INTEREST CHECK Firm Footing: How to Colonize a Planet

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  1. The world called Midway-2 is a planet that has been checked off as being inhabitable for human beings. It's littered mostly with deserts, tropical jungles, and even a few frozen tundras for the main climates, opening the need to terraform and establish a colony on the planet itself.

    The types of people attending the trip fall into categories, three of which are most prevalent. You have the Civs, normal folks along for the ride. Mostly either rich folks or family to the workers. Then we have the Sci-Folks of the Science Department, which consists of course, of scientists and engineers who study the area/terra-form it/build things. The "Rangers" are the equivalent to soldiers, or space marines, only rather than be as focused solely on firepower, they know their way around nature and the climates, as well as animals and military tactics/strategy.

    Sci-folks, Rangers, and some Civs are granted a nearly universal tool called the Forge-Cuff. A multi-purpose device which features a miniature computer/communicator, as well as the more primary features which include a 'TK Lens' for moving around objects by levitating them, as well as destroying objects, and re-forming certain ones, which among other features, serve as the central building tool.

    Weapons are very strange. Most of them are essentially various parts bought in bulk, and assembled by a machine with interchangeable parts being slapped together at random. The same goes for the food supply, ingredients being compiled into handy dandy MRE's, as small settlements defended by developing security walls attempt to survive the local wildlife, with the main spaceship set on the capital settlement much like the white house on Earth, serving as a headquarters for the Rangers and other important things, not to mention the fact it's the only means of escape should they have to evacuate.

  2. So is this just about colonization? Is there a story? Like, is there a disagreement among the people on board the ship and they divide into factions, or that the planet is already inhabited, or is it just facing the struggles of setting up a new home?
  3. Things will go on as time passes. Otherwise, that's kind of how it starts, yes.

    The wonders of a new land unexplored, alongside people you don't know, aided by the breakthroughs of tomorrow's scientific achievements, as you face off against the land, and its wildlife and whatever else comes their way as they struggle to set up shop.
  4. So I gather that the plot revolves around a group of people trying to set up a small settlement on a new world and each participant in the RP is part of the settling team? Where would you want the story to go? Is there a fixed complication that the players would have to deal with? Are there independent companies trying to establish a market through land-grabbing and other illegal activities or is it just a government or two setting up lawfully? You've fleshed out the background well but I'm gonna need a substantial plot before I decide whether or not I want to join this kind of RP. Don't get me wrong, it sounds like an awesome setup and I would be more than happy to roam around in such a setting, but a definite plot is somewhat absent :/
  5. I was hoping we could start off with the settlement bit and eventually have things happen, including discoveries on the planet and developments from the government (I like the independent companies angle. Very fitting! :D). I was also thinking about there being a couple other species, but only a few. Something like, the human race just entered outer space and we met a couple other advanced races, as well as local tribes scattered about the planet, with slight nomadic tendencies, but not to the point they outwardly reveal themselves to civilized folk, and perhaps clash with said companies among other potential ideas.
  6. There we go. A few complications for a seemingly cut and dry mission. That's what I was asking about before. Okay, you have my interest.
  7. And mine also. I am actually quite eager to partcipate :) I haven't been part of a sci-fi rp in quite a while.