Fireteam Crimson?

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  1. Recently, I've gotten back to playing a lot of Halo 4. It's lead me into getting deeper into the Halo lore, from CE and up to understand how far the universe had come, and where Spartan-Ops fit in along the story. It introduced a multitude of new characters in the Campaign, then in Spartan-Ops we learned more about them; while receiving new characters. Everyone seemed to have a story, except us, Fireteam Crimson.

    Would it be possible to write a Fandom HALO: 4 RP that tells a story about Fireteam Crimson? The story would be based around their everyday activity during and after missions, aboard the Infinity. It's a four Spartan Team, some this would need the attention of four players.

    If anyone has any ideas, feel free to start a conversation with me, or post ideas here in the thread! :D
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  2. I'm a huuuuuuge Halo fan. I'd be interested, both in this, and possibly setting up another Halo-Themed RP. If you'd like, we can discuss it further.
  3. I'd be glad to discuss it! Do you have any ideas? I have one :T

    1) The story takes place along the story of Spartan-Ops. So the story is pretty much laid out for us, all we'd need to focus on is what Fireteam Crimson did in these events. Upon the ending of Spartan-Ops, if someone has kept up with the Novel series that takes place after the game (aka the Halo: Escalation comics) we can work our Fireteam in with the story line during the events.

    Also I have another Halo RP you can take a look at if you're interested. Just PM me, and I'll give you the link and we can also discuss this current idea.
  4. sound interesting.
  5. Three takers plus me, I think we have our Fireteam Crimson!

    Also, @Toxic Flower i see you're new! Welcome to Iwaku, and I look forward to this RP with you all.
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  6. Seems like we're good to go once we do CSs.
  7. Acknowledged. I'll get the Sign-Up thread up momentarily.
  8. Thank you! I look forward to roleplaying with you too
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