First Person to Post Wins!!!

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  1. I'm Kitti and this thread should really be an outreach PSA warning you all about Asmo.
    The reason that we had to make the mature forums separate is because Asmo likes to prey on young girls, it's the real reason he's come to the United States. He's fleeing England for his crimes and going to the south where he can fit in better, especially with those things he likes to do with sheep.

    Be on the lookout, though, since all the cocaine he snorts has made him unhinged and aggressive.
  2. CHEATING!! >_<
  3. D: Kitti-sans.......
    -forever crying.-
  4. I took Asmo's trophy and sent him home. What's the matter with that, Staci?
  5. Must not.... Edit... Post....
  6. I should have made some sort of note to make it obvious that I'm not actually the one who started this thread. I simply took Asmo's little trophy and added in the bit about being the winner.
    So. You're a bit late on that, Myrn >:[
    Nice try, now go home.
  7. All I have to say is...

  8. I miss the post count, now I can't show everyone how big my e-dick is.

    Because the bigger it is the less i'm using the real one, you see.

    Kitti sure as hell is all over the idea of me not using it in my area, too, win-win.
  9. Screw you, now what am I supposed to do to make my e-dick bigger? Be creative or something? Pfftt.

    You stole my chance from me, Kittiana. And the worst part is I don't even know who you are.
  10. And now Kitti is cheating by stealing Asmos first place which he cheated to get? GAAAH!!!
  11. So who edited t this time?
    couldn't have been darkness, too low of quality trolling
  12. There's a quality to trolling? Really?
  13. I call bullshit.

    Unless you count quality as being able to spell correctly, in which case I fail at trolling. I meen thin about it teh worser u speel teh betta trollin us.
  14. Clearly it was Asmo.
    You're all very bad at making intuitive leaps. XD
  16. I win because I said i win, and I'm right, the end. ^.^ FIVE INTERNETS FOR ME.
  17. I'll just take those internets off your hands. *stuffs internets in pockets and walks away*
  18. I win cuz I've been on the site the least. TA-FUCKING-DA!!!!!!!

    Now where's my trophy?
  19. you get a trophy in FAIL.... as in YOU FAIL hahahahahahahahahaha ahahah ahhah ahah FAILLL