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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sirona, Feb 21, 2016.


Who wins, govangogh or sirona?

  1. Govangogh

  2. Govangogh

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. @govangogh you have had it too good for too long

    it's time you were taken down a notch
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  3. look diana gambling is immoral
  4. you're not my real dad! ;__;
  5. Your name is all greyed out.

    You're not even a person anymore. That's why both poll options are for govangogh, even you know it.
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  6. Shhh! You aren't supposed to tell him that his existence is meaningless and his current conscious thought is a fabrication, the celestial writer assigned to creating the story of his life gave up long ago.

    Nah it's fine though.
  7. Vay wins.

    Vay always wins everything even when not involved.

    It's written into the site rules in invisible admin-only div tags.
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  8. I am 100% ready to wreck whomever I need to
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  9. @govangogh has a Heathers GIF in their signature, so they're already ahead of the pack.
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  10. Nihilism sloth knows what's up.

  11. i am nothing, i am everything
  12. hey bby are u my alt
  13. I'm a shit poster and what is this?
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  15. As a fellow shitposter, I think I might be too young to legally participate in whatever is going on here.
    And yet, here I am, indulging it by acknowledging it.
  16. Oh, that's easy. They need to win a fight.

    And there's an easy way to solve that.
    Who Praises the Sun harder?

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  17. There's a fight involved and I'm not invited?
    Also, @Gwazi Magnum
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