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  1. Alright, i'm not exactly new but this is my first actually roleplay request. I've obviously roleplayed before, and I want to roleplay with someone new. I don't mind who, and I don't mind what type of roleplay, so just message me if you're interested c:
  2. *poke* Hey, would you be okay with roleplaying with me, friend?
  3. Hehe sure c: i'm not really sure how to do this, i'm used to just doing it through messages
  4. Cool =)
    Well, first we make a plot and everything like usual, then we make a oneXone thread (I can do this if you want) and it's like doing it through message, only it's in a thread...I think that's correct
  5. right..I'll try to follow o.o
  6. Okay. If you ever come across a question, let me know, okay? Any plot ideas?
  7. Alright c: um..a forest..some type of magic land..we could be like normal people who suddenly get magic powers?
  8. Haha which one?
  9. Forest & Normal people who suddenly have magic powers.

    It could be something like they went camping or hiking and suddenly have magical powers!!

  10. But we need to know how they got those powers :I
  11. Need another play mate?
  12. Well, I'm accepting role plays with anyone, so if you want to role play, message me
  13. Hmm...powers..
    I guess they could be daughter/son/whatever of a mage/wizard/god or something like that and they never knew it..but their foster parents did or something like that. idk
  14. Haha,that sounds good c: a wizard who had put them up for adoption because they didn't want them to know tue truth of the wizard world and all the enemies?
  15. Cool =D Okay. =) Let's see..are we missing anything?
  16. Hmmm..I think that's it c:
  17. Awesome! Want me to make the thread..or do you want to do it through message..or do you want to make a thread?
  18. I prefer to do roleplays through message cos it's more private, I don't know why I like it private but ya know i'm not normal xD
  19. Okay.
    No problem. =) Pm me and we can start. =)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.