Firefox saves copy-and-past colors while google chrome does not

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  1. I think this might be a bug i'm not sure but it is something I've noticed.

    Say i'm creating my next reply. Sometimes to make sense with how the reply went out, i like to highlight my partner(s) dialogue text and paste it somewhere into my own. Often, including myself on occasion, people color their dialogue. So I've noticed that when i make posts on google chrome it doesn't keep the colors of a copy-and-past text but on firefox it does.


    This is just the dialogue I'm going to copy. Notice that it is green
    copy dialogue.JPG




    Notice how in firefox it even kept the original format of the font along with the color.
  2. This is by design; Google Chrome does not preserve formatting when you copy-paste content out of a displayed HTML file, while Firefox does. I'll have to look and see if this is configurable, but I'm not aware of any solutions at the moment.
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  3. oh really? darn i like chrome since it doesn't slow on my unlike firefox, which as been doing that for some time already.... but it's good to know and if anything can be done too that be great!
  4. Sorry; as far as I could find, there is no apparent solution; hopefully somebody more informed has an idea. :S
  5. I imagine there's probably a plugin for it if it occurs across every attempted HTML copy/paste which means it'd be across most forums. If I find one I'll let you know. On an unrelated note, that's an awesome firefox window :D
  6. i guess there would be an extension for chrome for that if it did exist (does it thought?)

    Thanks! pikachu is a squishy little cutie!
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