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  1. Fists of the Goddess
    (sakimichan on DeviantArt)

    Long ago, in a time long forgotten, the world was peaceful. Before darkness rained from the skies. Though the enemy was few in numbers, mankind stood no chance against the monstrous giants that laid waste to a world they once knew. Society, forced into to hiding in the cracks and crevices of nature, could only wait and prey they are not found.

    It's time to fight back.

    You are among the few chosen by the Goddess to defeat the giants. How? By controlling giant stone guardian statues!

    Each one of these chosen people will, through fate, acquire a pair of gauntlets that will reveal their destiny.

    About the Stone Guardians:

    Your character will control them from a magical chamber within. e.g., throw a punch and the statue does too.

    Stone Guardians can receive battle damage, arms breaking off, hips crumbling, etc. When they're too damaged to fight they must return to Ayodele to recover.

    History: ( They should start off not knowing about their destiny as chosen ones. )
    Appearance: ( Picture or description )
    Stone Guardian Appearance: ( What does the statue you pilot look like? Humanoid shapes only please. Picture or description. )
    Weapon: ( Optional. The weapon your statue uses, if any )
    Power: ( Magical powers can be elemental or based on other magical themes. e.g., illusions. )
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  2. World Map
    note: only major lakes and rivers are shown here, but any region (except the desert) will have its share of bodies of water.

    Ayodele (open)

    A safe haven for the chosen ones, and a resting/recovering place for the stone guardians. Ayodele is located over a great lake near the center of the continent. Deemed The Lake of the Goddess, it is considered sacred do to the constant rainfall over it's waters. This 'rain' actually falls from Ayodele, which is hidden from below by thick clouds.

    Isolde (open)

    A city hidden among the snowy slopes of a frozen mountain range up north. They say the toughest of the tough live in this region, because you have to be so to live in such bitter cold. It's also known for its fine weaponry, thanks to high quality metal ore found in its mines. The people of Isolde are strong and loyal, with a passion for good sportsmanship.

    Janan (open)

    The largest of civilization's strong-holds. Janan is located in a wide series of caves stemming deep into the earth, where extravagant buildings and homes have been built alongside the rushing waters that flow from an underground river system. Janan, for its large population, also has a large wealth divide, from wealthy, care-free socialites to those barely scraping by in the slums. These cave systems are located near the southwestern coast of the continent.

    Nereus (open)

    Outside of the sea facing cave entrance to Janan is the village of Nereus. This village of fishermen lays nestled between grand stone spires. The people of Nereus are hard working, and hold a deep love of the sea that embraces the cliffs of their village.

    Wayra (open)

    A city located in a canyon in the east region of the continent, it's structures built into and alongside the cliffsides. A dam far up river regulates the flow of water, so flooding is rarely an issue. Above the canyon are sweeping, grassy plains that go on for miles. The general culture of the city is peaceful and fun loving. Every other day seems like a good day for a party to the people of Wayra. On the city's edges atop the canyon, guards keep watch over the vast plains.

    Nomadic Lifestyle (open)

    There are groups of people who choose not to settle down in any city, instead traveling between them in caravans, making a living by trading goods or gathering resources from the land. This life is a dangerous one. Caravans face threat of attack from wandering bandit groups, or possibly crossing the path of a giant. People looking to relocate to another town will usually hire one of these groups for help getting from A to B as safely as possible.
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  3. Kaja d'Vacik
    Age: 19​

    Kaja will quickly come across as a jaded type with little interest in anything that has nothing to do with her own interests, which is typically getting into trouble. This might seem like a rare attitude in the city of celebration, but to Kaja, all the parties seem like a cheap distraction from the much bigger problems of the world. Or maybe her attitude is just an outlet for her deeper feelings of pain and loss? Despite this, she does have a strong sense of justice, and is known for hunting down bullies in her area. She also has a pretty good sense of humor, even if she comes across as permanently pissed most of the time.

    Kaja grew up in a cozy Wayra home with her mother and older brother, her father having passed away before she was born. She has fond memories of being a child, sitting on her brother's shoulders as they watched magic shows, or musical performances. At a point when money was short, her brother decided to risk joining the caravan traders. All was well for while, and Kaja remembers thinking her brother was invincible, that even the giants couldn't take him down. But, their mother's concern was endless. She finally talked him into quitting, and he promised to after one more job... The job he never came back from. After that, part of Kaja never really stopped feeling frustrated. Frustrated at the untouchable giants, at the meaningless festivals of the city, at being trapped in a narrow place when a wide expanse of land above the city was begging to be ran across.

    Appearance: (open)


    Stone Guardian Appearance: (open)


    Weapon: Twin short-swords
    Power: Wind​
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  4. coollogo_com-108681143.png
    Confident like his father. Sweetheart like his mother.
    parka dastri img.jpg
    Parka is six feet and two inches of copper-haired confidence, talent, and strength of soul. Known for being a bit cocky from taking after his father, Parka would have been a wild-child if it hadn't been for also inheriting his mother's tenderness. He's an honorable man to those who prove their worth and a sucker for a good clean fight. He has a hilariously ironic fear of heights and a well-placed, more somber one for fevers. He's Isolde's most prestigious bladesmith's apprentice and a near-master of the way of the sword. You will never see him without his three swords.
    Hails from Isolde. Parka is a bladesmith's apprentice and has been since he was eight winters old. Some might think that this is far too early for someone to begin learning a trade, but the people of Isolde would disagree. The mountain is cold and unforgiving. People need to be built up strong from an early age. And because it was discovered so early that he was a mage of ice and of cold, he was instantly accepted as an apprentice of the most prestigious bladesmith in Isolde.

    Flash forward seven years.

    Disease rocked the foundation of Isolde. A silent fever spread through the whole city, infecting one of every six people. And those it didn't kill were left weakened. The fever devastated Parka's section of the city and his whole family became ill, himself included. Some blamed the nomads for the fever. Some blamed bad food. Some said it was the Ice Giant that had been wandering near the city. Parka wasn't sure about any of those explanations but at that point, his parents' frustration toward the Giants turned to hatred. There was already so much suffering in the world without these colossal creatures forcing such heaviness on everyone's hearts. If only there was a way to fight them... So they left, promising to return soon. No longer than a month.

    That was eleven years ago.

    The present. When Parka's not apprenticing or taking care of his last remaining family member (his older brother Hearth who has remained bedridden since the fever), he's off exploring and searching for clues about the Ice Giant "Panoukla" who haunts Isolde's mountain from time to time.​

    Fights with his fists.
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  5. Name: Chol Isidore
    Age: 23

    On the streets of Janan there are three types of people. The fast, the tough, and the invisible because in the crime-ridden slums your are one of those, you belong to someone who is one of those, of you die.

    Chol used to belong to one of the tough, but after a "disagreement" with them she now stays alive by being a little fast and a little tough. Being one of the noticed invisible was never an option her her, her noble featured making most assume she was the product of a man of note's visit to one of the many brothels lining the streets, anyone saying this to her face however is likely to find the sharp end of a dagger at their throat.

    Chol is headstrong, she gets that from her father, and despite her best efforts an idealist, she gets that from her mother, though both of those are but memories now, memories buried deep inside. Proud is another word that can be used to describe her. The unfortunate combination if traits is the cause of many of the scars that mar her fair skin. The only reason they have not ended in her death is because she knows when to cut and run, pride and stubbornness are not worth being killed over.


    The Noble houses of Janan are the perfect place to grow up. Servants to cater to your every whim, food, education, security… the perfect life. Until it all comes crashing down. The houses of Janan are jealous of each other, waging constant feuds and competitions to prove that they are better than the rest. But what happens when your family has everything taken? When their last friend whispers into your father’s ear that in the night guards would be coming and that he had been implicated in the treasonous plot, trumped up evidence already believed by the magistrates?

    You run.

    Telling his family to pack only what they could carry Herman Isidore, his wife and their young daughter fled into the night, arriving at the gates just before daybreak and buying passage to Wayra with a caravan leaving as soon as possible. They did not make it far before fate revealed it was not done with the Isidore family. The cries of “GIANT! GIANT!” echoed through the strung out procession… Chol had ward storied about the gigantic enemies of man, seen plays and puppet shows. They always gave the impression that they were lumbering beasts… slow and dull witted but the beast that appeared on that day was anything but slow.

    It crashed into the mass of men, pack animals and carts like a hurled boulder into straw and the last thing Chol saw of her parents was her mother trying to tell her father to run as he tried to pull a man out from under an overturned cart…

    The survivors were a sorry sight as they reentered Janan, their story not unheard of in this age… they were left to fend for themselves, Chol was alone dodging the men from rival houses looking for her parents she ended up just another refugee.

    Thing were not easy, and she had to do many things she isn't proud of to be able to eat, begging, pick pocketing, finding jobs where she could ranging from a dock hand, to working in inns of ill repute, to burglary, too many to remember them all. It was during a brawl that she met Morgan.

    He seemed like a godsend to the young woman, a leader of a gang willing to take in new members. This came with a place to sleep in their hideout, a share of the loot, a small degree of respect from those who feared their gang, and at last a degree of stability even if the status as Morgan's 'woman' made her stomach turn with disgust, nothing was free, right?

    Almost immediately however they started bashing heads. Morgan was a thug who believed that beating people senseless was the best way to separate them from their gold, and for the bigger jobs favored a 'no witnesses policy' that leg to more than one argument, but Morgan was leader and enjoyed the support of the other gang members.

    Chol always knew when it was better to run and knew the city guard could only stand idle for so long as a such a brutish gang roamed the street and sure enough one night Morgan took it too far and robbed someone the guard would have to care about.

    Chol has no love for the noble houses, but robbing one of their houses and there being a witness Chol refused to let them kill... better to take more than her fair share of loot and disappear while the others were still passed out dunk... Morgan still thinks Chol sold them out to the guard but them raiding the hideout the same night was pure coincidence.



    Stone Guardian Appearance:
    big picie (open)

    Weapon: ( Optional. The weapon your statue uses, if any )
    Power: Earth
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  6. Name: Canis Jade Cole

    Age: 24

    Personality: Years of being responsible have welled-up inside the restless woman, causing an uproar of defiance and trying to break free of it. She was never able to exorcise her rights or even lift a finger because of her overbearing mother; being filthy rich, she chose the most disappointing path by leaving to find her own way. Completely unsure of her future, Canis traveled outside of Janan; training with her glaive and going from that to chain and sickle as a weapon.

    Being the failure of the family throughout generations is something she did not exactly strive for, but nevertheless—she has it in spades.

    Canis comes off as withdrawn and quiet, until you get to know her. Even though her mother begs to differ, she is quite brilliant and a natural strategic planner. Headstrong, fierce, loving and loyal, she will do anything to protect those she cares about— even sacrifice herself, without thinking twice about it. Granted power by the Goddess, she reluctantly goes along; being left with little to no option of running from the supposed “greatness” her father said she was destined for.

    History: Born to a delegate mother and weapon smith father, Canis is the second eldest out of five. Narcissa and Kyo Cole spend a good deal of time working, so it was Canis’s job to watch over her brothers when her eldest, Cain left the household to travel and never returned. As her father’s work became more renowned, things began to change—much to her mother’s liking, a rise in social-status, money and options for their large family to succeed.

    Being the only girl, pressure was put on her by both parents; continue her father’s profession, or become a political figure AND start a family.

    At the age of 17, she had more than enough of their “input” and took the opportunity to venture on her own. No longer shielded by Janan’s walls, she had her fair share of turmoil due to the giants; things occurred that she wouldn’t even dare telling her parents about. For 7 years, she wandered and picked up a few handy skills; mastering the use of her glaive and moved on to a chain and sickle—not to mention hand to hand combat. Feeling confident in the decision she had been mulling over, Canis returned home, bent on taking over her father’s work, until…

    Appearance & Guardian: IN PICCIES ATTACHED.

    Weapon: Chain and Sickle

    Element: Fire

    Attached Files:

  7. Name: Rychdir 'Rhys' Barolt

    Age: 25

    Personality: Outgoing. Sweet natured but can be very mouthy and feisty when irked.

    History: Born in Nereus to an Isoldean woman and a Nereusian father of Isoldean/Nerusian descent, Rhys was sent to his Mother's kin in Isolde at age five to be brought up/fostered in his Mother's parents home and the home of his Uncle. His entire family does this, fostering out their first child to build rapport between the family branches. His grandparents are wealthy mine owners and deal with traders a great deal. Rhys was brought up learning how to deal with traders and how to fight and lead, a sort of warrior diplomat as you will.
    Rhys is less about the actual art of war and more about having fun and hitting things. His hobbies include metal working and glassblowing with jewelry for trade as the main output and growing things. Rhys could always be counted on to buy strange seeds from the traders with his trinkets. He had a great hand at making things grow. Other hobbies include sassing his best friend and brother in arms and forge; Parka Dastri.

    Almost four years ago, Rhys left Isolde to go see his Father's failing parents. He has not returned yet, he is enjoying his stay in Nereus but also yearns for Isolde and is ready to return home. His parents love him but are eager to marry him off and continue the family line, as such he's been to the match maker many times and went courting many times but he's still single. Isolde beckons. He'll make babies later.

    Appearance: Not as tall as certain people, Rhys stands at around five feet and ten inches tall. Maybe five eleven on a good day. He's got messy dark blond hair, cut short to stay out of his face normally but it's a bit... fluffier than normal. He's currently sporting facial tattoos as were done while in Nereus by the portion of the family who lives there for ritual reasoning. He's well built, a warrior, an athlete, and someone who just is generally predisposed towards being fit and lean.

    Stone Guardian Appearance: Something with vines and greenery and probably some stone in there?

    Weapon: Way too large to be practical long bow for far away things.

    Power: Planty based powers! Think vine tentacles and vine whips and the like. Also plants just bend to his will, getting out of the way or growing like mad or whatever. All wood and plants love him.
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  8. The IC is up!
    Everyone should be starting out finding a magical pairs of gauntlets that transports them to Ayodele.

    Then they can hopefully socialize a bit before being thrown into action >:D
  9. Didn't forget about this... Nope.

    Name: Lyrian Trevane

    Age: 23

    Personality: Gentle and soft-spoken, Lyrian's kind nature and lack of ruthlessness have made him a black sheep within his own family but endeared him to much of the rest of Janan. His compassion towards the less fortunate makes him stand out from his greedy and self-absorbed peers, although he lacks the experience to really relate to and understand the problems of Janan's poorer residents. Lyrian is well-meaning, almost to a fault, and can sympathize with almost anyone as long as he has the chance to truly listen to what they have to say. He believes most problems can be solved through honesty and diligent effort. As a result he often fails to realize the seriousness of some situations until he is in too deep.

    History: Born into a wealthy merchant family with ties to the caravan trade and high society within Janan, Lyrian was groomed from an early age to one day take over his father's business. He was a bright child who seemed to master most of the social graces necessary to be a part of Janan's elite, with the exception that he never looked down on anyone regardless of their social status.

    This was a lesson his father decided to teach him the hard way. One day, while playing with his best friend Muti, Lyrian's father separated the boys and told Lyrian he would never see Muti again. This was because Muti was the son of one of their house servants and it wasn't considered proper for someone of Lyrian's status to associate with him. His father explained that Lyrian would have to learn to make the right friends and see the lower class for what they were if he was going to get ahead in life. He arranged for Muti's family to be sent to work in Nereus, a place Lyrian would most likely never be allowed to go.

    Lyrian was devastated by the loss of his friend, and his father's cruel lesson in how the world worked kept him in line for most of the next several years. However, he never forgot his best friend and vowed to make up for the actions of his father and other people like him. When it came time for him to inherit the family business at the age of 18, he immediately started allocating funds to charities and other forms of assistance for the poorer, working-class residents of Janan. This was a move that upset many of his family members as well as his father's former business partners, but Lyrian's careful and astute management of his fortune insured they could find no justifiable reason to wrest control of the business from him.

    Over the next few years, Lyrian steered his business to great success and established himself as one of the preeminent merchants in Janan. Eventually, he began leaving more and more of the management decisions up to his trusted assistants and spending more time working on his philanthropic efforts. His controversial emphasis on helping people over making a profit made waves in Janan's high society circles that made him something of a novelty. Having grown in popularity, he now tries to make connections with other businesses and like-minded individuals that can help him continue to improve the lives of all residents of Janan.



    Stone Guardian Appearance:

    FULMINUS (open)

    Power: Lightning
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  13. Name: Awitani Soomasayao

    Age: 44

    Personality: Awitani is an avid lover of her life's craft, as such everything is turned into an analogy or proverbial example of dance philosophy. Growing up mired in a long line of dance academy masters and its traditions, Awitani has bred herself to be a stalwart vanguard of her lineage. To her, "dancing through life" is not a lofty ideal as eschewed by the run-of-the-mill carefree Wayran but rather a set code to be applied to life like a splint than a balm over hardship.

    History: She is the class mistress of the Bailaodori dance academy, in line to be the 21st headmistress of the school. Awitani's life has been nothing but dance. She had been in dance class since she had grown out of her diapers, the traditions of dance being imprinted on the soles of her feet. Her family had been the continuous masters and mistresses of Bailaodori academy since its establishment, rising in the ranks of the most esteemed schools, endorsed by a few former students who had made their fortunes in Janan through the artistry learned at their institution. Like all of the Soomasayao family the academy and dancing are treated like venerated elder relatives, Awitani is no exception as she takes special pride in sweeping its floors and dusting its walls. Awitani has been occasionally caught by her students tenderly touching the pillars or sitting alone in the middle of an unused classroom-- seeming to commune with the building as if it was sentient. Awitani is so devoted to dance and the school that many like to tease her than when she dies, they should inter her body in the walls of the school.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Stone Guardian Appearance:
    HUGE IMG IS HUGE (open)
    source: embedded in image; ©2reallife llc

    Weapon: Awitani carries no weapons, the only metal on her are the numerous bangles, anklets, rings, and necklaces that announce her comings and goings by their soft tinkling.

    Power: Impeccable rhythm, sensitivity to pitch differences.
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