been confirmed due to posters in one of the camera angles, which is west hall corner if I'm not mistaken that talk about five children who were murdered. It can be speculated they were shoved in a suit because of their disappearance and the blood and mucus compounds seeping from the characters eye sockets and mouth after the murders.). So just come up with a story for your character, whether it be guard, OC or animatronic. We're beginning from that point to the present where the game is. So get a fleshed out story in your head.
  3. I unplugged the fan.

    (Oc Animatronic because I am too terrified to become a guard)

    Animal Animatronic is Based On: Ant
    Name: Hans the Scoundrel
    Nickname: "Handy"
    Appearance: Hans takes the form of an ant walking upright, with all of the features an ant would have, except that each of his six "legs" have white gloves on them to act as hands. His exoskeleton is a sleek black plastic suit covering his metal endoskeleton.
    Daylight Fun: In daylight, Hans works as a cheerful greeter at the door, as well as a sports competitor for aspiring players, as he could play basketball to some extent.
    Nighttime Terror: Hans carves victims with his jaws, which are not part of the plastic suit, but a reinforced steel outcrop of the metal endoskeleton. Hans usually highlights his appearance into a room by waving his antennae around a room he's about to enter, which can also alert the guards if they happen to see it. His antennae are more visible in light, and less visible in darkness. While not as fast as the other animatronics, Hans also has the tendency to creep along the walls and ceiling, adding in a fear factor, along with clicking his jaws together to intimidate victims into closing the doors and wasting power. When unseen, Hans can drop to the ground from the ceiling and start scuttling towards the guard room. When the power runs out, Hans's jaws click erratically, becoming even slower as the time for Freddy's attack draws nearer. Hans has a secret tunnel to the guard room, though he never uses it to attack the guards, its more of a warning, and the entrance is too small for most other animatronics to use. He uses this passage to signal his coming, as he snips the fan's cord with his steel jaws. He really hated the sound of that fan.

    As a Child
    Name: Dio Finnegan
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dio has ruddy, unkempt blond hair, with dull green eyes. He was a boy of short, and chubby stature, and regularly donned a red t-shirt with a picture of a brown spider on it. He wore this t-shirt along with a pair of brown jeans, blue sneakers, and a green baseball cap.
    Personality: Rebellious, to say the least. Dio had the habit of trying to cut through locks, boxes, any container or locked medium with a pair of scissors to try and get through them. At his heart, though, he always felt misunderstood, and felt that when he was struck, he would strike back.
    Bio: As a child, Dio was always go off on his great journeys, usually returning home with a pair of broken scissors after he tried to bite off more than he could chew. He has an odd obsession with trying to cut into things, as if he was trying to find out what was really there. His mother and father, concerned by this behavior, took him to Freddy Fazbear's pizza, where he attempted to cut into one of the animatronics costumes.
    Death: A day after visiting Freddy Fazbear's, Dio was filed as 'missing' shortly after one of his escapades, which involved trying to cut his way through someone's door. While the police interrogated the homeowner, they were unable to get any substantial evidence against him, and the charges were dropped. After his death, his parents could never find the reason why, though they live on.
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  4. Accepted! I'm going to start up the Role play thread tomorrow, when hopefully a few more people join in.

    Thank you for "unplugging the fan" by the way. XD
  5. Animal Animatronic: Bunny/Rabbit
    Name: Bonnie The Bunny
    Nickname: Bonnie
    Appearance: Bonnie is a purplish pinkish color with a fabulous red bowtie.
    During the daytime: In the daytime, I play a guitar on stage with the rest of my friends, Chica and Freddy
    In the night without a guard: I sit here waiting every night to finally roam and invite new comers to play with us, for many years we've been alone.
    In the night with a guard: I roam around the pizzeria waiting for the guard to look somewhere else on the camera and I sit waiting outside his doors. We need new friends every now and then of course!

    As a child
    Name: Alice Misslethwaite
    Age: 11
    Appearance: Long brown hair with a pink flower in her hair and has brown eyes. Wears pink coat over her school uniform
    Bio: Is a little girl who goes to a private school called _____ _____. She is a well- behaved and well-mannered child. She hates it when its too noisy and she prefers to be alone and ignores most people.
    Favorite food: Watermelon
    Favorite drink: Tea
    Favorite dessert: Cake!
    Favorite color: Purple and Red
    Death: After visiting Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, little Alice was curious after using the bathroom and her mother outside waiting for her, she went into the security room finding a strange man. The man asked where her mother is. "She's outside waiting for me. I was curious so I came in here." She heard her mother calling for her and she ran to go outside. Just as she was about to go out the queer man grabbed her into the backstage, killed her, and shoved her into a Bonnie costume. Two weeks later, her parents sent out an Amber Alert. Police didn't find anything the first couple of days, then one day the cops smelled an awful smell that smelled like something rotting. They looked into the Bonnie animatronic and found blood and gore everywhere.
  6. Accepted!
  7. i see and the story looks good are you still open
  8. Yes, it's still still open.
  9. Animal animation: Cat
    Name: Kitty loves a lot
    Nickname: Kitty
    Appearance: Kitty is a dark blue with some white and a heart
    During the daytime: Plays the piano with Freddy's and the gang
    In the night without a guard: Wounder the halls of freddy's pizza looking for some thing to do or some one
    In the night with a guard: Trys to get close to him/her but when the cameras are on here she get nurses she tends to stay back

    As a child
    Name: Alex J. Brown
    Age: 8
    Appearance: Alex had short medium hare with a small beret in her hair to keep her bangs out of her eyes and in kitty hoodie with blue jeanes
    Bio: Alex was a mishmashes girl she love to play and play pranks on unexciting people but most of all she being all alone..... she can get abit.. clingy
    Favorite food: Waffles
    Favorite drink: Pink lemonade
    Favorite dessert: Cheesey cake
    Favorite color: Blue
    Death: Alex was there with my aunt and her two cusents i was having a blast i had to go to the bath room she saw a freddy off stage and she just had to see him up cloes there where a few other kids he said "do you guys want to see behind the scenes" and we just could not say no well follow him in it was dack in there next thing she know her head was hurting and she hard kids screem bloody muder but the music out side dround us out she soon smelled irony blood she open her eyes to a bloody bodys of kids and some still screaming and some wazzing, she panic geting up and running for the door she soon felt the man over top of her hiting her cuting her it hurt it hurt and she cryed out in pain trying to fight the strong man..... her last moment of concheness she saw her bloodly cut up mangled body and sees the man start to cut up the kids


    (wow i toke my time with this one *grins* i am some times to mess up for my own self)

    do you like her or not i can fix her
  10. Accepted!I like that picture. ^^
  11. Animal Animatronic: An "Empty" Freddy Fazbear, with Golden fur.
    Name: Golden Freddy
    Nickname: None, except maybe your worst nightmare.
    Appearance: Quite simply a Golden version of Freddy that is empty.
    Activities during the daytime: Does not Exist to those who have not witnessed the horrors of night time. Does to those who do, and is usually sitting in the corner...waiting.
    In the Night without guard: Nothing
    In the Night with Guard: Teleports at random into guards room, can be repelled by looking at cameras quickly.

    Never was a Child. He is the result of ones paranoia and fear of the animatronics, and more specifically Freddy.
    And btw...I unplugged the fan......and everything else.
    Tell me if I should add anything.
  12. thanks X3 so you like
  13. Accepted!
  14. Yep!
  15. again ok so how do i start this on the form
  16. Yay, I get to play Golden Freddy.....Man, I'm not gonna be able to appear alot am I? Oh well.
  17. You can bend some rules if ya need too. XD

    For the current situation the role play is in, you could appear to some of the kids, maybe? Whatever you want to do, that's just an idea. XD
  18. Hmm, I guess so, maybe I could scare the bejeesus out kids who come too close, but adults just see an empty suit, no Golden fur, just brown, regular suit?
  19. ok i think about how to do that
  20. here look at this you will love it

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