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  1. No seriously. It's actually a thing.

    I know a lot of you are probably sick of hearing about Freddy and his gang, but Warner Bros, of all people, decided that it would be a good idea to recreate it as a Hollywood film. What do you guys think? I'm a huge fan of the games myself, but a whole movie dedicated to Freddy? I'm not so sure it's gonna be any good... Ah well, I guess we'll just see what happens.
  2. yeah, I heard about it on Planet Minecraft. i can link to the thread if you want.
  3. Won't be the worst video game turned into a movie, movie, probably. While I didn't enjoy the games (I am an absolute coward when it comes to jump scares) I can acknowledge that there's enough story elements there for them to make an movie without 'compressing it down and losing everything' as would be a problem with most other movie adaptions of games.

    So, really? It could work. Will it? Probably not.
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  4. This is the PMC thread I heard it on. It could be a pretty good film if done right.

    A derailed thread
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  5. Could be a decent thriller/horror film if handled well enough. Likely won't be seeing it myself as movies lately have been putting me on edge, even mundane or funny movies make my heart race.

    Surely the rabid fans who make constant roleplay about it involving the animatronics as living things for the sole purpose of romance will want it.
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  6. Yeah that's what I was thinking, but I'm still skeptical that Warner Bros. could make it into a good movie. Then again, they did do an absolutely amazing job with The Lego Movie. If they can make a highly successfully movie out of simple, yet iconic, building blocks (so much so that it's getting a sequel and two spin-offs), they could potentially make a decent movie out of a simple, yet iconic, point and click horror game.
  7. Everyone knows and loves LEGOS though. It also had a touching message about growing old but never really growing up.

    It could make its money back I'm sure. But how they're going to get all those little story nuggets into a movie is beyond me. Someone will have to explain it all to the masses.
  8. I'm sure that it'll be cheaply made and they'll shove out two sequels in less than a year, just to stay in spirit of the title.
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  9. funniest thing I've seen all day.
  10. But will it be a liked b-horror movie like killer klowns from outer space or will it flop because it's trying too hard?
  11. But the sequels were good, millions of people would agree. I don't appreciate the implication that they're terrible because they were released so quickly one after another. It's too... judgmental...
  12. Believe he was joking and talking about how fast the guy puts new games out. Cheap doesn't always mean bad too.
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  13. Yeah, I realize, I just didn't like his tone. Although, in hindsight, tone is kinda hard to judge via text. Pardon me for getting unnecessarily defensive.
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  14. I've never played myself, but I've seen videos of the game.
    It might work, there are enough hidden story elements there to make it work, assuming they focus on that and don't make it a cheap thriller.

    Though in all honesty I'm more excited for Game Theory's video on the Third Game.
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  15. Oh god, thanks for reminding me, I nearly forgot. I'm really excited for it too.
  16. Game Theory is just the greatest thing to grace the Internet. :3

    The deep theories, the quality of it, the fact it's on gaming are all amazing.
    And the puns man... you gotta love all his puns. :D
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  17. More dismissive than judgmental, but mainly I was joking about the obscenely short turn around for the titles. I've never played the games, watched a few Let's Plays of it to know it's not a game I'd enjoy, but it's fine if people do like it. My problem's not with the game itself, and I'm aware it's one dude making them all which is super impressive. My main guff is that the fanbase is massive and horrible, for the most part, and find a way to shoehorn Five Nights into literally anything while getting cult-like zealous over it.

    I'd like to clarify that I have no problem with people who are fans of the game, and if you're excited for more games/ a movie, great! Not my cup of tea, but the fact I can't seem to find anybody to play Starbound with tells me that my tastes are also pretty pigeon-holed. Any fanbase can get awful; I had to flee from the BioWare Social Network because the obsessive Mass Effect community was fucking horrible and over-entitled, and with Elder Scrolls, you run into those assholes who spend every waking hour digging up some super obscure lore that was written during a dev's fever dream during Daggerfall and hastily thrown into a trash receptacle while another rabid fan found the crumpled sheet, uploaded it, and suddenly it's now essential knowledge to be a "real" fan.

    My biggest beef with the game itself is that it's hyped up to be really scary, but it starts to let the mechanics get in the way of actually getting there. I've seen a few people, like Markiplier, who always seems to really enjoy the first few nights, but then it just becomes rushing to go through a checklist of motions to not fail, and the slightest bit of screw up is immediately punished by failure. It's like those Slenderman games where the atmosphere is great for the first 4 pages, then you basically can't slow down or stop moving at all or you lose because the monster's going too fast. There's no chance to build up tension or even freak out over your screw ups as you struggle to stay alive, it just punishes you for not hitting a button fast enough. The 3rd Five Night's game, I think, should have been released as a cheap DLC for 2 instead of being a full game because it has less mechanics than the 2nd game and one monster to worry about. I literally watched Markiplier finish the game by luring the monster to a room, hitting the giggle button in the same room, and then just reset his systems methodically one at a time. The 2nd game offered a lot more.

    My other big gripe with the game series is it has so much potential to do more but you seem like you'll always be trapped in a security desk with the most shitty electronics known to man. I think the games could actually capture some of the same feeling of dread and apprehension as Amnesia and Alien Isolation if you actually had to leave the office to physically reset something in another room if it failed, having to physically hide and duck into rooms to avoid the things that are looking for you. Then it becomes a really scary thing when you have to balance checking your camera PDA with being aware of your surroundings. Honestly, the foundation is already there with the game, and the guy's making enough money to hire some help if he doesn't know how to program 3d environments, and if they actually took some time between games to add more features and polish it, you could actually have a really solid horror game.

    As for the movie, I'm REALLY skeptical about it because let's face it, Hollywood does not handle adaptations well, especially when it's in response to a pop culture phenomenon. It might actually have the chance to be scary in a way the games can't be (like I said, you're fighting timing and game mechanics more than actually letting yourself get immersed or scared), but the fact that it's been less than a year since the first game came out and already somebody greenlit a movie? Does NOT bode well for the end product.

    Tl;dr, If you like this stuff, great! Definitely not being snarky towards you and I hope you end up with a product you enjoy. My ire's entirely on the zealots, the wasted potential, and the people in the film industry who are the reason a lot of movies now are fucking mediocre, if not horrible.
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  18. I'm not really a FNAF fan, but my kids absolutely love it. My ten year old knows all the lore, the theories and everything. She is absolutely hooked on the game and the stories behind it, and honestly I don't mind it at all. It gets her to go one websites and read, and while it's not exactly educational, if she's willing to read I'm happy.

    As for the movie, what were you expecting? Three games within a year's time, and each one was successful. It was only a matter of time before someone made a movie or a book about the games. I kind of like the idea, although I'm expecting it to be mostly jump scares.
  19. I can agree with you on most points, like the majority of the fanbase is rather awful (believe me, I've seen the fanart) and the gameplay isn't as good as it could be. The main reason I really liked the series so much is because of the story; it's put together in such a way that you understand the basic events, but only have a vague idea of any order or details. I mean, when the second game came out everyone thought it was a sequel, it seemed obvious, but towards the end it starts giving you reasons to doubt that assumption; then you receive the check upon completing the 5th night, see the date, and suddenly it all becomes clear that was actually a prequel. Of course there was that whole debate concerning the matter, apparently clear decisive evidence that's right in front of you isn't enough to convince certain people. But let's be real here, it was clearly intended as a prequel, any little detail that says otherwise was just something Scott overlooked when he made the game; he's just one guy after all, he can't polish out everything.

    Anyways, getting off track, the biggest problem with the game, I think, is that the difficulty subtracts from the scare factor. Personally, I'm not all that bothered by it, as I've never been too big a fan of horror; I see the appeal, I'm just too much of a coward. But seeing as how Five Nights is a horror game, I can understand why that might be a problem. That's not to say that a horror game get be both scary and difficult; but it's like you said, the unforgiving and precise multitasking of the later nights prevents you from getting immersed, and therefore scared. The second game was my least favorite because it had the most mechanics, which keep you from focusing on what's going on. I actually think the 3rd game was better in that regard due to having very few mechanics which made it easier for you to be scared. I also liked it for story reason, but that's beside the point. Of course, as game goes on it gets less scary because you start to understand how it works, but that happens with pretty much any horror game if you play it for long enough. Even so, it's not perfect and I'll wholeheartedly accept that.

    As for the movie? Well we're pretty much on exactly the same page there. Good or bad, I'll probably end up seeing it no matter what. It'll be the first horror movie I've ever seen if I do.
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  20. I really hope not, there's story elements already in place, they better fucking use them instead of turning it into another one of those stupid horror movies where story is optional.
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