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  1. I was wondering who would like to join in on a FNAF role play with me. Here are the spots:

    Bonnie- OPEN
    Chica- OPEN
    Foxy- FangirlingSinceBirth
    Freddy- OPEN
    Phone Guy - FangirlingSinceBirth
    Mangle- Rin Mico
    Toy Bonnie- OPEN
    Toy Freddy- OPEN
    Toy Chica- justaddnutts
    The Marionette- Rin Mico
    Balloon Boy- OPEN
    Jeremy Fitzgerald - justaddnutts

    When you get your character please use this CS for the robots:
    Killing Methods
    Starting Area
    How They Can Be Blocked
    Jump Scare Description
    Areas they can come from

    And for humans:
    Reason they got job
    Face Claim (if needed)

    My Characters

    "Swiggity swooty, coming for that booty!"

    Name: Foxy The Pirate Fox
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Foxy looks like a fox, but is slightly torn apart. His bottom jaw is broken, and he was a hook for a hand alone with other pirate gear.
    Killing Methods: Jump Scare
    Patterns: Just shows up in hallway at random times and moves closer
    Starting Area: Unknown- most likely in Parts And Service
    How They Can Be Blocked: Quick flashing with light
    Jump Scare Description: He jumps straight out with his mouth open, and hands out.
    Areas they come from: Main Hall
    Other: Mask does not work on him

    "See ya on the flip side. Have fun."
    "Freddy got into your office?"
    "You will be 100% safe."
    "Welcome to the emotion train. Glasses not permitted."
    "Not sure if I should share that information with you... about the deep, dark, mysterious past of Freddy Fazbear's..."

    Name: Garrett Jones (aka Phone Guy)
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Look above... I suck at descriptions
    Personality: Very confident, creative, humorous
    Biography: Was born in New York, now lives here.
    Reason they got job: They just got fired and needed some cash.
    Face Claim: Charles Lincoln Neal (aka Link Neal)​
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  2. Hello! I've been dying to do a five nights at Freddy rp! For now can you please reserve me Mangle and the Marionette? I haven't decided which one i wanna be yet
  3. You can be both :3 And I reserved the spot :)
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    Name: Mangle

    Gender: Female (I know this is highly debated but I see Mangle as a girl)

    Appearance: Mangle also looks like a fox with white fur and pink accents. She has rosy cheeks, lipstick and painted claws, with a pink bow around where her neck should be. Mangle has no true body suit and is mainly an exoskeleton with only both hands and one of her legs. She also has a second exoskeleton head that houses her left eye.

    Killing Methods: Swings down from the office ceiling (triggered by monitor)

    Patterns: Moves from room to room via ceilings

    Starting Area: Kid's Cove

    How They Can Be Blocked: Putting on the Freddy Mask when seen in the Right Air Vent

    Jump Scare Description: Swings Face down from the Ceiling with Mouth wide open

    Areas They Can Come From: Right Air Vent

    Other: Can attack whenever once in office

  5. 5fb8565a1762652e311cb9543098201096ecf34097baa5c64d2975fde1757c7a_1[1].gif
    Name: The Marionette

    Gender: Unknown though leaning toward male

    Appearance: A pale white face with purple stripes running down to his mouth from black eyes(sometimes with white pupils), rosy painted cheeks and red lips. Long skinny body in a black suit with black and white striped forearms and calves and three buttons on the chest. The Marionette also has long skinny claw like fingers and is held up with strings.

    Killing Methods: Jump Scare to the song 'Pop goes the Weasel'

    Patterns: No exact pattern

    Starting Area: Prize Corner

    How They Can Be Blocked: Winding the music box

    Jump Scare Description: Like Foxy (Hands straight out Mouth open)

    Areas They Can Come From: Prize Corner, sometimes: Main hall and Party room 2

    Other: Once the Marionette escapes he can't be stopped even if you wind the music box back up. Like Foxy, he isn't fooled by the Freddy mask.
  6. With 'Area's They Came From From" I mean the vents or hall
  7. Oh sorry well with the Marionette i guess the hall
  8. They are both accepted :3
  9. Is this still open?
  10. Yes :D
  11. okay just wondering are there OC's?
  12. No,
  13. kk i'll make a cs today or tomorrow
  14. Is this going to be like a straight horror rp? How do you plan on conducting it? Depending on the answer I might want the night guard "camera check dude" and toy chica
  15. I am planning to conducting this as a 'more than one side of the story' deal- it will have some backstory and then horror.
  16. Could i hold those two characters?
  17. I will reserve them.
  18. Name:
    Toy Chica


    A curvy, female model colored yellow and dressed in a "Let's Party!" bib and odd pink hot pants(or maybe panties?). Slim orange beak, which is usually removed at night by Toy Chica after she leaves the Show Stage, along with her blue eyes and purple eyelids. The top of the head has a few lose "feathers" which seem to be representing hair. Is commonly seen holding a pink cup cake with with blue eyes(which may be hers).

    Killing Methods:
    When you put down the screen she jumps out from below you to get at you.

    Will go through the main hall and then head one of three places:

    Party room 4(to stare at the camera)
    Party Room 1(to climb into the left air vent)
    Office Entrance(to stare the night guard down)

    Can not teleport around, like the original Chica, and must go from adjacent room to adjacent room.

    Starting Area:
    Show Stage

    How They Can Be Blocked:
    Putting on the Freddy head can fool Toy Chica

    Jump Scare Description:
    Jumps out at you from bellow the screen as you lower it. Reaches arms out as if to grab you, and the last thing you see are her exoskeletons teeth.
    *refer to Killing Method*

    Areas They Can Come From:
    Office Entrance
    Left Air Vent

  19. Name:
    Jeremy Fitzgerald




    Easily frightened, but also very stubborn. He can and will get scared, even breaking down, but never run away or choke under the pressure. He could be at the edge of a melt down and still keep functioning, Wether this is just through pure strength of will or survival instinct isn't really clear.

    He's never been to close to his family so it's no surprise when he turned 18 he was thrown out on his ass. He's really been struggling since, but can't say he exactly misses being at home. He's been going to school diligently, along with doing any jobs he managed to get with his limited resume. Lately, however, he's been down on his luck. No one will hire him, he's had to take out a student loan, and if he isn't able to get at least a hundred and fifty bucks before the months up his waters going to be shut off.

    Reason They Got Job:
    A broke collage student in a failing job market...Really, why do you Think he got it?

    Face Claim:
    Rupert Grint


    "Oh, look, Mangles on the ceiling, oh, and theres Toy Chica in the vent. This is ok. It's not like I wanted to see 6am today or anything."


    "...My flash lights dead?"


    "Isn't time for you to get to work?"
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