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  1. Hello, I'm new to roleplay communities and I was browsing them because I love to roleplay and decided to join a community ever since I heard about them. This community seemed very nice according to the fourms so I'll give it a go. (:
    Since I'm new around here, I'll just post 5 random facts about myself:
    1. I'm an introvert so starting a conversation is hard for me. (I'm not shy-shy though.)
    2. My favorite color is red <3
    3. I tend to roleplay as a male a lot but I am female. (and quite girly.)
    4. I love spicy food
    5. Im an otaku c:
    This is my very first roleplay community so I'm most likely going to have tons of trouble navigating around and such, although so far its been quite easy. I already like this place.
    I'm willing to talk to anyone honestly, and I'd love to make some new friends. I'm friendly, I swear *_* So, what about you guys? ;)
  2. Hello there! I'm Sabine, and here's five facts about me so we know where we stand.
    1. I'm a true ambivert. Whether I drain from or am drained by social interaction varies from day to day. I rarely have trouble starting conversations since I got a giant injection of pure self-confidence from ROTC, though.
    2. My favorite color is green, though I'll often wear red as well to confuse my RG colorblind boyfriend, because I'm an ass sometimes.
    3. I roleplay as both males and females, and prefer to double as one of each when possible. The balance pleases me.
    4. I love spicy food, but I can't stand one particular chemical in chili peppers, so most Mexican cuisine is out. :c
    5. I'm a general fantasy freak. A Song of Ice and Fire? Check. Skyrim? Check. World of Warcraft? You guessed it, check. I was dancing on the fence of being an otaku for a while, but thousand page novels called my name slightly louder than manga.
    Anyways, just call me Woody, 'cause you've got a friend in me.
    (actually, no, don't call me Woody. terrible idea)
    Drop a line if you feel like a RP sometime. ^^
  3. Omigosh, Woody. xDD Okay okay, I'll call you Sabine. Forgot my name, you can call me Seri.
    Surprisingly I dislike mexican food. Besides tacos and burritos, everything else seems to call out, "suspicious" to me. ._. Honestly, fantasy is quite interesting too. But I tend to get fantasy mixed up with a bunch of other genres...But I do like Skyrim. *nods* That I know of. Nice to meet you!
    And I'll be sure to RP with you sometime, *v* because of woody.
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  4. S names make everything better. :D

    Anything where the meat is chopped up into small pieces and cleverly disguised by other materials is always suspect. (except curry because OMG I LOVE CURRY)
    My boyfriend got me Skyrim and immediately regretted it when he'd text and I'd be like "no babe, too busy skyrimming to chat now. love you talk later". One of the glorious things about fantasy, though, is that it's so open to interpretation. The line between genres is blurry at best, and no great roleplay is one dimensional. Fantasy with romance? Sure. Fantasy-horror hybrid? Why not. Love child of fantasy and sci fi? Delightful.
  5. Spicy curry, Jamaican curry, indian curry, thai curry, japanese curry, curry goat; I've had it all *w* Well almost all. xD
    Oh gee, you're lucky that you even have skyrim. My cousin owns it and she loves it to death, so much that I can't even play it. But when I get the money, Imma buy it. I want it so bad. >_<
    Fantasy-horror & fantasy-romance would be my two most favorites. I'm infatuated with horror you see..
  6. Curry is the food of the gods. My granny makes this golden chicken curry... it's so good my friend tried it once and now I can make her drool just by mentioning it.

    I never would have gotten it for myself, but he just HAD to buy me a three hundred dollar present, so I wound up with a PS3 and Skyrim. So many hours wasted... but totally worth it to be at a higher level than all the guys I know. When you buy it, make sure you spring for the deluxe edition since the DLC is expensive as balls if you buy it afterwards, but the deluxe has it all for only $10-20 more (depending on platform).

    Horror is just awesome in every form. I downloaded Slender the other day... it's made me antsy about the open window in my bedroom, let me tell you. I've always wanted a good horror RP, but it's difficult to arrange everything to where it's actually scary, haha.
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  7. I am proud to say that I love my mother's cooking and my grandmum's cooking. Especially the cooking. Like dayum...I wouldn't share that for the world.

    Okay so I was thinking of getting the skyrim deluxe packet on steam for my desktop computer...and it was on sale for like $60 - $70 and apparently if I got the games seperately it'd come out to be $80-90 which I don't have money for that. ._. Is that what you were talking about? xD I just noticed that was similar to what you just said.
    I'm not the best gamer but I love video games anyway. Who cares if I keep falling off the same cliff? I'm having fun while doing it! *^*

    Oh gawd, see now you have me on horror. Its just so fantastic. Slender was amazing, took me awhile to get used to because at first I was so frightened. I tried playing with music and I almost killed my laptop, I'm surprised the keys are still intact...(Actually two are missing. ): ) I had to turn the sound off after that only to get used to. I watch a lot of horror movies..well the ones I can actually get my hands on. Like netflix...or the internet...*cries* Have you played Amnesia? Its the best horror game ever made in history...I worship it.. I kid.
  8. Family cooking is the shit, man. I wouldn't give it up for anything. Some of my best memories from my childhood are being in the kitchen learning my mom or granny's recipes... cooking is just an under-appreciated skill.

    Yeah, that's probably the PC version. Check in stores before you buy online, though- I noticed Target was marking down a lot of PC games. Probably related to the back to school sales.
    I'm pretty good, but the mountains in Skyrim get me every time. "I wonder if I can survive this fall? Only one way to find out. YOLOLOLOLOLOL" and then I splat against the ground. :c

    I actually think daylight mode is scarier than nighttime in Slender... I always thought he was further away, but in daytime I can see that he's RIGHT BEHIND ME OMG. I no longer make the mistake of looking anywhere but inside the building first, too... that one's the hardest to escape from if he's on your tail.
    My bf has Amnesia on his computer. I'm going to play it one day, I swear... I've been watching playthroughs on YouTube to prepare myself for the eventual day I must submit and play. PewDiePie's random screaming at barrels scares me more than the actual gameplay. ;_;
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  9. Pwah, I can bake, but cooking...i'll need a recipe before I start doing anything. I can't remember shit in my childhood. I wonder if I actually do anything or met anyone, I just don't know. ):

    Of course, I'm a smart shopper when it comes to video games and clothes. Anything else..*cough*
    BWAHAHA, "YOLOLOLOLOL" Well, I was play Modern Warfare 3 on my cousin's PS3 and it was winter (I think it was MW3) and I kept falling off this one cliff repeatedly only because everything was white and I was trying to avoid getting shot at. :I My cousin kept laughing at my fails..

    Slender jumpscares scare me more than a regular horror film. Oh but I just laugh at horror films. The music tells you when something happens. In a horror video game, its the same repeated music over and over which always keeps you on edge. The soundtrack in Amnesia and Slender are just amazing, they're always keeping me on edge.
    Holy. Fuck. You did not just mention Pewdie...I LOVE HIM. Well recently I haven't been watching his videos because too much comedy, not enough HORROR. B'yeah. Before I got amnesia I watch pewdie play it and I fell in love with that game. Honestly, I can't play it a lot because it fucks with me mentally. I can't remember how many times I have cried while playing that game. Pewdie screams more like a girl than I do..and surprisingly his random outbursts do not scare me. o.o
  10. *pokes head out from the corner* They are coming out with a new Slender be the way. It's for the new PS4 and XBOXONE and the other systems. I've played the demo. It scares the living shit out of me. *turns red* uuuummmmm...sorry if I interrupted on yalls convo...please don't kill me. Oh and welcome too Iwaku, hope to rp with you soon. *trys to walk away but runs into a wall* Damn...that didn't work out as I planned....
  11. Oh man, I totally fell asleep on the couch last night. XD Sore back day!

    I can bake and cook pretty awesomely, not to sound conceited. I usually like to have a recipe, but I don't always follow it. For example, my chocolate chip cookies were always a bit too runny, so I stopped measuring the flour. I'd use a one up measure as a scoop, but not level it off or get it right. As it turns out, the amount that heaps over the top of an unmeasured cup is the perfect amount to make them thick and soft.
    But if I'm making them with rice flour for my bf's mom, who can't eat gluten, I need to put at least 2 1/2 since that flour doesn't absorb as much moisure and is much runnier.
    I can go on for hours about cooking and baking, lol. I'm pretty sure the hardest thing about college for me is going to be the lack of a real kitchen. ;_; Oh, the humanity!

    Haha, I feel you! It's like once I die from something, I stand a 50% chance of dying from it at least seven times. Like encountering a new level. "Psshh, this is easy" and I breeze through it only to die on the very last challenge. Try to replay the level? Have no freaking clue how I got so far the first time. Beginner's luck? Lol.

    I HATE HATE HATE it when he just pops right there in front of you. Especially since he has his own gravity and if he teleports close enough it's literally impossible to escape. The music is pretty good, but the way she pants just creeps me out. She sounds more delicate and feminine than I did during my short-lived aspirations of becoming a model. D:
    Pewdiepie crapping his pants is definitely better than pewdiepie laughing his pants off. :/ Oh, well. I still have a lot of his old videos to go through. I can't remember the name of this one particular game, but it's set in like a 1960s power plant like thing, with these mutants chasing you around so you have to go through air vents... that's the game I really want and really don't want at the same time. It looks bloody terrifying.

    I, for one, don't mind a bit.
    I didn't realize it was being released for platforms, though I did hear there's a new Slender in the works... sound pretty legit! Unfortunately I will probably not get a PS4. ;_;
  12. Ahhh new slender *v* Are they making it for the PS3 too? Because I don't plan on buying xboxone or PS4 honestly...I don't have that kind of money. TT_TT

    I wouldn't kill you...yet. *evil grin* Thanks and I hope to rp with you aswell. c: More people in the convo, the better. :D
  13. When I visit my grandmum's I always sleep on the couch since they don't have many beds. Surprisingly, I never got cramps or anything of the such. Its a really comfortable couch.

    Well, I'm such a lazy person, I rarely cook unless I'm alone and I'm craving for my own cooking. Or if I'm babysitting and I was told to cook something for the child. I know the basics for cooking, and honestly, in my head thats all I ever need to know. ._.
    Baking? Well I've made double layered cake, apple cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, know, basic stuff. I wanted to learn how to bake even more, especially Japanese pastries. *_* Because those are so damn cute. But my laziness and lack of money to supply the ingredients has stopped me in my tracks of accomplishing that. D: No no, I'll do it when I'm older; I still have my whole life to live!

    Oh that is so true...I do tend to replay boss battles because the first time I fail. But when I do replay, I have already figured out the boss's patterns by the 3rd time and I get on so forth. I think that the raging and the repeatingly playing boss battles is just part of the fun, and I enjoy dying so much in a video game. (I know I'm so weird) But also, when you haven't died for a long time and suddenly die for the first time...which has actually happened to me once, I FELT SO BAWSS. Untill I died. ): First ragequit I've had about dying...

    Slenderman is the ultimate stalker. He usually stands right behind me, and my screen doesn't fizzle or whatever-it-does when he's nearby till I turn around and hes right upon my ass. Slender...please. I don't like you like that...
    Oh, is it penumbra that pewdie plays that you're talking about? I swear I've heard of that before. Or maybe its Cry of Monsters/Fear of Monsters...something like that. I think. Its one of his older series correct?
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  14. When I go to my granny's I get air conditioning, my own room complete with double bed, widescreen TV... she also buys me so much candy & vanilla coke, then we make cookies... it's insane. Going down there is like going on a luxury cruise (without the entire boat part) compared to my A/C-less, used mattress, old TV, junk food -free house. Then they both apologize that they're so boring. They are absolutely convinced I'm just going to their house to humor them, not because I actually enjoy it. I don't even know, man. I don't even know.

    I could never babysit. I hate children. XD So much respect for you that you can put up with the little shits and still have enough energy to cook dinner.

    You're never too old to know what you want to do when you grow up. Japanese pastries are fucking adorable but I actually hate that red bean paste or whatever it is that's used in like 90% of them. ;_; first world problems.

    Boss battles tend to be easy for me. I rarely die more than five times on them, even the difficult ones. For me, if it's something where I have to move slowly and precisely, I wind up jumping the gun and dying 20 times. Ughhhh. The part that really frustrates me about that is IRL I'm really patient. Two hour wait at the dr's office? No problem. Flight delayed by three hours? I'm cool. Going hunting and no deer show up from five AM until ten? Oh well. But in video games I can's stand the slow, patient levels. I just rage.

    Slenderman needs to stop stalking. Like, seriously. He's tall, thin, and pale- aren't a lot of chicks into that? Get a girlfriend and get off my ass!
    The game is called Erie... I had to google like six things before I got it. XD I don't remember offhand how old it is, but it was freaking amazing, and free if I remember correctly. I think I'd probably scream and stop playing before I got anywhere close to beating it.
  15. Its the opposite for me. My house has my desktop computer, a/c, my own bed and room-- whereas where at my grandmum's they have no a/c, I hafta buy my own junkfood, etc etc. But my grandma cooks good and there is constant activity in this house, so they make up for it.

    I've been babysitting since middle school and I've always been loved by little kids. I prefer boys rather than girls because girls are just so clingy and annoying where boys are clingy one moment, next moment they don't give a shit and start attacking you. <: I'm no pedo, but toddlers are cute. Once they're in elementary school though...they can get seriously annoying.
    Like my sister. She's annoying.

    Japanese people and their weird mixtures. They make creepy ice cream flavors. Like jellyfish...what is that. What does that even taste like?

    I used to be a patient person like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee. but then I met the human race.

    I think he has fangirls...Not to mention slender is tsundere.
    I'll scream to any good horror game. I haven't even finished slender...I got scared and quit. Amnesia? Never finished that either. I don't have money to buy mods. *cries* Horror games I've found over the internet and downloaded? Finished a couple... example: The Witch's House.
    I love that game.
    But I rage at the monsters in that game they just too fast and its just to pixlated. ):
    Fast monsters + pixel game = irritating
  16. Haha, I'm the rare exception that has things the opposite way. My parents were old when they had me (36 & 37) and their level of tech never really progressed beyond the early nineties.

    We have the same effect on children. XD They all love me, too. I swear, kids and cats can tell people who don't want to be around them from half a mile away and immediately make a beeline.

    I actually like weird ice cream flavors. There's this one Indian/Middle Eastern/South Asian grocery store my mom and I go to that has a freezer full of ice cream, complete with little one serving cups. We bought five of them; none have any English words on them and we don't recognize any of the fruit(?) on the front except for one which was rosewater & coriander flavored. The Punjabi guy behind the counter gave us the weirdest look- white girls who are adventurous eaters. Who knew?

    I've gotten a lot better at dealing with people after my mom gave me this gem: "Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity". Now instead of seeing assholes everywhere I simply see morons everywhere. It's made me a little more tolerant.

    Very tsundere. XD I don't suppose you've seen the pictures of him on the stripper poles?
    My parents would be pissed if I scream. I'm an only child and they're protective. I could always just wait until they both leave the house... if I had the money to buy more games, haha.
  17. Yeah, for some reason elementary schoolers don't understand that I don't like them.

    I am not open to try new foods...unless its good-looking or I know whats in it..more or less.

    Well I don't really get irritated at mundanes much because I know its just human nature. But there are times where shit happens and I'm like, "Really?" Common sense really isn't common.

    I've seen a picture of him saying, "B-baka" and "I just wanted a hug" xD
    My parents are deaf but sometimes my mom tells me to shut up or that I'm too loud. At times, I wonder if she's really deaf..
  18. There is no situation where it's socially acceptable to be mean to children, even though most children are somewhat to extremely psychopathic.

    I will not eat hamburgers (unless they're from Wendy's or Chester's), I'm iffy about most pork, chicken isn't always okay and nuggets are never safe, I don't trust a lot of salads... but for some reason Indian food always looks safe to me. Most Middle Eastern food is always good, and I'm a huge sucker for street food of all kinds. I'm just weird that way.

    Common sense is the most poorly named attribute ever. I find people fascinating, but I also find bugs fascinating and I get about the same feeling for both.

    OMG, I have this story about an actual deaf family. There's this one girl in my grade named Sabrina, right? We're kinda friends. She's in my ROTC platoon and everything. She's trilingual- English, Spanish, and ASL, since she's the only person in her family who doesn't have genetic deafness. Her little sister Naomi is two grades behind us, and she's completely deaf, but otherwise normal. Still, she's in the special ed room because she's special. Poor kid gets bored and joins ROTC doing stuff all the time, usually without informing her teachers.
    Well, this one morning I'm studying for my APUS test when one of the office ladies comes over the loudspeaker. Apparently Naomi can't be found, so they turn to possibly the worst solution: "Naomi ----, please come to the office. Naomi -----, please come to the office."
    My friends who were studying with me and I all look over at each other and just start rolling with laughter. I swear, that girl has the funniest things happen to her. Deafness is probably the best disability known to mankind. Little inconvenience, maximum humor.
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  19. Yeah I seriously don't understand adults and how they don't notice when I'm being abused by the children but when I yell stop, I get in trouble? ):

    I will not eat pork. I refuse to eat pork. Never will I eat it. Chicken nuggets are never safe, I agree. Except for the ones my aunt makes...I don't know where she buys them from but they are just so fucking amazing. I don't trust fast food salads. I don't know why people eat them. Why do people eat them? ): I'll never eat at Wendy's again. They put mayo in my cheeseburger. I was scarred for life.

    I'm quoting you on that. Because that is just..amazing.

    I used to be in JROTC. *^* But then I moved. Good memories. Lol I'm glad I'm not in it anymore actually. Thats actually quite funny. Whenever I'm out with my mom, some dude tries to pick her up and she says, "I'm deaf" and they tend to leave. After they're gone though, she usually sticks up her middle finger at them or calls them dumb or suckers. xD My mom can hear averagely well for a deaf person if she has her hearing aid on. So its always funny when she tells someone that she's deaf, its similar to her saying "I don't wanna talk to you, get out of my face."
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  20. I know. Everyone seems to think that children are angels, not small humans. I treat all kids like stupid grown-ups. Probably part of the reason why they like me, now that I think about it. I just don't understand the double standard for kids. Leniency is one thing, but acting like an inappropriate act is acceptable as long as the person doing it is below a certain age is just ludicrous.

    I only eat pork when my dad makes it and throws a shitfit if I don't. :c I love Wendy's though. Love love love. I can get a Jr. sized bacon cheeseburger for $1.70, then fries and a drink for a dollar apiece. Four buck lunch, perfect portion size, and they don't freeze their meat so they have to have more rigorous standards. The mayo thing is kinda weird, but they'll leave it off if you ask.

    Quote away. ^^

    I used to love ROTC, then all my classmates started getting more attention than me. I got the second highest SAT score in the school, but who goes to the STEM academy? The kid who isn't even in AP classes. I talk about being promoted? There's nothing wrong with being a PO3 and a team commander. They talk about me being lazy about promotions? There's nothing wrong with being a PO3 and a team commander, motherfucker. I don't like them anymore and they don't like me, but I'm the only one qualified for the job and it looks good on college applications so things stay the way they are. For now.
    Haha, that's pretty legit. There's literally nothing you can say to refute that.