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  1. *Update*

    We have a pilot, doctor, captain, merc/"muscle", first mate

    Still Needed:
    Mechanic, maybe a couple other positions in the crew. We also need alliance, one of which could maybe fall for a crew member and ultimately join the crew? Plot twist idea. If you join, we'll find a spot for you in the story! Plot ideas also welcome.

    For information on The Verse and it's planets:

    Language guide/dictionary:

    Scroll down for character sheet.

    Got some interest in the idea... So anyone have a plot suggestion? I'm thinking no original characters, we all make our own. Opinions?
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  2. Oh, hm.

    I really don't have a plot idea /yet/. But I love the idea of original characters.
  3. XD, He said no!

    Are you thinking a smuggler ship like the show?
  4. Ahem..*She... lol

    If y'all really really want to do original characters we can, I just feel like it'd be near impossible to match their personalities exactly. Imagine if they remade the show, but with different actors for the same characters. It would likely be disappointing, right? That's my thought behind it. Haha

    And I thought a smuggler ship would be cool. :D We could have the three of us meet and put a crew together, OR, we could already know each other and have a ship, just recruit whatever other crew we need as people show up. Either way
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  5. So sorry!

    I like the meet others and form a crew idea!

    I know exactly what you mean, I try to stay away from playing as charecters I love, as I feel that I ruin them if I write them out XD
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  6. So there a certain character sheet you want us to use?
  7. XD I can normally nail a character, but on this website, I'm staying away from Characters I love, so I can create ones that I ADORE.

    I like the idea-- though, be warned... I'm already having an idea for my OC.

    Medical Doctor-ish dude. XD
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  8. Simon........jking

    My charecter is going to be the pilot :D, but SHE could be something else if need be :3
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  9. I have gotten told that I /AM/ Simon. XD

    My chara is gonna be this attractive doctor that is gonna want to help people all over the galaxy-- but alas, due to a big mistake-- he ends up working with the team.
  10. Sounds good, I totally wanted to play someone similar to Kaylee, but with my own twist. I adore Kaylee, haha. Should I be mechanic or is that too similar? Thinking about other roles this girl could play...hmm..

    What's our big plot idea? What are we doing? There should be some huge heist or major issues with alliance... OH, what if someone from an alliance ship fell for one of us rogues and decided to join the crew? That would be a neat twist.

    As for character sheet... I'll post it in a few minutes.
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  11. Well I was looking for a neat "Report Sheet" like in the movie, the facts the alliance have on everyone. We'll just do it from scratch without the pretty layout, I guess. My stomach is in knots though, so if you both don't mind, I'm going to wait until morning to make the IC board and all.


    (Anything I forgot?)
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  12. It's totally fine.

    exhausted-- so I'll fully finish LE bio after I sleep.

    <3 besides, give me time to finalize my character :3
  13. I will have my sheet up in a spiffy!

    I like the alliance person falling for one of the crew :O
  14. NAME: Ayala Roy
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 22
    PLANET OF BIRTH: Space Station orbiting Regina (Planet from "The Train Job")
    SOCIAL CLASS: Middle Class-Citizen (Sorry, I haven't really done a social class thing before xD)
    OCCUPATION: Pilot, But no ship
    PERSONALITY: Alaya is a happy person, Bubbly and warm most of the time, But is not innocent, having seen horrors, and crimes.
    -EYE COLOR: Blue
    -HAIR: Black with a single pink strand in her bangs
    -HEIGHT: 5'5
    -WEIGHT: 112
    -OTHER DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS: Likes to wear things that don't restrict movement
    HISTORY: Ayala was born to a small family, being an only child. They were poor most of her life, and her father was never there, having to be nearly constantly at work. For this, She grew up away from her family, treasuring her friends. As she grew older, she began to notice what was going on around her, Black market dealings, assassinations...She had to get off. She enrolled in flight school, passing with flying (xD) colors, and took the next shuttle out to Persephone.
  15. You did fine. :D I don't usually go so in depth with character sheets, but I wanted to make it like an "Alliance Official Records" kind of thing.


    NAME: Callie Sullivan
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 24
    PLANET OF BIRTH: Deadwood
    SOCIAL CLASS: Middle
    OCCUPATION: Merchant
    PERSONALITY: Strong spirited, kind natured, friendly, hard working, intelligent, quick learner, family oriented
    -EYE COLOR: Hazel
    -HAIR: Light Brown
    -HEIGHT: 5'7"
    -WEIGHT: 130lbs
    -OTHER DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS: Scar 2.5 inches long on the back of left hip bone.
    HISTORY: Callie was born to a whore, and raised by her mother and the other women at the brothel. She never knew her father. When she was 17 she left home at her mother's suggestion- She wanted her daughter to know more of the Verse than the small moon she was raised on. Persephone was her first stop, where she found work as a merchant. This led her to Ariel, and then to Osiris where she was offered a job as a housekeeper. After two years she ventured back to Persephone in search of a new adventure.

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  16. I would have put a picture, but I felt like having my own type of person this time :3
  17. NAME: Domicus "Doc" Tydlr
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 25
    OCCUPATION: Doctor
    PERSONALITY: Cocky, smart-alec, goofy-- only if you know him well. Domicus has a facade that is hard to break through. Beneath it, he is really a genuinely sweet guy. He's also devilishly clever.
    Appearance (open)

    -EYE COLOR: Blue
    -HAIR: Brown
    -HEIGHT: 5'8
    -WEIGHT: 150 lbs
    -OTHER DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS: Scar on his shoulder; he hides it because it has a deep, personal story attached to it.
    HISTORY: Domicus Tydlr attended a prestigious medical university on his home planet due to pressure from his family-- the Tydlr's being a very wealthy and prominent family on the planet. After receiving his accolades, Domicus decided to leave his family behind. However, he made sure to keep a good sum off to the side- he's still rich. Wealthy as hell. He is terrible with his spending habits, though-- and he often gets into trouble. He's currently on the run-- his family has hired a good deal of mercenaries to hunt him down. The Tydlr's don't like rogue family members...
    He is a brilliant doctor, and he has medic kits on him all the time. He likes telling people of his story of surgery while a star was going supernova-- a pretty cool tale, indeed....
  18. So, is that it or do you want more people before we start?
  19. That's cool, no pic is required. And we can begin if you want, I'll get us set up.
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