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  1. Do you still RP with the people you started forum Rping with?

    Back in the day. Your first experiences with forum RP. Do you remember the people who were in the games? Maybe you still Role-play with them to this day?

    Most of the people I used to RP with back when I first started have gone inactive and are never online, however a couple of them are still around. Corvus and Loveless are a couple that you all know, and another is OKelliegh, a new member here at Iwaku. He joined today and it made me think about the many people who I would play with back in the day.

  2. Unfortunately, no, I do not.
    The people that I started playing with are members here but they do not frequently log on and we don't play with one another.
    Xindaris and Kiwi still hold a special spot in my heart's memory bank though. xD
  3. The place I ever started RPing was Neopets. o__o; So, nope! Except for one girl, occasionally. She's kept contact with me through Facebook, MSN and phone. Once in a while we'll pull out old RP characters and play with them. We have not for quite some time, though.

    For a real forum, it was a place called Twisted Worlds. Grumpy and Slyen and Reiz were members there. I've roleplayed with them and still sorta do. With Reiz and Slyen, not so much since I don't see them around here anymore. :[ I do with Grumpy, though. Whenever I possibly can, because Grumpy is an awesome writer with awesome ideas.

  4. ...Fluffy was my first >////>
  5. Just guess who my first RP partner was.
  6. I believe Chaos and this former active member called Stream(GMing) was in my first RP. I don't remember if I ever RPed on that FF-fansite I was on before I got here.

    Don't remember who else was in that.

    I'm guessing I don't, mostly due to my lack of active roleplaying.
  7. OCHA WAS MY FIRST RP PARTNER! XD And clearly we still roleplay to this day.
  8. Gone... all gone...
  9. Now let's see here...First people were on a Megatokyo...But I was only there a week before I was invited to Iwaku in 2006...So they don't really count.

    My first role play partners...Would have been Aki, LZ, Sadako, Denku, Irell of the Stars, Asmodeus, Woodrat, and Imp Edge.

    I have contact with most of them here and there but don't really RP with most of them as of late.
  10. My first RP partners were back on Moonwings, Nova who I managed to wrangle over here (but hasn't been active) and Stella Luna/Greenie/whateverothernames she used. All good fun!
  11. Forum RP? Uhh... *thinks* Oh, yeah! That was on some proboards site a friend from Anime Crave set up. So no. I don't roleplay with them anymore. Hell, I haven't talked to them in years.
  12. The FIRST person I EVER RPed with was a girl from Gaiaonline. We shared out Yahoo accounts one day and began to RP through Yahoo. Fun times.

    My first actual Roleplay Site was RPGChat, where I first started Rping with a girl on there named blacksunset. We didn't RP much, but kept contact through Facebook and well, she lives like five miles down the road from my house. >.> But we never Rp.
    Another person was CrossFireGundam on there...We still talk, but we never RP.
    Others that you guys would know would be October and Angel (Mima). Who I still Rp with.

    (Also, for Torsty:
    Stream is all up in college and stuff right now. You know... I bet she doesn't even know about the new Iwaku. O.o I should inform her the next time I see her... XD <3 Hopefully I can bring her back.)
  13. I'm all up in college too, you!

    Last time I checked RPA(must've been ages ago) I believe she was a staffer there.....might've been someone else. Hope she's well, very good and patient GM. :)
  14. Yeah, she's a staffer on quit a few sites, from what I know. I'm not on any, but she's shown me a few of them in the past. Forgot what most of them were. >.> Seems like forever since I've talked to her. >_<
  15. It's been forever since I was on the Otakuboards. None followed and I leave that behind treasuring it more as a learning experience than a farewell to a few good RP'rs. I've never seen them after that, which is okay for today they either have lives of their own and too busy to deal with forums, or they still want to play anime-esque stories.