First time role playing

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What was your first time role playing like?
Where did you get your start?
How old were you?
Did your first role play partner stick around for a long time?

*Nosey* :tongue:

For me I found my first roleplaying partner through classic MSN chat. TOOK FOREVER! (everyone thought I wanted to cyber. *shutter* nuu thank you) I enjoyed roleplaying with him, despite knowing so little about him. We started off with two or three short sentenced paragraphs. Simple and easy stuff. I think the fantasy is what we mostly messed around with.

I was 13 when I started up my shenanigans. I swear, when I started..... it was like crack. Every day I'd bug my RP partner, "wanna rp? Huh? HUH~!" LOL poor guy.

Sadly we got bored of each other and broke up as an RP duo. I'm glad we did though, or my love for writing wouldn't of become so strong. :)
Back before I knew what "roleplaying" was, I would play pretend games with everyone in the neighborhood. XD This carried on through elementary school, middle school, where I went around pretending to be one character or another, somehow got everyone to play along and then wrote stories based on what they would say/do.

When I was in High School I discovered the internet! I got involved in a sailor moon chat room (SMU) and played in there! I think I was 14 then. XD

And then I discovered forum roleplay. >:D with OCHA! No less! We have been roleplaying together since then!

...I'm 28 now. .__.; I've been roleplaying a long time.
I think that's wonderful, actually! I'll probably be that creepy cougar that'll roleplay till she's 70. ;) So don't feel bad about still doing it
A little over two years ago I had no idea what forum/chat role play was, or that it even existed. Since then I have put in many, many hours, online, hopelessly addicted to this life. I love it!

My first experience with forum based role play was a little rocky. I joined a site that had a terrible staff, and offered little to no guidance to new members...until they did something that was 'against the rules' then the staff was all up in arms...rantrantrant..ok, enough about that I should answer the question.

My first actual RP was about assassins. It didn't really get too far into the plot, but it was enough to get me hooked.
I believe, if I remember correctly that is, that I began roleplaying when I was 14.
I was browsing because I was bored and lonely on a yahoo chats or some other reason and found people fighting in role play.
It was called something of the lines 'T1'. It was weird.
You had to be so damn specific with every move, weapon, speech you gave it was ridiculous.
If you made one mistake, it was a fatal blow.
It gave me a way to fight out my rage so I began learning how to build up my characters and started even drawing them out and photoshopping.
At 15, I became rather good at it and was contracted into a small guild with undefeated men that took me under their wings and helped me become awesome.
I met my best friend, then. We are still in touch and he's amazing.
Afterwards, I migrated to many sites, which some have changed names so I don't remember.
I left rp at 18 when I began working and going to a college. I still dabbled just for fun.
Now I'm here. I don't think I'd be happy any where else.

I'm 23 now. Heh.