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  1. Five Kingdoms Saga
    Ode of The Three Kings

    "The Dinesh scourge must be severed from the Frankfurt bloodline. Our family must reclaim the throne in which we rightfully belong. This herd of swine has crept into our chambers and dwelled at our beside for long enough! The House of Frankfurt shall once again rule Inotia..."
    Lisett Frankfurt


    Basic Plot​

    500 years ago(The setting of my game, The Five Kingdoms Story) a dark time for the lands of Bethiny. A great war between the Five Kingdoms of this small continent threatens to bring nations to ruins. Estosia, home of the Edrudic people, being the most powerful nation of Bethiny, became the target of a vicious conquest by Ostilia and Mordria. Syria and Inotia come to the aid of Estosia, and a cast iron alliance is forged that won the war and brought an era of peace to Bethiny after ten years of bloody conflict. During this conflict, Estosia is destroyed, and it's people massacred.

    Five hundred years later, the Edrudic race is thought to be extinct, except for the refugees that dwell in Syria to this day. The peace that was forged between the four remaining kingdoms did not last but a few hundred years before a series of scandals between the royal families of Inotia and Ostilia brought a hundred year conflict between the kingdoms. Until the kings of both Inotia and Ostilia swore an oath to each other and signed a treaty to end the conflict so long as they both live and reign as king.

    Now Phillip Dinesh, King of Inotia grows old. A three hundred year old feud between royal families has long dictated and influenced leadership of the country. The Dinesh family runs from the very same bloodline as the Frankfurt bloodline. A Frankfurt princess married a Dinesh noble and the Dinesh family moved into power, sharing heir responsibilities to the throne. When a Dinesh passes, a Frankfurt heir is chosen, when their time has passed, a Dinesh heir is chosen, and so on; it has become tradition.

    Unaware of the treaty, the Frankfurt Prince Lisett plots to assassinate Phillip Dinesh.

    Kino, a young knight of Syria in the company of the Syrian ambassador to Inotia accidentally discovers this sinister plot to assassinate Phillip via poison in his meal, and threatens to foil the effort on the Inotian King's life, but fails, told plainly by Lisett, "Who will they believe? A Frankfurt prince, or some knight from a foreign land here only by the will of the Ambassador. It is your word against mine, so go ahead, tell them I plan to kill King Phillip. You'll be back in Syria by this time tomorrow, cleaning the stables of your former brethren."

    Succeeding, Lisett also carries out a plot to cut the Dinesh poison from his Frankfurt bloodline forever. Prince Bastian Dinesh is fooled into believing that he has been made the official guard to the new King; a respected, and top secret mission. He is given a sword and two specially designed assassin’s daggers to protect the King. When he bows before Lisett at his crowning ceremony, he asks Bastian to remove his cloak, revealing a sword and two assassin's daggers; an offense forbidden in Inotia. No one but royal guards are permitted to stand before the King baring arms. A conspiracy to frame the Dinesh boy has been executed seamlessly, and every member of the Dinesh family is ordered to be executed by dawn.

    Abigale Dinseh and Maria Dinesh have been spared, but their cousin gets them out of the city, fearing Lisett wants to make them his wives. Long has he watched them, shown a special interest in them. They leave for Syria, the only place they feel they would be safe. When Kino hears of this secret from a friend of the Dinesh family, he fears for Maria, for whom his heart desires. He sends a letter to his brotherhood and prepares to head for Syria at the permission of the Ambassador, but must await a replacement from his knighthood. That replacement is the young Knight's Apostle, Hayvian Lionhart. Hayvian departs his home of Whitehorn, Syria for the crown city of Inotia, Tripley. He leaves behind his two sisters, Lyra and Kendra.

    While awaiting Hayvian's arrival, Kino becomes very paranoid after he feels as though he is being followed, and an attempt on his life is made by a cloaked assailant. Before leaving Tripley, he tells the Ambassador of Syria of the plan to kill Phillip Dinesh.

    The Ambassador, although perplexed, begins to make the connections, and realize the grim reality of Lisett's actions.

    Meanwhile, Ostilia prepares to invade Inotia.

    This is a bare naked summary of the plot. There’s more to come, so watch this for updates.

    Post if interested. When I get some interest gathered up, I'll post a CS, and we can discuss this thing in further detail.