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  1. Yes, they made yet another FNaF's, and this one is probably the creepiest one yet. Has anyone else played it yet? I played the first night to entertain my kids while they were waiting for it to install on my tablet, but like the first few games, night one was slow, and boring. Going to make an attempt at night two tonight after my kids go to bed, only because they keep telling me what to do while I'm playing.

    Anyone else get it when it came out yesterday? How far did you get?
  3. Well, you're supposed to reboot the systems when they turn red, and so far that's all I've figured out. XD
  4. There's so much shit T-T
  5. You start by deleting System 32.
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  7. I watched the Markplier and Yamimash playthrough of it, and it looks more interesting than the other ones. Though, I shouldn't say much because I haven't bought it yet (and it's gonna be a week before even get the chance).
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  8. I never really got into those games. The jump scares get old, and I don't even get scared to begin with.

    Are those games really as good as people say they are?
  9. It had me almost fling my laptop last night because it was just wild and creepy. I learned that pressing the audio in different rooms helps lure him away. Or maybe it's all in my head but I made it to night three before slamming the laptop closed. Hopefully that tip helps. Other than that there's no hope.
  10. Don't like them. Not a fan of long buildups to a jump scare. Know the story of them very well though.

    Watched two black dudes play it. Maurice and Randy were their names.

    "Aw, man I don't lik-- There it is. See th-- NIIIIIGGA IT MOVED AW SHIT NOOOOO NEEEEEYUUUGGA NOOO!" As he flung off his headphones off and they left the room.
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  11. I played the first two, but I honestly think I'm gonna skip out on this one, it's just waaay too scary for my tastes. I was watching Markiplier's videos on it and holy crap that was intense. I think this one does a better job of keeping you scared whereas with the previous two the scare factor seriously declined in the later nights due there being so much crap to keep track of and mostly left down muscle memory; it was more difficult than it was actually scary. But in Five Night's at Freddy's 3 you barely know what's going on half the time and you don't know what to expect and when. My only problem is that the fanbase seems to be more concerned with the contributions to the story of the series that this game is making, as well as various theories, rather than the actual game itself.

    All that being said, I seriously hope this is the last in the series, as much as I love it, anymore would just be dragging it on for longer than it needs to.
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  12. Hahahahahahaha, fuck no. Im scared of the dark, you think I'm going to play a game thats in the dark with a mangeled robot that not only doesn't kill me the first time, but will make me shit myself three seconds later?
  13. From what my kids have told me, it's the last one he's making. I just got past night two and died horribly to Springtrap, after trying frantically to get Freddy out of the room.....@_@
  14. Yeah, I figured, but I still haven't seen an official statement from Scott saying as much.
  15. I have a friend that plays it, but it doesn't appeal to me personally.
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