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    Dedicated to: KthuluKhild
    SPOILER: Contains my own Ending of his RP

    On April 26, 2049, the Freddy Fazbear Fun Corporations (FFF Corporations) built its very new Freddy Fazbear Mall of Fun in North Carolina, thanking a generous donation from Operation: Fazbear Donation, where they set up donations to make a new Mall, since Children still have a little place in their hearts for the Animatronics, donations rised up to an estimated ammount of 20 Million Dollars. Just enough to make a brand new mall with 6,000 Dollars to spare.

    Ofcourse the Mall, just like the old mall, had Animatronics for workers, original animatronics such as: Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, & Foxy, along with brand new Animatronics such as Doug the Dog & Gina the Guppie, complete with A.I, Multiple Mechanical Joints, Instant Shut Down Triggers if the Animatronics resort to Violence, & sound sensors which track down any source of sound or: "potential customers". The Animatronics are programmed to bond with other humans & animatronics. Either becoming Friend or Foe, so when one needs help, an animatronic shall come & help it. With hard casing, enforced metal endoskeleton, & kiddy designs to make the animatronics less menacing.

    Besides extra security cameras, & police officers dressed in blue cat mascots, the FFF Corporations after almost 4 Decades, finally feel safe, for it was known that Mike Schmidt was all behind the Fazbear Bombing of 2005, tampering with the Animatronic's devices so when it serves 1 Customer, it explodes. After 1 Animatronic Explosion, the explosion also hit the Animatronics devices, leading into a ricochet explosion. After further interrogation, Mike has did that for firing him when the Animatronics tried to stuff him into a Freddy Suit.

    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Land, is where the 3 Animatronics: Freddy, Bonnie, & Chica altogether sing a concert. Foxy's Pirate Cove is now made kid friendly, complete with Foxy the Pirate driving the "ship" in a wooden terrace in the north-end of the room which resembles the hull of the pirate ship, a swimming pool 2 ft. - 5 ft. deep, & a diving board that reaches up to 5 ft. a ball pit in the east-side of the room & a Pirate Dubloon Corner, or the Prize Corner in the west-side of the room, & at the top of the "Ship Hull" a Giant Flat Screen T.V which resembles a voyage to find treasure. Milly the Monkey's Arcade, where kids & adults alike, play different games, Chompy the Dino's Movie Theatre, where customers can watch their favorite movies, while in the comfort of FFF Corporation's Mall, The Toddler Fungeon, where toddlers could play & watch T.V for as long as they want as their parents buy groceries, the Mangle's Maze of Craziness, where Mangle, every kid's favorite Animatronic Toy, hide in the very centre of the Maze, filled with Crazy obstacles, such as hardened glass bridges, climbing walls, & hit-the-target entrances. First one to reach Mangle gets candy, & 1 Freddy Fazbear Plushie of their choosing, & the Animatronic Shoppervilles. Where the adults buy their groceries stress free with the comfort of different Assorted Animatronics to aid them. & with such Mall created, bussiness has been rising up to: 87 Billion Dollars, just enough to spread the entire Freddy Fazbear's Mall of Fun into the whole USA, & also making FFF Corporations the most Succesful Company in all of USA.

    But in 2067, while a concert was happening in Freddy's Pizza Land, with Freddy's Dining Hall, full, a commotion was heard in the Animatronic Studio, then an Animatronic suddenly crashed into the stage & killed 2 Adults & 5 Children, & exploded while strangling a 12 Year old Child. Security Cameras show that the Animatronic was Zippie the Spider, apparently was glitched because somebody tampered with Zippie's device. The Explosion destroyed 9 Security Cameras, & the parts flew into 3 People, seriously injuring 2, & killing 1, & to Freddy, Bonnie, & Chica, seriously destroying its A.I Chip & completely obliterating its Shut Down Triggers, while denting its Exoskeleton. After the explosion, the Animatronics continued the pandemonium & killed all survivors.

    The "Fazbear Glitch Bomb of 2067" did a major blow on the sales, customers were afraid to go in the mall for they fear they might die inside. All of the Company's Money was used up for the life insurance of the dead. With no money on the very first Freddy Fazbear's Mall of Fun, the other Malls, because of no more money for upgrades, quickly degraded & demolished, while the original was left alone, for demolishers fear they might die too. Business were very low, leaving FFF Corporations in the dark for the very 4th time.

    The 3 Animatronics continued to recircuit the other animatronics to make them more violent, & more stealthy, also upgrading their sound sensors. The animatronics went mad & mulfunctioned because of lack of company with other humans, & just like the Fazbear's Shopping Mall, it quickly became an infamous deathtrap. With no replacement, & very little donations, about 3 Dollars a year. The Freddy Fazbear Mall of Fun became the Mall of Death, with no survivors in total.

    Investigators all around the world tried to solve the case but they couldn't even survive to go outside once more. You, are either the bravest or the most foolish person to ever even tread in this place of imminent death, maybe your trying to solve this deadly case, maybe trying to find someone who wandered here, or maybe taking a stroll to relive the memory, but in any case, you have better have Fate in your side, for only God knows if you can live to see the daylight once more.

    IT'S ME

    1.) Do not G - Mod, Meta - Game etc. or any characters. Characters must be original, copy cats are not allowed & will result in Character Death.

    2.) By any means, do not be a jerk. This is usually the case in most RPs & will be handled very seriously.

    3.) Always type in intermediate style (good grammar, proper spelling, punctuation marks, & legible posts) Posts must be at least 3 Sentences Long & Chat Speak such as b4 will not be tolerated.

    4.) Bad Choices lead to Bad Consequences, mostly Character Death. If your Character is Dead, they are Dead, no revivals, this is not a Fantasy RP. You can make a new character if I think it is needed for the story, so make very wise choices.

    5.) I can only control the Animatronics & NPCs, others who try to take control, their Character will Die.

    6.) Do not fret, some animatronics can't kill you. They can be very helpful & help you or their triggers are still intact, but you still need to be very careful if I tell you something is walking nearby.

    7.) Like KthuluKhild's RP, this RP is very gruesome, stressful, & otherwise, very disturbing. Pictures will be given out sometimes on my post, & decisions will be thrust upon you when you least expect it, so if you don't have the guts for that, I suggest that you leave this RP. If your actually hardcore, try to play with nobody around with the lights closed.

    8.) Surviving is the main goal. You can kill other players, NPCs, & other Animatronics only if necessary. But, don't try to be very bloodthirsty, most Players, NPCs & other Animatronics will probably kill you for trying to kill him/her/it.

    9.) Try Splitting Up, exploring this mall can be very helpful when identifying other threats inside the mall, it is a huge place after all. Wether or Wether you not get your face ripped off your body is a roll of a dice.

    10.) Everything will not be specified in this post, I will add extra information as you explore the mall. To add suspense to the RP & for future references.

    11.) Prepare yourself for story plots, plot twists, & many obstacles along the road. As you explore the mall, you can find out the story behind why the Glitch Bomb happened & get thrust with problems along the story plot, such as the Animatronics, the resources needed to traverse into the mall, & certain friendships that can prove useful.

    12.) More Rules will be added, if necessary.

    If you have read all the rules, please type in IT'S US below your Character Sign - Up Sheet. Any posts without the IT'S US Sign shall not be accepted.







    *18 Yrs. Old & Up is recommended

    *Picture is recommended

    * At least 2 Skills are needed

    * Paragraph must be long & detailed. Includes phobias, disorders, attitudes, social life, sex life

    * Paragraph must be long & detailed. Includes story of character;s life before he/she went/snuck into Freddy Fazbear's Mall of Fun, add also why the character wants to go into the Mall


    Freddy Fazbear's Fountain of Fun

    As the Customers walk inside the Mall, they could first see a towering Fountain with Freddy's Mall of Fun Icon tiles around the whole fountain, up to 15 Feet Long, 15 Feet Wide, & 40 Feet High, this is the 1st Attraction the Customer will see, at night, the water glows light blue. Along the corners of the Fountain, Food Carts are ready to give children, corndogs, sundaes, & other sweets.

    Giant Holes & Falling Debris
    Obstacles are all around the Fountain. Holes cover most of the Fountain, Giant pieces of Cement & Cracking Statues of the Animatronics top the Deep Holes, plus, one part of the ceiling could fall off if a sound 50 decibels & up were to be heard, ofcourse, the Animatronics know this & will probably be silent if they were in this area.

    Fountain Water
    The Cement that once made the Fountain stand tall, cracked & now, the fountain covers most of the entrance in Pirate Cove, with overflowing neon fluids spreading out on the floor. Ofcourse one person who is good at parkour can slip through the fountain, but that would mean toaching the Fountain Water, & you do not want to leave any glow - in - the - dark footprints at night, as the Animatronics are very active at Night & will probably follow your footprints.

    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Land

    In the East Side of the Fountain, you can find the most famous attraction ever: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Land. Where the Italian Food is top - notch, the Animatronic Show has always turned a frown upside - down. The Showstage is right in the north-end of the pizza land. The Animatronic Studio is directly behind the curtains of the stage, "Chica's" Kitchen is in the north - east side of the Room. Security Area is in the Middle of the 2 Entrances which is in the southern region of the room, "Freddy's" Dining Hall is just in front of the Stage & the Bathroom is in the south - west corner of the room. 10 Security Cameras all around the room & 2 Security Guards. It is also where the "Fazbear Glitch Bomb of 2067" originated & where Freddy the Bear, Bonnie the Bunny, & Chica the Chicken, resides. Although they actively stalk around all the parts of the Mall, they usually reside in the Animatronic Studio, usually hearing Moans, Screams, & Sobs. This place is the most useful place to find evidence of the Glitch Bomb, if your an investigator. But it will be extremely dangerous.

    The 3 Stars of the Whole Mall, are in the Animation Studio, are moaning, screaming, sobbing, & probably lurking around the whole room. Rarely, the room is emtpy for Freddy, Bonnie, & Chica are promptly lurking around in the Darkness of the whole Mall. With sound sensors awaiting to hear 1 source of noise, the 3 Stars are awaiting to finally look at blood once more.

    Freddy Fazbear is the Star of the Show, & is the most Uncommon yet the most Dangerous Animatronic you will ever encounter in your trip to the mall. His deep booming laughter can be heard when he spots a human, it is more of a signal it alerts most of the Animatronics in a 40 meter radius to hunt the victim too. He is like the original Freddy Fazbear, but with greener eyes that glow in daylight but turns pitch black except for the pupils that turn white in night & lesser eyebrows. More human - like teeth, larger bowtie & top hat with more darker hues of brown to make Freddy more bearlike, with tough casing that covers all of Freddy's Endoskeleton. He is more Larger & Stouter & Carries a Microphone. He stalks the human in the darkness & will only show itself if it releases its damning laughter. He is silent & its own method of surprising the victim is laughing.

    Bonnie the Bunny looks like Toy Bonnie but with lavender skin, no make - up like those of a puppet, instead with small eyelashes, mobile ears, & more humanlike teeth. His eyes glow light green in daylight but at night, it grows blood red, its pupils grow smaller as it grows nearer to a victim. He wears a red bowtie & is buck toothed. He also has a guitar, red body & black neck but leaves it behind when leaving the Animatronic Studio. He talks in a boy's voice & his own method of surprising a victim is suddenly appearing & screaming while running towards its victim, with flailing hands in the air.

    Chica the Chicken looks like Toy Chica but less sexier. Her eyes glow pink in the day but turn pitch black excluding her pupils, which glow light green in the night. Her circular blush has been reduced to only paint, not 1 circle blush. Her beak is yellow orange & she will not lose it when she lurks around the mall. Her bib now says: "Party Hard!" She wears a longer Skirt which is Color pink & has small tufts of "feathers" that resembles her hair. She also carries one plate with 1 Cupcake with Cartoonish Baby Blue Eyes with a singular glowing Candle on top. She talks in a girl's voice & her own method of surprising a victim is shouting "Let's Party Now!" & chases her victims.

    Pirate's Cove

    The Glorious Pirate Cove, where seadogs & itty bitty buccaneers join together in a quest for treasure with their very own: Foxy the Pirate! In the northern end of the room, there lies a large stage which is shaped like a Ships Hull, & in the Ship's Wheel, Captain Foxy the Pirate, leading the way. The Floor is hardened Glass & below the Glass is Water, Sand, Plastic Corals, other Sea Decorations, & Live Fish. In the Middle, a swimming pool which is maximum 5 feet deep complete with diving board up to 5 ft. high. Ball pit on the East Side of the Room, & the Pirate Dubloon Corner where kids can buy toys or keychains for money. Gina the Guppie & 1 more Animatronic watch over the whole room. But it is blocked with the Fountain Water, so you need help to go inside it.

    Cracks on the Floor
    Since the explosion happened near Pirate Cove, the shockwave of the explosion came in & cracked the floor, which is glass. Behind that Glass is 325" deep water with some unsavory fishes you do not want to encounter. There will be holes on the floor so watch your step. & the Floor is fragile, so promptly watch your step. You don't want to be Shark Food do you?

    Foxy, Gina, & 1 Animatronic is in the room. All Shut Down, with sound sensors very efficient. All awaiting for a next meal. One sound means imminent death. Foxy is in front of the room, Gina is on the west, giving out prizes on the Pirate Dubloon Corner, & 1 Unspecified Animatronic is hiding in the room. All with more better sound sensors & no triggers & is shutted down, which will awake the very moment one sound is heard.

    Foxy the Pirate resembles more like a real fox, with 6 small dots on its snout, an oval nose, & seemingly sharp teeth. His eyes glow light yellow in daylight, but his pupils glow blood red if he wakes up from Shut Down Mode. He wears an eye - patch with a skull & crossbones sign as design. He wears a plastic silver hook on his right hand with seemingly sharp ends. He also wears 2 Gold Earings on his Left Ear & Wears High Boots with Golden Buckles. He also sports a belt with a shiny golden skull & crossbones sign & also a Plastic Silver Cutlass with a Wooden Handle, also seemingly sharp, & leather pants which are shredded mostly in the knee region of his legs. If he wakes up from Shut Down Mode, he jumps onto the victim & ravage its facial area. His hard casing is reddish brown, & the end of his long tail (which reaches to his head) is white. His voice is not known but he screams loudly when he leaps from his spot. When his scream is slowed & reversed, it roughly translates: "We Caught another Whale!"

    Gina the Guppie resembles a Giant Orange Guppie with White Stripes & has arms & legs. Her legs are shaped like those female dancers in vegas & her arms are fat with thinner fingers, her eyes glow light blue but when awaken on sleep mode, her pupils turn blood red. She resides in the Pirate Dubloon Corner where she gives prizes to children. When she wakes up on sleep mode, she screams & jumps onto the victim & tare at the victim's legs. When her scream is slowed & reversed, it roughly translates: "Aye! Another Whale I spy!"

    Must Be Identified.

    A Big Flatscreen T.V is just in the "Ship's Hull" currently on sleep mode, glowing white with static. It could & will start once again at any given moment. So you better wish Luck is on your side.

    Millie the Monkey's Arcade
    Passing through the Fountain's Wreckage, beside the Pirate Cove, is everyone's favorite mischievous new animatronic: Millie the Monkey, & her arcade! Where Street Fighters X, Silent Hills Rising, Temple Run 6 & other game consoles were played, & other games such as table - hockey were played too. Either Kid or Adult, this is the place for any game lovers around. With the Mischievous Millie the Monkey in the very north end of 1 terrace that looks like is made of wood & vines, as glad & happy as can be. Now, with malfunctioning game consoles, pitch dark areas exception for the static white light of the game consoles, & at least 1 Animatronic, lurking around in the shadows, awaiting victims.

    Pitch Dark Area
    Who would want to create noise when 1 Creepy Killer is around, lurking in the darkness? No one, & the lack of lighting except for the light from the game consoles is a giant problem. There are left - over soda cans, wires, & amputated body parts, that will trip you if your not careful. So, unless you can see in the dark, which is the case, you can't, or your reckless, which is the case, maybe. Your Dead Meat.

    Millie the Monkey, is lurking around in the shadows, on the floor, behind the consoles, on top of the ceiling awaiting victims. Her vision is not as good as it used to be, but her sound sensors are redefined & will hear the noise you make if you make 1 mistake. Her vision can only see figures in the light. She resembles a monkey with 3 eyelashes on each eye. Her eyes glow pink in the daylight like Chica, her eyes glow pink in the darkness, & her pupils grow smaller when she hears a noise. She sports a Light Blue Hoodie & Headphones with a Red Spiral as design. She wears Jeans, & Sneakers. Her Tail reaches up to her head & her casing is color pink, with her belly, tip of the tail, & snout: clean white. She always wears a grin that shows her human - like teeth. Her voice resembles a teenager & her method for surprising is jumping quickly into the victim.

    Game Consoles
    The Explosion's Shockwave did a beating to the Screen Receptors & now they only show white static, & glitchy rough sounds. That Light is enough to make Millie see a figure in her Arcade. So if you don't want to be an Animatronic Monkey Chow, you'd better crawl, avoid the light, & get yourself bumped with the obstacles on the floor.

    Chompy the Dino's Movie Theatre
    Are you tired of shopping too much & could use a very good movie to cheer you up? Chompy the Dino's Movie Theatre is the place to go to! With the Snack Bar in the very east side of the hallway, giving out food for the people with the help of an animatronic & the fantastic movie theatre in front of the hallway, just between those Wooden Doubledoors. With Slanting Movie Seats, so slanting that even if a 6 ft. Giant were in front of you, you can still see above his head! & Sound Speakers that make you feel like your In the movie, 960 megawatts of light to even see the scene even if it is dark, & a screen that is 600 ft. long & 500 ft. high, & 500 ft. wide, Chompy the Dino's Movie Theatre is the most greatest Movie Theatre in all of USA, but with Freddy glitching the Dinosaur, & broken lightbulbs, & sound speakers, able to be activated when the Animatronic Screams, the Movie Theatre has never been so deadly.

    Pitch Dark Area

    Unlike Millie's Arcade, this room is pitch black, no light, tons of obstacles. Stairs are on the west & east side, tons of leftover food & empty cans of sodas & bottles of water, awaiting to trip you so Chompy will hear your noise.


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  2. -- May I reserve a spot? I'm not able to create a Character sheet quite yet due to my internet not working very well. It should be up later today or tomorrow, I'm not exactly sure.
  3. Totally interested ! However, I can't make my CS right at this moment because I have to leave soon. Reserve a spot for me please darling.
  4. Name:
    Aranea Stronghorn



    Aranea appears to have a very boyish build, but with more feminine details like fingers. Her eyes are a caramel brown that matches her dark brown mohawk that has some slightly faded blue streaks in it. She has a septum piercing. Her skin is pale compared to the dark tone of her hair, eyes, and eyebrows. Her height is somewhere around 6' 1".

    Aranea is rather flexible compared to most boys, but within girls she tends to be a little bit more flexible than most. She is tall which is a clear advantage to her. In the category of talents, Aranea is a fast reader and knows computer code really well. In 5th grade her parents forced her to join school band, so she developed a basic idea of the trombone (she quit the next year).

    * Paragraph must be long & detailed. Includes phobias, disorders, attitudes, social life, sex life

    Aranea's personality seemed to change through out her life. As a younger child (meaning Middle School), she had a very addictive personality. Whatever it was, she had to have everything of the fandom. She still is a bit addictive today, but not much (I don't mean pills). Now, she tries to avoid failure even known it is achieved a lot of the time. She is fired quite a lot from jobs, and tries not to do it. She is good at lying, and lies a bit from time to time. Her social life is much like her work life: Tries not to do much, but when she does she skips between things quite frequently. If she even has friends, she will know them for about 2 weeks before they go on "vacation" forever or she gets bored about their lame break up stories about their ex boyfriends. She tends to get along better with males. When she kinds something interesting, it lasts for a little bit before dying out. Her interests move quickly just like friends and her social awkwardness. She tends to get a bit annoyed by losers, but does not annoy people because she tends not to talk to people she had not known for over 5 days. So far what you know is pretty simple: She tends to move on to things quite a lot and easily - meaning friends and jobs. Her skill level is very high, just no one takes the time to stop and smell the roses. Most people judge her on her appearance, and that bothers her. She has a lot of intelligence along with skills and no one cares because she looks like a punk that enjoys breaking rules and destroying items for a living. She tends to stay still for long amounts of time. She is pretty excited when it comes to thrill, but does not show it in physical appearance such as most people with jumping and shouting. Her awkwardness had made her develop a phobia of the darkness consuming her. She oddly got this weird thought in her mind that made her think that when you speak to people you develop a light inside of you and if you don't: the darkness kills you. Along with that she is afraid of most cheerleaders, blood, and bears. She can handle dust and other dirt. She has an allergy to dogs and cats, but oddly not wild animals. When she gets near a live cat or dog, her throat swells causing her to not be able to breathe or talk. She doesn't talk to people much, so she does not have much of a sex life. Having a depression disorder, she is often quite and tends to swear a lot.

    Aranea was born into a small country home in the far end of Oregon. It seems cliche, I know. Growing up she normally didn't talk to many people besides her older sister Elizabete. Along the line of siblings, she had 4- one older and three younger. In order from youngest to oldest, they were: Reyna (Female), Shawn (Female), Garrett (Male), and Elizabete (female). She found hatred towards Shawn, Reyna, and Garret. Elizabete was the only one she talked to. When it was her birthday, she would stay in her room until Elizabete came up and they talked about silly things until she got tired and fell asleep to wake up with a gift because her party was always a day before her birthday: June 23. She did not grow obsessed with things until she entered Middle School age. Elizabete was in High School when she first got into Middle School. She was forced to join band because her parents wanted her to start talking to people. She played trombone for the year, then quit. She was pretty obsessed through the years until graduation came. When she graduated she had no idea what to do with her life, so she tried to apply to work at Freddy's. After being rejected many times at previous jobs and now this one, she had to break in.​
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