First Demographics Report For Iwaku

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  1. First Demographics Report

    Demographics Reports
    Demographics Reports will appear from time to time to cite random statistical facts or anomalies from the total sum of information collected voluntarily through votes given in the demographics thread project. You can find the hub here for further information on the polls and project.

    All information is self-reported, and thus, is dependent on voter honesty for accuracy. Some polls may not reflect perfect accuracy, but arguably more interestingly, what people perceive to be accurate. You have, thus, been reminded that these are not hard facts—they're soft facts. There is always room for error with statistics when it's self-reporting.

    How useful this information is, is of course, up to you to decide.

    Data Total: 522 Votes.
    Distribution: 10 Polls.
    Average: 52.2 Votes per thread.
    Highest: 69 Votes (Demo 01.)
    Lowest: 32 Votes. (Demo 08.)
    Data Set Last Updated: 05/06/2016. (DD/MM/YYYY)
    Report Publishing Date: 05/06/2016.
    Verification of Accuracy: Done.


    Facts & Information Collection

    Poll Swings
    1. Single choice polls: The Denizens of Iwaku hold a Strong Majority Agreement (60%+) on 1/8 Polls, a Weak Majority Agreement (50.1%-59.9%) on 3/8 Polls, and cannot find any majority agreement on 4/8 Polls.
    2. Multiple choice polls: The Denizens of Iwaku hold at least one Strong Majority Agreement on both multiple choice polls.

    RP Stats & Mechanics
    1. Only 11.6% of Iwaku reports that they roleplay without breaks, implying that the vast majority take time away from role playing at least once in a while.
    2. 60.3% Denizens of Iwaku prefer to have 2-4 active Role Plays.
    3. 7.4% Denizens of Iwaku participate in over 10 active role plays at a time!
    4. 15.4% of Iwaku Denizens believe that players should have total control over their characters and what happens to them, and that the GM and/or other players should have no ability to affect them without permission.
    5. 56.4% of Iwaku Denizens believe that GM's should get an exception to act against player characters.
    6. 0% of Iwaku believes in shared character ownership. No communism for character ownership, comrade.
    7. Painfully, 56.7% of all role plays on Iwaku die in 3 months or less. Only 16.2% made it past one year.

    Genders, Sexuality, & Romance
    1. Males overwhelming play their own gender over any other. Like, a lot. Like, no other option even crested 10% of the votes. (42.6% Male, 8.2% Female, 0% Non-Binary.)
    2. Females, meanwhile, seemed a little more divided over whether they played male or female characters more often. (18% Male, 23% Female, 1.6% Non-Binary.)
    3. In the only poll that asked, approximately 50.8% of voters identified as Male, 41% of voters identified as Female, and 5.2% identified as Non-Binary.
    4. The majority of Iwaku (58.1%) agree that sexuality only matters to them if it concerns romantic or sexual encounters. Otherwise, it has no meaning. (I AM SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU RIGHT NOW.)
    5. 3.2% of Iwaku thinks that sexuality matters completely in a character, contrasted by 6.5% who say it doesn't matter at all.
    6. 0% of Iwaku has no interest in Romance. Iwaku is apparently the Paris of Roleplay Sites.
    7. 61.1% of all role players on Iwaku make every single character they create capable of romance.
    8. Only 10.7% of role players on Iwaku never make romance central to any of their characters.

    Plots & Stories
    1. An absolutely incredible majority (89.3%) of the Denizens of Iwaku prefer stories to have a dark tilt to them in some varying degree. Over half of voters (64.3%) voiced that as a moderate or strong preference for dark content in their stories.
    2. 0% of Iwaku has a strong preference for light content in stories. It seems Iwaku has a very strong preference for dark and gritty content.
    3. Iwaku has distinct, wide, varying preferences on the genres which they look to join and enjoy themselves in for role playing. The percentage in each category represents how interested Iwaku is overall in each genre. The lower the percentage, the harder it will be to convince people to join your role play.
      • High Interest (80%+): High Fantasy.
      • Moderate Interest (60-79%): Low Fantasy, Real World (Loose Realism).
      • Tepid Interest (40-59%): Soft Sci-Fi, Science Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopia, Fan Fiction, Vampires/Werewolves.
      • Hard Sell/Niche Community (20-39%): Hard Sci-Fi, Military, Real World (Strict Realism), Alternative History, [Insert]Punk, Anime, Crime/Detective, Erotic, Eastern Fantasy/Wuxia, LGBT.
      • Nightmare Difficulty/Give Up Now (0-19%): Utopia, Historical, Nations, Western, Education, Religious.

    Characters & Relationships
    1. The most popular Character Archetype which the Denizens of Iwaku create is “The Warrior” (68.1%) which is described as having rather simple thought patterns, being tough, courageous, and disciplined, and which are addicted to achievement and success in all endeavours. Their greatest pitfalls are fear of impotence, and arrogance.
    2. The least popular Character Archetype which the Denizens of Iwaku create is “The Creator” (25.5%) which is described as fostering all imaginative endeavours, as someone who constantly creates new projects and helps others express themselves in beautiful ways. They seek to find and accept themselves, discovering their true identity in relation to the external world. Their weaknesses are self-indulgence, poverty, creating messes, and prima-donna behaviours. They are addicted to work/creativity, and fear inauthenticity.
    3. Only “The Warrior” and “The Seeker” are played by more than 50% of role players. The Innocent, Orphan, Caregiver, Lover, Destroyer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Sage, and Fool/Jester are all played by less than 50% of role players.

    Thus ends the First Demographics Report. More detailed and intricate reports and comparisons can be made when more data is collected over a longer period of time, allowing for time dissonance to play a factor, and allowing for more comparable topics to be presented against each other.

    So what do y'all think? Surprised by anything, or did this merely reinforce what you thought before? Think this information might be useful for you in the future when planning out role plays? I think the genre and longevity statistics are the most illuminating personally. It tells me what genres are easier to get off the ground, and that if I can get past that “three month termination period” then my role plays will most likely keep going long after that.

    Oh, right, and apparently, Iwaku is super rainbow friendly if that sexuality statistic is anything to go by.

    Congratulations Iwaku!
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  2. This made me chuckle. I'm okay with this. I can enjoy this XD
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  3. This signature gif thing is adorable and I want one. :D

    XD I kind of assumed that was already the case. It honestly seems rare to see much anti-LGBT sentiment around here and it's generally understood to be an unpopular opinion even when it does come up -- or at least, that seems to be the case in GC, which is where a good chunk of the votes come from.
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    but foreal congrats on all that data analysis, it's awesome!
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  5. Here.
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  6. Amazing stuff, Brovo! Kudos on making this. =D Makes me sad I didn't start participating sooner.
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  7. I am actually surprised by quite a few results. It may actually make sense to me now why I don't get many rps here or why many don't stick ^_^' My tastes seem to somewhat differ.
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  8. SPOT ON. Pretty much everything so far is exactly what I expected it to be. 8D The only thing I find interesting and not as I expected was how high the stats are for The Warrior. O__O I expected that to have a little more variation in archetypes. At least having Warrior, The Innocent and Orphan all having the topmost votes.

    I WOULD have been surprised if Iwaku didn't turn out rainbow friendly. It's run by big gay admins. D:<
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  9. From most popular to least popular. Percentage difference at each rank will be illustrated to show the moderate 40%-ish cluster that appears.
    1. The Warrior (68.1%)
    2. The Seeker (53.2%) (-14.9% difference.)
    3. The Destroyer (46.8%) (-6.4% difference.)
    4. The Lover (44.7%) (-2.1% difference.)
    5. The Magician (42.6%) (-2.1% difference.)
    6. The Fool/Jester (42.6%) (0% difference.)
    7. The Innocent (40.4%) (-2.2% difference.)
    8. The Orphan (40.4%) (0% difference.)
    9. The Caregiver (36.2%) (-4.2% difference.)
    10. The Sage (36.2%) (0% difference.)
    11. The Ruler (29.8%) (-6.4% difference.)
    12. The Creator (25.5%) (-4.3% difference.)
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  10. I think one of the biggest reasons I'm happy to see these demographics reports is because of the way that it helps define Iwaku as a community. I'm looking forward to more of them, and hopefully, I can make time to give a comprehensive answer to the ones I've yet to get around to. I don't know how appropriate this request is considering I'm probably not the one who should be making it... but I feel like I haven't gone wrong by voicing my opinion yet.

    Brovo has a demographics hub for all these demographic surveys. Right now it floats around freely in the roleplay help section with all the other threads, but I'd really like it if it were a sticky thread that exists in just one place. Having the increased visibility will make it easier to keep track of updates to the demographics, and it will encourage more users to participate and use the resource.
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  11. You can never go wrong by voicing your opinion, Luna. I will always listen. Especially since you're someone I respect and to a certain extent, admire. (Not in any romantic way though, just to clarify. More like "this person holds qualities I consider admirably noble" kind of admire.)
    Fun story. In the original PM I sent @Diana & @Astaroth about the demographics project, one of my objectives was this.
    One of @Astaroth 's responses was this.
    I've underlined the important part here. The part I think best defines this project. Community-run. Not a staff decree, not something that gets special favours of any kind. It is a project "by the people for the people" sort-to-speak. Therefore, I don't want my threads stickied. I don't want announcements for them by staffers, or to get preferential treatment of any kind, no matter how innocuous.

    I want this to be a homegrown project that, while I might be the main push behind it for now, eventually becomes part of Iwaku defining culture as a stabilizing element. Something which reflects what the community is, in a fun, enlightening kind of way. Not overly elitist mumbojumbo or what have you, no hard facts, no statements of right or wrong, no political soapboxing, no bullying, no trolling, no mockery and derision for its own sake. Everybody is equal here, because nobody is better than anybody else when you reduce the total sum to a vote. A number. People who are new or old, people who are skilled or who know nothing, elitists or the humble, men or women, tall or short, whoever you are, whatever you are--you're welcome, and equal to everyone else. Nobody counts as more or less.

    So until I find the project growing to the point where I feel it necessary to ask for favours simply to reduce management headaches, I don't want any favours. I don't want it to look like a "staff pet project" or anything like that. This is something by the community, for the community, where everyone can bond and learn more about each other's role playing habits and ideas and beliefs together. If it succeed and grows, I want it to be because the community invested time into it, not because the staff stickied it so it would never be beaten by anything else, no matter how meritorious the idea is. I don't want my threads to become more valuable than somebody else's threads. Let meritocracy decide how active these threads are, how many votes they get.

    At some point I'll slowly expand things until @Hana & @RedWillow (who are the two current helpers) are also producing content and the like. 'Till it becomes a multi-person project in earnest though, I don't need anything right now, and I'd rather not ask for it if I don't need it. I'll put my trust in the community and see where it takes me first. Give it a couple more demographics reports, a dozen (or maybe a couple dozen) more polls, et cetera.

    I mean, rambling aside, I'm sure a sticky would be harmless, but I guess it's more the notion of it. 'Til it's really and seriously run by more than one member of the community, I don't want to ask for anything. Not yet. Besides, let's be honest, the Content section is so horrendously schizophrenic right now that there is zero concern of the Demographics Hub thread vanishing into the ether. It's really, rather, quite slow in RP Help & Discussion. Part of the reason I put threads in GC first for a week, the project would have been dead on arrival if it depended on RP Help & Discussion alone. :ferret:


    I mean, feel free to tell me if I'm nuts, obviously.
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  12. God, this site is sooo gay.
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  13. More gay than the Pride Parade.

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  14. We need more Village People up in hurr.
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