First person Zombie RP?

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  1. Hi there everybody! I guess I get to the point since you are probably asking "What the hell does Outlaw mean when he says a First person Zombie RP?" What I mean is instead of playing as a char of your own making, you would play as yourself! A group of complete strangers thrown together by fate and must make choices in order to survive, some may seem menial, others much more important.

    This RP will be broken into chapters, much like the Walking Dead comics. The first will be a intro that will provide you guys the chance to write your own story and interact with the other folks. The chapters that follow will of course will pit our group against the odds and we will be forced to make choices for the good of the group.

    I'm looking for 7 people (3 guys, 4 girls) to make our group Please include the following

    Name :

    Nickname (If applicable):


    Looks: Try and find a current picture of yourself or take a selfie, if both aren't an option, try to describe yourself the best you can



    Last but not least I have three core rules

    1. If I catch anyone bullying or harassing anyone in this RP or in the OC thread, I'll give you a warning, if it happens again, I'll boot you and report you to the Admins, I'll also request you receive the harshest punishment possible. I'm hate being this type of guy, but I'll do it if I think someone is being treated unfairly. If you don't have the nerve to say in person, don't say it online.

    2. I realize that all of you have lives outside Iwaku, so I understand that you won't be on 24/7. That being said, try and get 2-3 posts a day in, please no one-liners. I'm not asking for a novel, 2 or three paragraphs should be possible. Feel free to post as much as you like.

    3. I reserve the right to kill off any chars if I feel they ditched the group (Going 5 days without posting something) If you will be gone for a extended time,please PM me.


    Send you char sheets to me via PM, I look forward to hearing back from you guys.