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First Day at IOU

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sir Kaltao, May 29, 2014.

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  1. The sound of the train bellowing through the forest and up through their windows woke the students that morning. Well, it woke most. Benjamin Stanley was already awake when he heard it. He went to the window of his dorm room and saw the pillar of smoke rising out of the expansive trees. “Ah-ha! New students!” He exclaimed with glee, then resumed combing his long thick black hair.

    Ben remembered his first day her at Inter-dimensional Oaks University. The initial confusion and fear were, by now, only shadows of themselves. That version of him had been purged and replaced with the version that now felt only pride. There was the awe of seeing the four dormitory towers jutting into the clear sky; the wonder of where you found green stone in such quantities to build this campus; and the amazement that their dorms were one-bedroom apartments to fill with whatever they pleased. Anything, so long as it was campus-friendly of course.

    “Oh, I better be getting down there.” He said to himself and dressed quickly in the school uniform: A dark green shirt, with black tie, vest and slacks. He made sure his tan skin was free of blemishes, and that his high cheekbones were still properly aligned. He’d verbally slipped on the radio show yesterday and had to report to the Re-Education Department to be corrected; Re-education sometimes had the side-effect of changing your appearance, but luckily that hadn’t been the case. His eyes did look a lighter shade of blue than he recalled, but that was probably just the light. He hoped.

    Coming down on the elevator, Ben saw the new arrivals being checked in at the main desk of Lovecraft Hall and ushered to their rooms by the helpful Housing Staff. Their crimson robes billowed around them as they floated about, guiding confused and fearful freshmen to where they would be living for the foreseeable future. Since it was the weekend, there was no radio show for him to host this morning, he had volunteered for the Mentor Program.

    “Excuse me?” He asked the hooded figure behind the front desk, looking not into the darkness of the hood but at the sign-in sheet its skeletal hand hovered over to see if his Freshman had arrived yet. “I’m in the Mentor Program, and eagerly await my young charge!”

    The hooded figure hummed, then replied “They will be coming shortly. Stand aside mortal.”

    “Oh, how rude of me.” Ben stepped away from the desk and waited patiently to the side of th front desk window.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.