Five Night at Freddy's Continued

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  1. Okay, so obviously, as the title states, I want to do a roleplay on the continuation of the FNAF series. The thing about this is, my partner and I will have a lot of discussing before the rp starts, which will be done over PMs. This rp could be anywhere from just two characters to a whole cast of characters for the two of us to control. And those characters could be ghosts, normal humans, or psychotic humans. In other words, the sky is really the limit when it comes to these characters.

    Warnings: Obviously, with this being FNAF there is bound to be gore/blood/death at some point or anytime really. Also, depending on my partner's preferences there may be sex scenes. Again the sky is the limit so it could be anything from just one scene between two of the workers or it could be just mainly that between any of the characters, ghost or human. Just let me know if you want more of the story or more of 'those scenes'. And of course, because of all these warnings, I ask my partner be 18+

    Anyway, if you are interested, please pm me to tell your preferences on the number of characters we should play and how much of the graphic content you wish to have. Thank you :3

    So, I figure while Im waiting around for people to PM me about the rp, I should give some info about myself. So, here it goes.
    -Im a 20 year olf college student who loves to write and game.
    -I write somewhere between Adept and Advanced. What I write depends on what is going on in the roleplay and what my partner is giving me. Meaning that if all that is going on is dialogue, then my posts may be shorter. But if a lot of action is going on, then it can be pretty long. My posts though are NEVER shorter than three paragraphs and I prefer my partner's posts to not be below that either.
    -I play mainly female, though I can play male if I also have a female to work with as well. So, you wanna play male? Awesome! You wanna double up, totally cool with me! I just dont play a male character by himself. That gets boring to me quick.
    -Im pretty laid back so if you have an idea or have something going on, tell me.
    -I love for me and my partner to come up with ideas together! We're a team! I throw out some ideas and you throw some back. We'll have an idea battle so to speak XD But for real, dont be shy, just say your idea and we can try to work it in!
    -I love Wonka candy :3
    -Ummmm, that it I think XD
    -Why are you still reading? Go pm me or something already!
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