Fishing For Compliments

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  1. I finally couldn't handle my terror over the faces in the previous Iwaku banner. So I HAD to make a new one. I put a plot bunny on it, AND it's a transparent png so it takes on the color tones of all the styles. 8D

    I now insist on compliments. Compliments only please. I don't care who doesn't like it. D:<

    With that in mind, my question! 8D When you do something you are proud of how do YOU fish for compliments? Are you the flat out ASK for them person, do you degrade your work so others will say 'Oh no! It's awesome!' or do you have other more subtle methods?
  2. Well, i like it alot...i giggled...but at first i thought he was the Easter (plot), he's amazingly dual purpose...can we keep him? Plleeaaassseeeeeeeee *sad kitty face* he's sooo awesome

    and...umm...i dont really fish for compliments...well, if i do it's subconscious. I just like completing something and feeling good about it. screw all those who dont like it!!!! But, yeah....
  3. ... What is this... I don't even...

    I usually don't think my work is good at all. I'm usually surprised when people compliment ANYTHING that I do 0.o.
  4. Well I think my brain makes me think all that I do is crap when it is really awesome so I degrade my work hoping that someone will play me up.
  5. It drives me crazy, I consider degrading oneself sort of juvenile... a high school girl thing.
    Girls who say "Ohhhhh, I'm not pretty" just in hopes of someone correcting them.
    When I want compliments on something, I just bring it up to someone and sparkle about how happy I am with it.

    AND ON THAT NOTE: I noticed, Diana. It's the same bunny that you used for the flag you made, right? Mascot in the making? I like.
  6. That banner is awesome, though, Really. A huge improvement.

    I don't fish much unless I am joking. That way when people do compliment me it is all the more better.
  7. You've managed to be cute and sorta creep me out with the new banner.... I don't know how! Congrats!

    When I'm happy with something I usually try to show it off to people I think will appreat it. If its artistic I might have the "it's not perfect" mentality about it, but I'm not saying its bad because I'm hoping for the "oh nos". Granted I'm insecure at times and might be overly apologetic about what I'm proud of but wish was better. I want love and praise though and will try to get that when I'm happy!
  8. THE BANNER IS AWESOME! But it needs to be about... 20% cooler.
  9. Sorry I forgot to say how much I do enjoy the new banner. :)
  10. Plus, it gets misleading.
    When I say something, especially about my art, I really think I've done a bad job. No compliments needed, I'm likely highly dissatisfied with it. XD
  11. Well, first I take a lure, a pole, some bait, and ....

    Oh. Compliments? I thought you said Carp.

    I don't really fish for compliments. Really, I don't even expect them. If I get a compliment, that's great. If I don't, then it doesn't matter.

    There are more important things to fish for in life than a compliment. Like lunch, for instance.

    *casts his line, and waits...*
  12. The bunny's so cute ^0^ I really like it.

    Sometimes I flat-out ask for compliments, but most of the time, I use subtle methods. Like when I got the best grade in my art class when we drew portraits of our idols. I came home and stuck it on the refrigerator (a very noticeable 9x12 paper) with the little grading rubric stuck to it.
  13. -points to the right corner of the banner.-
    There's a screaming face. :D
    I see it.<3

    I think it's adorable! ^^
    You did a fantastic job with shading. :3
    even though the bunny prob will be eaten by a monster hiding in the right corner later on.
    ^^ <3
  14. Here's your solution:


  15. No, it's not that, I WAS MAKING A MLP REFERENCE, YOU DOLT.
  16. Somebunny made a cool bunny banner~ ;) ;) Didja see what I did there?

    Once upon a time I used to fish for compliments. I really didn't think I was very pretty or thin, and I said so; but then someone a lot older than me snapped at me and told me to stop fishing for compliments. I haven't since then. If I have to say anything negative about myself, I don't do it abusively, and I don't do it to fish for compliments. I do it when I talk about flaws and strengths, imperfections that I love, etc.

    Besides, I dun need to fish~ If I really want compliments, I'll just threaten people to make them remind me of how wonderful I am~ It makes it so much more delightful when they're trembling. >:}

  17. I didn't think it was a reference to that. I just thought it would be a witty retort! :D
  18. That bunny is hiding something. I bet it knows what I did last summer and wants to murder me. It probably wants to murder everyone...which is pretty cool for a simple one dimensional bunny, so congrats on the hidden layer of terror.

    I've never really fished for compliments, so I'm always slightly bewildered when I get them.
  19. That bunny DID just walk down a dark, creepy looking road made with the blood sweat and tears of his brethren...
  20. [video=youtube;sumfbuFoghA][/video]
    >Fishes for compliments
    >Gets Gobul