Firefox Personas! (Skins for your browser. :D)

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I don't normally mess with browser skins, but I decided to play with them today!

If you're using firefox you too can play with the Personas!

Right now I am using this cool arcane moon thinger. o____o Anyone else playing with it?
Awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I'm using one showing a long stretch of road under the light of the setting sun. Very beautiful scene from Pixar's Cars.
I've had a very firey one for a while now. Quite enjoy it actually.
I got me this cute cartoon chick in a kimono. Very 'Full Body Tatto"ishy
I got colorful rubber duckies!! (thanks diana) yay for duckies!
I think the themes are weird at it makes me feel like part of my wallpaper is sticking out, not to mention the buttons become not as seeable. At least that is what I saw on my sisters computer, not really my style :P
I liked Gato Cinza but..doesn't work with this current version anymore.. <_<
I -used- to use the Acid Burn skin for firefox, but it doesn't work in 3.x. So I'm currently using NASA Night Launch, though I may switch back to Pitch Black. I will definitely try Personas though.