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  1. Has anyone done a Five Nights At Freddy's thing on this? e 3 o

    Hopefully not. But whatever.

    Anyways, so, welcome.

    Normally I'm in the… Libertine Section so.. This is a bit weird.


    What you'll need to be in this Role Play.
    1. If you're an animatronic or Human.
    2. Character Sheet. (( Even if you're an Animatronic. Just try the best you can~ ))
    3. Violent Nature.
    4. Good spelling.
    5. Grammer e3e
    That is all I can think of right now.

    Anyways, I'll be creating my Character sheet once somebody else joins.

    So.. Just say you're interested and I'll give you the information!. :D

    Or…… I could just do it now. x'D

    Character Sheet.

    Animatronic Or Human.
    Reason Why They Work At Five Nights At Freddy's.
    Night Guard Or Day Worker.
    Eye Color.


    Well that's all I can think of that you'll need for the Character Sheet.
    Also, I'm sorry for not using Codes and stuff to make this all fancy.. I'm just really lazy right now.

    Sonny Hammleton (open)
    Sonny Hammleton.
    Age: 17.
    Gender: Female.
    She works at Five Nights At Freddy's because she needs a nice paying job to help her pay for her rent and college. Animatronic Or Human: Human.
    Interests: Reading, Watching Horror Movies, Listening To Music.
    Night Guard Or Day Worker: Night Guard.
    Biography: Sonny always had to pay for herself, having her parents never home was kind of hard but at the same time it wasn't. She works at two jobs, this one, and at Hot Topic. Normally on her Free-Days she'll just sleep since she rarely gets any anymore.
    Eye Color: Sky Blue.
    Height: 5'4".
    Personality: Blunt | Well-Spoken | Temperamental | Out-Going | Mischievous.


    So, that's who I'll be.
    I'll also be an Animatronic so I shall be making that Character Sheet now!.

    Freddy Fazbear (open)
    Freddy Fazbear
    Age: Unknown.
    Gender: Male.
    Freddy has to work there, he's the main attraction.
    Night Guard Or Day Worker:… He works there all the time.
    Interests: Killing.
    Biography: Ever since the beginning, Freddy's worked at 'Freddy Fazbear's Pizza'. He used to gladly enjoy it, but ever since the incident in '87, every thing has gone to hell for the crew. He now has to sing those stupid songs over, and over again, while standing on stage. That's why he enjoys the nighttime so much better than the daytime. He gets to play.
    Eye Color: Blue.
    Height: Unknown.
    Personality: Unknown.

    So, there can be 5 Night guards (( Other than me. )), Two day workers, and Four Animatronics since I'm going to be Freddy.

    Anyways, I hope none of the Codes I just used messed up!. xD

    Annndd the only reason why I'm using my Profile Picture for my Character is because she…. Seems badass, and that's basically the point of Sonny so.. Yeah. ~​
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