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  1. [[Shadowuv98xKyysucara Namosaka]]

    I have lived their my whole life and the monsters took my parents 13 years ago and now she is 16 with only her brother(insert name) left. Some call them zombies but they are smarter some call them humans with a disease but its worse than that. I call them 'breathers' cuz thats how they kill people by breathing on them. My brother is my only friend and we are the only ones who know how to stop the freaks. Another thing you can not look them in the eyes or they will make you be knocked out for days. They are hideous creatures shedding purple blood that spews out. All we can do is freeze their mouths and rip out there eyes so they can't bring us any harm. There is not any school but I know all I need and I love to write and take pictures.

    Character: Caroline (me)
    Hair color:Rustic brown
    Eye color: indigo
  2. (I hope it's okay if I play the brother =p)

    Josh's sister Caroline wa freaking out. "Cara, chill," he told her. Cara was what he called her for short. When he
    was little it was all he knew of her name, and it kind of just stuck. She turned to him. "I am not freaking out because of the breathers. Why would I be? I know how to stop them. So do
    you. I'm freaking out because my camera battery just died." Josh groaned. "UGHHHH, fine. I was just making sure." The two looked remarkably similar, despite him being 13, her 16. They had the same indigo
    eyes and distinct eyebrows. Their hair was the same color. The only thing different about them was their noses. Josh's was round and long, and his sisters was small and pointed. It was only noticeable to them though. They had tried to find these comparisons and differences.
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  5. "I am gonna go into the breather's mart across the street to get batteries cover me but do not go inside there are too many in there I will find my way around as always,"Caroline says to Josh and skirts ahead.

    ((Btw please let me speak for my character thats how i always do my role-plays not trying to seem mean or rude just how i am sorry))
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.