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Firstline: Outpost 32 OOC

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Six Million Dollar Man, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Off in the Maser Galaxy, within the Lepto Solar System...

    Orbiting the planet Z'az is its second moon, Toron. Lying on this moon is a single station, connected to a small underground security base and partial mining and scientific research facility. It's packed with more scientists bordering on loony, army rations, and common minerals than soldiers, weapons, and logic.

    This is the first line of defense for Z'az. A small group of soldiers, and the scientists and miners they've been forced to deal with, with limited armaments, against all manner of alien attack...

    Welcome to Outpost 32 of the Maser Galaxy's Firstline Division: An Interplanetary security operation intended to provide a warning for invasion attempts and possible threats to civilians planetside and if possible, neutralizing it before it hits home, and hard. They're taking up a portion of the nearest moon/asteroid/etc to house a planet's HQ, and every little station is just as much a hole as described above.

    Get used to them, because They're the first ones fighting...

    Why arm them well? By the time they catch the threat, they'll probably all be dead, right?

    Let's prove the big wigs from the federation wrong...





    History: (Doesn't have to be long and overly-complicated)

    Fun Facts: