Five Nights at Freddy's (human version)

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  1. This is a plot I came up with a while back when I first attempted a FNAF rp with another person. But that partner sort of disappeared, so... Here I am, hoping to give this idea a second try. The only character I had plans to play for certain was Foxy; we could either double up on the remaining three, or you can just pick whichever one you want to be and I'll do all the others myself -- I tend to play multiples anyway so it isn't an issue for me. If you want this to be libertine, just tell me. If you don't, then by default I'm going to assume that this is a purely story driven rp. This is going to be a sort of vague synopsis of the story, because I want to actually flesh the rest of the events out with the person I'm rp'ing with:

    In my interpretation, I had the idea in my head that all the human versions of the animatronics have to go to work wearing these uniforms that represent whatever character they were supposed to be. (i.e. Bonnie wears a bunny-ear headband, Foxy has a fluffy tail attached to his overcoat) Since it's a kid's place and all, you'd have them walking around with their animal ears and tail as part of their outfit to entertain the children.

    Operating under the assumption that Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria was being haunted the entire time, and that the animatronics were sort of possessed by the spirits of these dead children, that would mean in this version, the human representations could possibly experience this influence for themselves.

    Perhaps they would become increasingly crazier over the course of the story, they start acting stranger, Foxy begins feeling more aggressive for example, Chica always seems to be hungry.

    For some reason, they feel very antagonistic towards the night guard who comes in whenever they're closing the place at the end of the day. At times while they're cleaning up before leaving for the night, they find themselves just staring into the cameras that the guard is watching them with. Something about him bothers them. Sometimes they feel like they want to hurt him, but they don't know why. That feeling becomes more intense every night they see him there.

    So they start staying late more often before locking up, then they begin to stay later and later each night, and on some nights they don't even leave at all.

    (I did also have an idea about the marionette being somewhere in the story, but its not detailed here)
  2. This sounds interesting! From what I'm getting this is based on the first game right with only those characters? (No mangle!!! ;-;) But either way sounds like fun! :3 I wouldn't mind doubling im just stronger in certain characters than others
  3. Yes, it was only based on the first game because my partner at the time wasn't familiar with the second part. But I could easily do a version with you involving FNAF's 2. I did really want to include the marionette, plus mangle is always a fan-favorite ;)
  4. YAY!!! ok then I'm totally in :3
  5. Alright, lemme brainstorm the idea a bit to expand upon it and I will PM you with the details later on. My internet is acting all kinds of crazy at the moment anyway, so it's hard to get any messages to go through.
  6. ok i"ll wait for your message :3
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