First Day Only Day

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should have been killed

  1. yes she a blondie and a b***ch XD (me.: she not a blondie)

  2. no just i dont know but no (me: real thats all)

  1. (i want to do a crime thoing first day girl killed on her first day now she a ghost fell free to PM me if you want to be the person that killed me ^^)

    (going to put the school photo late or soon)

    ok so my first day was not the best thing that happend to me. i have no friends that not it i am not populer not no i am not but thats not it ok. ummm im dead please dont hate me. well i am ghost more like it. the worst thing is that i look ugly. what if some cute hot ghost guy come and he see me like this. a girl with a stabe in t chst. omg what contery do e live in oh yeah USA. stupid people. what ever i just wqnt to find the killer so like with me. Ps i am soooo not a blondie and i was killed inthe girl bathroom so like gross
  2. Rain watched everyone walk by her like she a ghost. well thats becuse she is. she was ghostly looking. her hair. white. eyes. white. skin. white. everything was white well see throw white. there where some spirts like her some evil but they can be nice.
  3. Lacey walked through the halls with her books clutched against her chest. Her shyness shown as she walked almost against the wall away from the lockers. Finally, Lacey saw her locker and opened it up. Quickly, she switched her books for the next class. Lacey walked back against the wall and looked cautiously for any of the popular girls. Not wanting to run into anybody, she speed walked the rest of the way to class.
  4. Breeze laughed a little at something a friend had said. Her beach wave curls fraiming her face as turned from her locker. She was the type of girl who had lots of friends but only a few who were dear to her heart.
  5. Lacey soon got to class and sat in a chair. The brunet girl placed her science books on the tan desk and waited for the teachers directions. She looked around to see the jocks and the popular girls were here. Lacey tried not to be noticed by them.
  6. Rain followed her class but its nd see her or anythng. but she did wish someone could. maybe she will have some fun in this class play a little trick on the teacher. she walked to the bord and started to lift the marks and this white thing i real forget what its called. thats the thing she cant remaber small things like names of iteams or people.
  7. Lacey looked at the board and read the first assignment. Read Ch. 2-5 in your Science Text Book it said. Obeying the teacher, Lacey opened up her science text book and began reading. Lacey could not concentrate with all the jocks yelling in the background. Finally, Lacey stood up out of her chair and wrote on the board with nobody looking and NO TALKING! Finally, the classroom got quieter, and Lacey began reading.
  8. you go girl" I says "show them whos boss" I giggles and walks up to the board and writes 'im watching you' I heard one of the jocks scream. and he could scream..... like a girl. "yeah your right its not my best hand writing" I had to laugh when I saw the teacher run out of the class and I sware he pissed in his pants.
  9. Lacey smiled and looked at the board. Then, saw Rain with her ghost like features. Lacey couldn't say ghost! because the popular girls would pick on her. She kept on reading her book and pretending like Lacey didn't notice
  10. Sitting in the far back and the corner of the room was Victor. He was handsome yet quiet but not in a hostile way. He was a man that just kept himself to himself. The noisy jocks were always the same, giving him a headache as he flicked through his science book. He had already read what the teacher asked and once the girl screamed out, he looked up only to sigh and look back down at the text book.
    That was when he heard the scream from the jock, he saw the writing on the board and rose his eyebrow. It must had been some trick someone was playing and with that, he closed his text book and leaned back in the chair.
    "Teacher, if this is how today lessons is going to be... I would much rather go and study in the library."
    He spoke with a bored expression, but still, he smiled lightly and placed his elbow on the wall. He just wanted the day to be over and done with.
  11. no fun meanie" she said to the boy with a frown. "you know i could kick your face if i wanted to but im not going to druggy" Rain was pissed at the boy make the joke look boreding. "the teacher nodded. not even looking up as he did so" Ran said and the thing happen