First-person/third-person present tense role-plays

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  1. An odd request, maybe, but hear me out. Most role-playing is done in third-person past tense, and while that's all fine and dandy, I personally adore writing in third-person present tense. I've done a few role-plays in that tense, but that was years and years ago; you don't find many people interested in it. Same goes for first person role-plays... people seem a bit uncomfortable with them. I just thought it would be a nice change of pace, you know?

    All I ask is that you know how to stay in a single tense. I know that it's more difficult to do in present tense, and I certainly won't mind if you mess up a bit now and then; it's just when it happens all the time that I find it difficult to read!

    As far as romance goes, I am only interested in m/m or f/f. Please don't ask about m/f, because unless you are Olivia Wilde, it won't happen. I will also mention that I am only comfortable playing f/f with other women. :( I'm sorry dudes. I don't care about m/m, though.

    I have various ideas to try out, but I'm also very open to hear about any you might have. We could also just brainstorm something up based on a setting! I'm only looking for 2 more role-plays at the moment.

    I checked content that may/could apply, not things that are required.

    I like:
    - Violence/gore
    - Power struggles
    - Androgynous characters
    - Non-binary/trans characters
    - Twins
    - Multiple characters
    - High/low/dark/urban/every fantasy
    - Mythical creatures (dragons especially)
    - World building
    - Dystopias
    - Apocalyptic settings
    - Zombies, etc.
    - Psychopaths
    - Otherwise twisted or unstable characters
    - Androids
    - Pirates
    - Steampunk
    - Monsters
    - Grimdark
    - Fairy tales
    - Drugs, gangs, prostitution
    - Shapeshifters
    - Supernatural (vampires, demons, angels, ghosts, etc.)
    - Wars
    - The list goes on.

    I don't like:
    - Furries
    - Rape as a 'sexy' plot point
    - Anything that would normally involve a bathroom
    - Anything that requires accurate historical knowledge

    I'm interested in story telling, world building, and developed, three dimensional characters. Smut is fine, but I'm not looking for a sex focused role-play for the time being; let's go ahead and say 70/30 for the plot-to-smut ratio. I don't dig one-liners, but I also don't expect you to insert fluff in your posts if you don't have anything more to write. If you're having a brain fart, just let it all out.
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  2. It's been a while sense I Role Played in first person.
  3. What if you're both a male and female in real life?
  4. @ShadowfireRynn
    Were you interested in role-playing then? Something in particular?

    Forgottenblood - I sent you a message!
  5. Yes, Yuri. I hope you don't mind if I be submissive, I can go both roles but prefer submissive. I kind of was thinking of a Mistress Slave, Fantasy, Magic, Dragon Riders, Academy, Familiar, BDSM, Rape, Punishment, Adventure, Danger, Mission, Love, Romance, Hate, Passion Role Play.