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Porn or plot?

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  1. Hey, so congratulations on finding anything in this new format. -shakes his fists at the mods, hating any and all forms of change, even though this is probably for the better-

    Anyway, that aside, I've got a series of plots that I'd love to do with someone. Unless otherwise stated, I'm down with playing any role in any of these.

    Super Hero x Villain: This one has two variants.
    The smut-heavy version goes something like this... A daring hero/heroine fights their way through all the guards, making havoc as they fight their way to the villain they've been chasing after for months, only to find themselves caught in a trap. While trapped, their minds are warped and manipulated into being the villain's obedient slave.
    Contains (open)
    Mind control, Rape, BDSM, Sex Toys, Exhibition,

    The more plotty/romance version would be a bit more like the following...A daring hero/heroine battles their way through the lair of a villain they've been hunting after. When the villain manages to defeat them, they reveal that the heroes might not such good guys...
    Contains (open)
    A lot of plot, romance, and maybe even some combat scenes in addition to BDSM, Sex Toys, Group Sex,

    Adventurer X Monster: When a famous adventurer is hired by the local town to deal with some nearby monsters, they get a lot more than they bargain for.
    Contains (open)
    Rape, Group Sex, Mind Control/break, potentially impregnation

    Knight X Noble: (Preferably Yaoi) A famous knight is charged with the protection of a local noble, who just can't seem to stop teasing their stoic guardian.
    Contains (open)
    Up for discussion.

    Magician X Student
    A famous mage takes an apprentice under their wing, and when sparks start to fly, it's not just because of spells.
    Contains (open)
    Fantasy-themed sex toys, the rest is up for discussion.

    Sorcerer(ess) X Thief: A talented thief takes a job that's a out of their league when they try to steal from a wizard's tower. The tower's resident discovers them, and when the thief breaks something in an attempt to escape, the spellcaster makes them work off the money as a slave.
    Contains (open)
    Along with a potential for romance, Dubious consent, BDSM, Blackmail,

    I'm also up for doing RPs in the following universes:
    Fairy Tail
    Blue Exorcist
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    And probably more.
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  2. I like the first Super Hero x Villan plot you have!!
  3. Totally tubular, you should, like, totally PM me brah.

    That's actually how I talk normally. I'm a time traveler from the 80's.
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  4. I really like both your knight x noble and the sorcerer x thief ones! If you're still looking, should I PM you? cx
  5. Please do!
  6. Although someone has already taken the Super Hero x Villain plot, are you still interested in roleplaying with it?
    If that doesn't work out, I'm happy to either do the Magician x Student or the Adventurer x Monster one.
    Would you like me to PM you?
  7. Of course! PM me whenever you can. Sorry I'm late.
  8. I like the last two. Please PM me if you're still looking :)
  9. Hey there. I'm interested in the more plot over porn Super Hero x Villain rp idea! I know that two other people expressed the same interest for that as well but I hope we can do that RP. If not, I'm also interested in the magician x apprentice one :D
  10. That sounds wonderful! Pm me and we can talk about details.
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