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  1. I can't connect via Firefox. I'm not sure if I need to completely reinstall it, or if it's just glut hint out, but Firefox won't let me on the site.

    It takes me to an Unsecure Connection page, and it says that it thinks someone is trying to impersonate the site to get my personal info.

    Usually, it would let me past, but it doesn't have that option this time. No other sites I frequent have this error. I'm just wondering if it's just me, or if anyone else has had this, and knows any workarounds to this.
  2. This happen to mr using a chrome browser o.o It takes a moment but it does go away.
  3. It lets me login fine. Have you installed any new aps lately?
    Or maybe do a virus check on your computer.

    Iwaku isn't funded by a billion dollar organization, there's the risk you caught a virus here somehow (or I'm speaking completely jibberish and that isn't how viruses work at all. Regardless, if your Computer is worried a scan may be wise).
  4. I have only downloaded Adblock, and it was from the official source.

    I did a scan last night.
  5. I don't think it's a virus. It's an error that occurs when the browse is unable to properly read the credentials or something to that effect.
  6. In that, just try turning your computer off and on again first.
    You'd be amazed how many times that works for stuff you'd least expect it to fix. XD
    Of course, but it doesn't hurt to be safe. :P
  7. I'm just saying. It's advisable to have more than one scanner and anit-virus :)
  8. I tried that twice at this point, actually.
  9. Maybe it's just an issue on Firefox's side then.
    Leave it for a day or so and see what happens then.

    You seem fine now any ways (I assume you've switched to Chrome for these posts).
  10. No, Chrome just won't work at all.

    I'm braving Internet Explorer
  11. ... You poor soul. ;A;

    Have you tried reinstalling both the browsers then?
  12. Second reinstallation of both.

    Reinstalled Chrome a while ago, and Firefox yesterday after a crash.
  13. Is there anything in your computer acting up?
  14. Not that I know of.
  15. I'm not sure what it may be caused by then. Allow me to tag the resident tech experts.

    @Alan @jared555
  16. a. Is your Firefox up to date? From the Help menu at the top of your Firefox window (if you don't see it, tap the ALT key), select "About Firefox" The latest version is 45.0.2. If your Firefox is not up to date, you can update it from Choose the independent browser

    b. If your Firefox is up to date, try clearing your cache. To do that, from the "History" menu, select the "Clear Recent History" option. You can clear everything if you want, but the only necessary option to have selected is "Cache". After that, exit Firefox, wait a short moment (on some older computers, it may take as long as a minute for the Firefox process to actually end after you click the close button), and re-launch.
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  17. It's currently updating. I'll see if that helps.

  18. If that doesn't work, make sure all youir plugins are up to date. From the "Tools" menu, select "Add-ons". From the new page that appears, select "Plug-ins". Update any plugins that need an update. Restarting your browser may be required.
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  19. Thanks, @Alan! It worked! Updating Firefox fixed it.
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