First time behind the wheel...

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What was your FIRST Driving experience like?
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when I was about 15, before I had my license I had a car, and one time My mom left town and I decided to take a drive. So I cruised to all my friends houses like I was all cool, but when I got home I locked the keys in the car.....WITH the engine running. WOW, I felt stupid, but I guess it could have been worse. I have a few (Several actually) other stories that I'll post if I get some good replies here.

SO WHAT are YOUR earliest Driving experiences>???

I was 9 visiting my grandparents in Latvia with my mom and dad. Like typical Russians, we went mushroom picking. When we got back to the car, I asked if I could try driving. My grandfather was like "Ok!" while my parents were like "Maybe that's not such a great idea". He won. Since I had no idea what the pedals did I had to sit in my dads lap while my dad was in charge of using the brakes, gas and clutch. I got to drive for about 5 minutes, where I almost ran off the road (a car was oncoming and I got a bit freaked out), and had issues shifting from second in to third. My grandmother and mom where both freaking out while my grandfather was having a great time.

The car was a green 1980 Lada 1200.
My first driving experience was in a 1997 Mistubishi Montero, you know the ones that have the leveling ball on the dashboard so you knew if your car was flipped over. My mom let me drive it around the parking lot and the steering column was a lot loose so you really had to crank the wheel around to turn it, but I drove very well, even over curbs and all! I miss that car! D:
I actually don't have my license yet because of my confidence issues and my parents simply neglected to teach me much. My Mum thinks Drivers Ed is stupid so I never took classes.

My first time ever driving though, I was 17 I think. Mom had me drive around the parking lot of my high school. It was easy but I got adventurous and sped into a tree... From that day forward, she hasn't wanted to be in the passenger's seat with me driving. D:

It took 4 attempts to get my permit... That written test is so ritarded. My boyfriend's parents have been my driving teachers since then. I haven't gotten past driving around the neighbourhood but hey, I'm improving. They had me practice on ice during the few days I visited Oly for Thanksgiving. xD Was a scary but really great lesson for me. I haven't done anything damaging or scary yet!

I'll hopefully get my license before my permit expires. XP Karl can't be my teacher because it's a risk... He doesn't have the 5 years of driving experience required. I get lessons through his parents every opportunity I can get.
I don't remeber how old I was...But I'm thinking I was about 14. My best friend and I randomly thought one morning that we would be badasses and steal one of her dads cars. It was parked down the street (apartment parking) so we figured we wouldn't get caught. So we take the keys and go for a ride to our friends house about 2 miles away. We come to a 4 way stop sign, we knew to stop but that was it. We didn't know about right of way or anything and of course there was a car at every corner. So every car is honking at us looking at us all crazy, we didn't know when to start moving. We sat there waiting till there was no cars (this is in a city-like area...there is never a moment without cars). We sat there forever until finally we just went for it.

On the way back we saw her dad coming out of their house, (at this point she is driving) and the best maneuver I have ever witnessed happen!!! It was epic! Going about 20 miles per hour in reverse she parked into a spot that literally had JUST enough room for the smallest car to fit, and it was the perfect parking job. We turned the car off and ran for our life.
My very first time driving my Dad took me to a bigass parking lot and was trying to teach me how to drive a clutch. I was about 15 I think. D: That was super hard. After that, I didn't get any driving practice for about ten years. >>; When I started taking Mom's newest car and just driving up and down our street until I got brave enough to leave the street and go other places. Which was super dangerous cause the car's speedometer was broken. XD So I learned how to drive without having any idea of how fast I was going.

My biggest "accident" was hitting out mailbox while backing out of the driveway. I was sick, just took my cough syrup, but mom was bitching at me to go to the store. >:[ To this day, nether me now Isaboo can figure out how I even hit that mailbox, cause it was so far away from the driveway. x___x
Never been behind a "wheel" its always been bikes. First time on a bike under the ever watchful eye of my next door neighbor I sped off, hit a curb and had the beast pin my leg to the curb cracking the bone just above my knee. Hopped home on a wonderful adrenaline buzz lay down on the couch and watched tv until I fell asleep. I think my first words the next day other than expressions of pain was something about a hospital. Next time had me accidentally doing a wheelie from popping the clutch to fast, learned fast how to use the rear brake.
I was behind the wheel of the driving school car. You know the type- Rental quality. I had to make a right turn, go a few blocks, pull into a school parking lot. Of course it was the most intense and dramatic block driven in history. When I got home Edgar Wright* called and said, "Damn dude ease off the dramatics."

*Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs The World
I bumped my mom's car into another at church while attempting to park the car, while my mom was inside (the church). Didn't leave any marks, so I was lucky. That's the earliest I can remember.

Nowadays, I'm several times the better driver than my mom. O_o
I didn't get my drivers license till I was twenty three. While driving - I've yet to be in a car accident - but I've been in a car that's been in an accident eleveen different times. The worst being when I was 16 on the way to get my permit - had no notion to drive for a long time. But I detour - my first experience behind the wheel.

I was seven. Pretty sure this counts cause I was behind the wheel of my uncles van. We had decided to go for a day hike up the mountain and you can drive your car a fair distance up and park on this inclined cliff face so that you can hike up behind the waterfall. Well, I decided I was going to be cool and decided to attempt to drive the car at seven. While - I succeeded in releasing the parking brake and turning on the engine. Luckily I turned on the engine because it drew my Uncle's attention as the van begun to roll backwards towards the face off the cliff. I got hit pretty good for that one.

My next driving experience was with my dad the same year, in fact two weeks later after he heard about what I did. So he props me in his lap and lets me steer the car while it is driving out in the country. That was pretty cool until I was steering very badly across this little bridge and he slammed the brakes and my head went into the steering wheel.
The first car would have to be my dad's 280 Dotsan Z. I love that car, and to this day, I want to make sure it will always bee well taken care of. ANYWAYS ONTO STORY:

So he had me in the passenger seat when I was around nine, it had been after a huge fight (Me, mom, dad VS my brother) and I was prone to depression and sadness after those ridiculous fights, because I was nine and I loved my brother, but he was/is very stupid sometimes. So my dad sat me down in the passenger seat and let me control the transmission while he drove. Then we went to 7-11 and got slurpees.

for nine more years, I stayed away from driving, due to the fact that my brother scared me with his crazy driving antics, and I was the slowest driver EVER. My dad had to yell at me just for me to go above 10 mph. I was so afraid of crashing the car ^.^;;
First drove when I was 16. It was a motorcycle with automatic transmission. Easymodo much? Shit was easy to learn and I rarely got into accidents. Got a student driver's permit at 17, and a proper license at 18. During all that time I was just driving - surprise, surprise - a motorcycle.

Started maneuvering a car this year and just got a new license. I was in for some shock as I was learning to transition from motorcycle to car; was too spoiled during those years of driving a small bike. My dad would yell at me when I'm not making a hard turn or when I'm not applying enough power on an uphill situation (which, of course, causes the vehicle to stall if you lack clutch muscle memory). Of course, now that I've got some experience with a car, the world outside a vehicle has begun to feel slower to me.

In terms of driving skill, I'm as good as Paorou, my dad is better than either of us, and my grandpa is a monster - he was an Air Force dude and a cab driver in his youth, would drive 200km/h at night and still be stable and sensitive on the road DESPITE being intoxicated.