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First Kiss moments are...


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  2. Really sweet ^_^

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  3. They're okay I guess

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  4. Ehh... Meh

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  5. Overrated by a mile, overbearing, overblown!

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  1. How important is/was your first kiss to you?
    Was it this memorable life changing sparkles flying all over moment?
    Or was it more like a 'well that happened' moment?

    Or something else?

    (Yeah, the last option is from Corpse Bride XD)
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  2. It has yet to happen but if I had to assume I think it would be a really "well this is kind of akward but GG!"
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  3. I wanted to say "Not that special for me personally. But probably a big deal for others", but then I thought more into it and decided they were just flat out over rated, and this is why.

    Usually a first kiss happens rather early in life, right when you're just getting into relationships, so you're almost guaranteed to spend it on someone you only feel "meh" about. And if you're someone who didn't get their kiss till later in life (say, mid-20's) you got one of two things going on.

    1. The person just doesn't tend to get into relationships easily, so it wasn't exactly that high a priority they cared about anyways.
    2. They were heavily censored growing up by a puritan family. So the huge "moment" is less of a legit moment, and more a symptom of someone finally being exposed to sexual urges and going nuts... And honestly if you've censored your child enough to force them into this state, this is more an indicator of poor parenting than the kiss itself meaning anything.
    2b. That or you were in an online/long distance relationship, and this kiss was your first form of physical contact via just meeting up. This isn't quite the same thing as censorship, but similar because the rush likely has less to do with the individual you're kissing, and more how long you were effectively forced to go without it.
  4. Lol my first kiss? It was more of a "well that happened" moment because at the time, I didn't have anyone special in my life. I was shy and quiet, passive and standoffish. No one wanted to be around me. I can't remember exactly if I got my first kiss by a girl or a boy, but I think it was a girl. Expermentationnnnn!!!
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  5. This is pretty much my case. My first kiss was with my Mister. Overall we're both pretty "ehhhh okay yeah let's forget that happened", because it was hecka awkward. ^_^'

    But even then it wasn't really a OMG FIRST KISS. It was like 'huh, well, all those novels/movies lied about the magical moment'.

    (One of the reasons I hate most romance novels :'D)
  6. Novels/Movies/Shows/Games love to exaggerate and romanticise things, makes it easier to escape into and immerse yourself in. :P
    Which is especially easy with romance, which plays on one of our most primal and natural urges to have a sexual partner.

    But yea, my first kiss was less of a awkward deal and more of a "That happened. I liked it, but it's not a life changer or anything".
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  7. A lot of weird mouth wetness. <---like I am sure that isn't how a kiss is suppose to go. But it happened. And I just find I don't really like the feeling of another persons lips on mine.

    And I have kissed a number of ladies in my time.

    But my first kiss deterred me away from the mouthy form of bonding.

    I think First Kisses are overrated because its usually a bunch of socially awkward mouth mules humping each other's mouth in an awkward way.
  8. My first kiss was important because I finally had the notion that maybe someone could actually feel that way about me. Even if things didn't work out, it gave me the confidance to say "Hey man, you are someone who can be loved."
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  9. I wouldn't call first kisses 'magical', as I don't recall there being any fireworks or rainbows. I was sixteen at the time, so it was kind of awkward and not all that great, but teenage me loved it because, you know... hormones. Girl I kissed is still my girlfriend almost five years later, and she loves to reference it. I, on the other hand, would prefer to let it be lost to time.

    They do get better after practice, though.
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  10. Every time I have been kissed, the only thought running through my mind has been "Yup, saliva does taste rather disgusting when it isn't coming from your own mouth." 8D

    My very first kiss was in kindergarten and I remember nothing from it, but I'm guessing no tongue was involved so I probably enjoyed that one more than every other kiss that has come after that xD Tongues feels so slimy. Why do people want them in their mouths? Except if it's their own. o_o

    • So yeah, first kiss, not very important when your first 'true love' was in kindergarten.

    • The second 'not really love, but we'll go for it anyway cause we're idiots' in third grade was more of a 'well that happened.' And that was pretty much how our whole relationship could be summer up as well xD Literally nothing to remember, it was just a thing that happened.

    • And the third one that was 'Kindergarten flame is back again' in fifth grade was pretty meh. No sparks, I was just bored and hoped he would want to move on to do something else. HE LIVED ON A FREAKING FARM! IT WAS AMAZING! I wanted to explore that old shed rather than kiss him. I was freaking dora the explorer when I was twelve. I got no time for kissing!

    • Everything has been pretty meh. It's only the last one in eight grade that was different and a bit more memorable, cause that one was a "fuck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK WHY THE FUCK DID I DO THAT FOR????" moment. Don't kiss one of your closest friends just cause half the school has bullied/pressured you into getting into a relationship. It doesn't end well if you don't actually feel for that person, and even worse when that person actually ends up liking you o_o Baaad first (with him) kiss. Though I should probably have figured he had feelings for me when he wanted to go to a school dance with me... I'm pretty bad at noticing this stuff xD MY GIRL FRIENDS WANTED ME TO COME TO SCHOOL DANCES TOO! IS FRIEND STUFF!

    Kissing and me doesn't fit together. Not the first time, nor the tenth time 8D

    And yeah, I did talk bout the first kiss in every relationship I've been in instead of first first, but that's only cause it was more interesting than just saying 'It happened in kindergarten, how am I supposed to remember that? D:' BENDING THE RULES, BENDING THE RULES!
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  11. A kiss is just a kiss, imo. If you want to be technical about it, then I guess my first kiss was spent on some cosplayer at some convention for fanservice reasons somewhere down the line. :P And as you can see by my wording, it didn't really mean much to me, because it was just a "why the hell not" sort of thing, done for the entertainment of people around me. As were all the fanservice kisses that have happened since.

    "But what about your first real kiss? Like with someone you actually cared about?"

    I'm aromantic and I've never been in a real relationship with anyone before, nor do I really have any desire to be in a romantic relationship. So if that's the criteria for a "real" kiss then I'll probably die a kiss-virgin. And I'm ok with that, really. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  12. I don't know if I would say they are magical but my first kiss was......awkward and unexpected.

    I wasn't expecting it at all. When it happened I'd been talking/looking at the television at the time then of course I looked at him. I was caught between closing my eyes or keeping them open, I kept them open. I felt nervous and excited all at once.
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  13. Yep, they do, thank goodness. That being said, I find myself liking hugs better than kisses. They feel more intimate, as I'm not a touchy feely huggy person.
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  14. My first kiss was... Terrible lol. I would rather not go into details about it. Kisses aren't my thing. I don't find them that intimate. "Oh, you just kissed me. Whoo..." Yeah, no... Not my thing at all. There's something not that intimate about a kiss and I don't know what it is. I guess it's because it's a common thing in my life. Getting kissed on the cheek is something that's quite common in my home. I find that hugs, cuddles, and snuggles so much more intimate than a kiss. There's just something about being close to someone and being in their arms that no words can describe.
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  15. My first kiss wasn't anything to write home about it. In a way, it was kinda cliche in the sense that it was at a football game in the bleachers. It was odd in the sense that I was sharing him with two other friends.

    That was my very first ever kiss. I've had a first kiss that seemed. I've had other first kisses that were insanely awkward and painful. Which seemed to be the majority of them really...

    Either way... I lurve kissing.
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  16. This is more my kinda thing ^_^
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  17. My first kiss was actually stolen. My friend grabbed me by the face and it happened. A lot of people say that they don't find it count, as it was 'only' a peck on the lips, but I think the intention was there from the other party.

    Anyway, I'm kinda meh about it. I felt surprised about it, and even confused on why they did it, but we both brushed it off afterwards and acted like nothing happened. I assumed it was nothing, or a dare.

    For context: I was twelve or so? A lot of my friends grabbed me by the face back then because I had chubby cheeks.
  18. Does it count if it was two other girls in like...1st/2nd grade? XD One of my friends kissed me, but the other got jealous and kissed me too. And I was just there like, "Huh?'
  19. Yikes O.O If someone tried to steal my first, second, or any kiss, I'd slap them. o.o' XD
  20. I was in 1st or 2nd and it was during gym. XD I still talk to both of them sometimes. I think I'm probably the only one that remembers the incident. I think it started because I broke my ankle though and they felt bad?
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