Firsts of the new year

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  1. Ok then so what did you do first?

    First action: Making a cup of tea.

    First food: Crackers and Tea (had to make it something british)

    First music: 'Something wild and exotic to dance to' by Threepenny bit. (a busker band in Chichester my Dad bought the cd of. they are really good.

    First webpage opened: Iwaku main page (yes i closed it and reopened it just so it would be this.)

    Just a bit of fun, feel free to add extra fields.
  2. First action: Saying happy new hears to cele

    First food: Fried rice, got to my friend's resturant at 16 past 1

    First music: Another univerce.

    First webpage opened: Iwaku main page, because I wanted to wish cbox peeps.
  3. First action: Dancing on Skype
    First food:
    Technically nothing, but a j2o if you count drinks
    First music:
    JMS singing 'What do I tell people this time?' live
    First webpage opened:
  4. First action: Beating Catherine, the game, roughly around the same time new years hit.

    First food: Terri's chocolate orange

    First music: Whatever the final boss music for Catherine is.

    First webpage opened: Iwaku was technically already opened. So I'm going to have to say dwelling of duels.

    First Thought: I'm da block masta!
  5. First action: Made cheers with others
    First food: Soba noodles
    First music: Whatever was on TV >.<
    First webpage opened: My e-mail~
  6. First Action: Doing cheers with the family.
    First Food: Tortilla chips with chicken wing dip.
    First Song: Wasn't pay attention ^^; something on TV.
    First Webpage Opened: Facebook. Had to share the celebration with friends.
  7. First action: Smooching Elyd

    First food: Mint cupcake

    First music: "Thanks For the Memories"

    First webpage opened: Iwaku Cbox
  8. First action: Smoked a cigarette while laughing manically at the neighbor dog, who was terrified of fireworks.

    First food: banana about an hour ago.

    First music: Shit, I haven't listened to music yet. Does the Skyrim theme eternally stuck in my head count?

    First webpage opened: Facebook.
  9. First Action: Delivering a rash of shit to my uncle for waking me up to watch the ball drop.

    First Food: Left over pizza.

    First Drink: Coffee.

    First Music: The Truckfighters' album, "mania," in it's entirety.

    First Webpage Opened: Google
  10. First action: I went to the potty. >>;

    First food: Left over sloppy joe!

    First music: Adele - Someone Like You

    First webpage opened: Gmail!
  11. First Action: spun around in circles with my roommate until we were so dizzy we fell on each other's beds.

    First Food: mint ice cream dinner! hahaha.

    First Music: SNSD - Taxi ; hey it was on my playlist. I'm learning the dance~~

    First WebPage Opened: sorry guys, not Iwaku :( most likely facebook xD my dad was giving me advice right when it was 12:00 so i wanted to post that.

    First Words:
    "Oh no! We're an hour late!" My clock was messed up and an hour early, so when my computer hit 12:00 and my clock hit 1:00 after spinning around, it was 1:05 and I was like... wait..a...minute... DID WE MISS IT BY AN HOUR? haha.