First Impressions

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  1. We've done this a few times, so not too new, except that we have many, many new people since our last one of these.

    This is rather simple.

    A person will post, then the next will give their first impression that they had of that person.
    The next person will post about their first impression on the last person. And so on and so forth.

    Feel free to either add if your first impression matches or doesn't match that person's personality and whatnot.

    Since I don't I have a person before me, I shall give the first impression I had on iwaku:

    "Big, different...probably wont stay for long..."
  2. "Really cool and fun and interesting and nice and cool.. ><' I hope I seem cool so I can be her friend. ._."
  3. Someone who seems awesome and would be a great friend! And quite cute as well! :D
  4. Apparently she is gonna kill my family > <

    That made me laugh the first time I read it : ) Overall good first impression!
  5. "Man doesn't know what the hell he's doing... e_e; "

    ...Well, not anymore! XD Senji's awesome. :3
  7. I can't say anything bad about someone in something called the 'Bread Cult'.
  8. A newbie! :D Glad to have more people on board!!! :DD
  9. Wonder if she knows I have no family...
  10. Someone who looks really cool and awesome! *o* And of course nice and friendly~
  11. Interesting name that by definition comes out to be. Very kind or beautiful enemy of god. Also threatens to kill my family...

    Best to avoid upsetting her.
  12. Someone who is very cute and has a get taste in shows! Seems nice and polite also seems to want to leave the desert. C:
  13. "The avatar. Zomg. OwO So cute. "
  14. Someone is creepy and loveable!
  15. Foxes are awesome so this person must also be awesome. It also made me think of Spice and Wolf which is an amazing show. Which means you must also be amazing.

    So you are an awesome amazing person!
  16. someone i think i could spend a whole day trying to hide the body mostly because they are so awesome with a pikakitty avatar that i want to find the perfect spot.
    no but really i think that i could have fun talking to them for awhile.
  17. Someone nice and fun with a great since of humor! Also someone that I could have a nice talk with. ^^
  18. A consistent poster!
  19. An awesome dude, judging by the way he writes and behaves with people.

    And I was right!
  20. is a robot pretending to be human...the war has started and i want my naked arnorld and i wants him NOW

    and i just got to say love i dont know if i can have a nice talk because i dont know what nice means i can have a talk with you but it might be a bit insane since i kinda skip around from topic to frogs