Five Nights at Freddy's Libertine Interest Check

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  1. Hi, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I want to do a FNAF type rp. But this one will likely not be on the same story line as the games. No ghosts or anything like that. Basically, I have a few scattered ideas, but I won't post them here. Instead, I will post the pairings I want to do for this rp and perhaps a few other details. Anyway, here are the pairings:
    HalfAnimalxHuman (half animal meaning a human with animal ears and maybe a tail XD don't know if there is a word for this lol)
    RealFox x Real Fox (manglexfoxy pairing obviously)

    Obviously, not many pairings I know. But moving on, there are three characters I would want to star in this rp. For all four I would be open to Foxy and/or Mangle being the main character(s). But as for the last two, if not Foxy or Mangle, the only other character I could see wanting to be the main character would be Bonnie (purple Bonnie, not blue Bonnie). Also, on a side note, I will be playing the female character for this particular rp.

    Like I said, this plot is kind of still scattered and I would have to discuss it with someone to get my whole plot ideas together successfully. I promise my writing isn't as crappy as this interest check (feel free to check out my writing sample in my roleplay resume on my profile). If you are interested in doing this rp and discussing ideas with me, please shoot me a pm. If you post here I will probably not answer you.

    Thank you :3
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