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  1. Welcome to your winter job at "Fiv Nits At Foov Noots" Do what ever the heck you wants, just remember at's closing time...
  2. Ocir was laying on his bed, watching television when a commercial came on saying "Come Down to Foov Noots everyone is welcomed but remember at night it's closing time..." Ocir jumped up and yelled "Awesome, Mom get the car!"
  3. Edwin wakes up, from a night on the couch, to his TV on full blast. "Come on down to Foov Noots, everyone is welcome, but night, it's closing time." Edwin furrows his brows at the outrageous commercial.

    "Hm... I need a job."
  4. The commercial continued, saying "If you have any questions or concerns, please call (310) FIV-NOOT!"

    I call the number and ask for a job.

    "You're hired, and your work begins now! Come on over and begin your job as a night guard." said the manager.

    After thanking him, I haul my ass over there.
  5. The pizzeria of pure plainess was a hit amongst the young child and the creepy adults that never grew up.

    Children ran and shouted playing rough and tossing pizza here and there just to see if it would stick to sickly green walls.

    On the stage the three infamous animatronics were on stage;

    Foov Noots the Polar Bear with a fedora, Griots the duck, and Flobby the Jackrabbit. And because he stopped working because of old rusty parts and nothing abnormal like biting a kids face off was a lone curtain in the corner of the restaurant.

    It was call Cop Pot home to Bolts and Rocks the Fox.
  6. Inside the pizzeria sits a family of four. A mom, a dad, and two children whose names are unimportant.
    One of the unimportant children sits with a scoul on his face. The other continues to eat the pizza, but stops. "This pizza freaking sucks -UGH!!!"
    "I know. They need more strippers." The family of four start to brighten up at the thought of strippers swinging around the place.
    The mom stands up and calls for the manager.
  7. The manager walked up to the family of four, after about a minute of talking to the mother he smiles...and smacks the mother on the face and says "I'm so glad you thought that" he then calls his home boy Jacob. That's when the building then starts to have the lights dim, and the twerk music appears...then the manager walks into the back and shouts, but no one understood his strange tongue.
  8. The animatronics on the stage begin to move and act odd.

    Foov pulls off his fedora and he thrusts his head to the left nodding at the duck. Griots begins to twerk and dance to the music.
  9. Edwin puts his shoes on and makes his way to his car.
    "Maybe I should've called I even good enough?" He drives in silence for a while.
    "Of course I am. I'm Edwin freaking Boone." (Insert epic Rock music)
    He pulls up to a red light but turns his head once he hears a familiar screech of his name. "OCIR!!?"
  10. Ocir smiles as he unbuckled his seat belt and walked out, and into Edwin's car, he then started to explained the awesome commercial, and how they should go to Foov Noots, and get drugged out...on some PCP.
  11. The restaurant was now completely different. A big brute of a man stood outside the doors back entrance as another stood in the front. Children were escorted out the restaurant as rave colored lights flashed from the inside.

    A long line winded from out the back as people were patted down before permitting entry.
  12. "....."
    Edwin opens his mouth then closes it. Opens it again then closes it.
    "AWWWW YEAH!!" He speeds off with Ocir, completely ignoring his mother's cries.
    As they speed through the streets Edwin turns to his young friend.
    "You know it's funny that you say you're getting a job there because, fool. SO AM I! We gonna be strippers together!!!"
  13. Ocir then grabs the steering wheel, accidentally flipping it upside down crashing through Foov Noots window sliding to a halt in the manager office. "Hello I'm Ocir, I'm eleven, this is Edwin...I dunno how old he 5? Anyway we wanna job, so give us one already!" As they get out of the car it smokes filling up the lungs of everyone around a twenty mile radius with poisonous gasoline...until the car explodes destroying the animatronics and some furniture, leaving a stage with no robots nor adults, leaving empty space, needing to be fixed and given attention to.
  14. Edwin laughs at the situation his car had made. "So this can be our first job. I heard this is a strip club, but ain't see no strippers, so we gonna get some. Ocir and I are your first strippers. Edwin runs out of foov noots to start his hunt for his fellow strippers.
  15. The big brute of a guard rolls his eyes and shouts inside the now club for an animatronic. The duck walks up and pulls off it's head revealing a blonde girl with a "Lets Eat" bib.

    "Oil Chica, get here and start dancing."

    The blonde does as she is told, she approached Ocir and dances.
  16. Ocir turns and waves at Edwin, "by the way where did the kids go? You can't have a strip club, and no kids?!" He runs after Edwin but gets hit by his mom's car smashing him into another window cutting all of his body. But he isn't 'injured' he did land in a animatronic suit that survived when he sees a person on the inside. "Who are you?" Ocir says.
  17. The man in the suit looks up at him. "Uh. My friends call me", he gets up and strikes a pose, "white cinnamon!" He then gets back on the ground and pulls Ocir back on him.
    "But my real name is Josh."
  18. Chica clearly offended snaps and walks off seeking someone else to dance in front of.
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