Fireborn (Looking for a female Demigod.)

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  1. Hey there. I'm looking for a demigod-based Roleplay. I'v been thinking of this for a while So I'll jump right in. I need a female Demigod character. They don't have to be the child of a specific god, as long as its Greek and it doesn't clash with my character (I don't want them to be siblings. also, preferably the daughter of Poseidon, as water is my character's opposite and therefore, the most fitting Love interest).

    (Use my character sheet as a base for your own)
    My character is as follows;
    Name: Shawn Pyre
    Age: 18
    height: 6 ft' 2''
    weight: 172 ilbs
    Eyes: Crimson
    Hair: Silver
    Bio: As the son of Prometheus and an unnamed Demigod daughter of Orion (She died giving birth to Shawn), It's only natural that Shawn would be adept at using Godly Flames. Shawn currently lives in Pompeii, constantly visiting Mt. Olympus to beg for Godhood, always being turned down by his Grandfather, Zeus. Because of his natural born element, Shawn is Hyper and his actions tend to be rash and acted out without a second thought. A few of Shawn's flame related powers include: The ability to absorb flames/heat, the ability to make fires instantly spawn on command, and the ability to heal his wounds while standing under the light of the sun. Though he has pursued romance multiple times before, Shawn has never felt the 'spark' he is looking for. A common theory among his thoughts is that he requires the companionship of another Demigod to be able to fall in love.
    (Thats it, send character sheets in the comments and I shall decide who to roleplay with.)
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  2. If by "mature sequences" you mean engaging in carnal desires then you should ask an admin to move this thread to your respective Mature Forum. Placing it here chances that you'll get someone who is too old or too young for you, which is a big no-no. (you also will probably get more responses because people looking for Mature roleplays will check that forum instead)

    Good luck with the search!
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  3. ^
    True lol but this looks interesting. I'll get a CS up soon but just to make sure I'm not too old to rp with you, I'm 20 =)
  4. Your
    not too old your'e perfect. Just put your CS up so I can review it.
  5. Yay! Working on it right now. So he's the son of Prometheus? The Titan that is strapped to a rock and cursed to have his organs eaten by birds every day just to have them grow back over night, correct? Sorry I love Greek history/mythology =) I'm debating on having my character be a daughter of a Titan or God/Goddess.
  6. Name: Soteria (Salvation in Greek) Winter
    Age: 17
    height: 5'7
    weight: 142 lbs
    Eyes: Azure blue
    Hair: Snow white
    Bio: The daughter of Poseidon, Olympian god of the sea and a human mother that she never knew (she was given up for adoption at 2 months old) Soteria is a Demigod that has a natural affinity for water, along with just about any sea life. Soteria is a wanderer, never staying in a place very long, she currently resides in Sorento looking for an answer that she has been seeking her whole life, just what and who was she? Soteria has always been hard to put a finger on, one moment she can be as calm and unmoving as a vast the sea, and the next she can be a stubborn unstoppable typhoon. But normally shes a easy going person unless you get on her bad side, it takes a lot to get a big reaction out of her, but she does have a few triggers.

    Some of Soteria's water related powers are: She can heal herself with water if a part of her body is in contact with it, she can control/manipulate all types of water, underwater breathing - she cant drown, and ability to talk to/understand sea creatures. Soteria has found it hard to find time for romance in her travels, she feels like no matter who shes with they can never understand her fully. Many times Soteria's tried romance but anytime her partner discovered her strange abilities its ended terribly, shes started losing hope of ever finding true love.
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  7. THIS IS PERFECT! ACCEPTED! Wait for my conversation.
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  8. Is this a duo, or are you starting something bigger?
  9. Duo. It is a conversation-based RP. But I might do something bigger similar to this later on so follow me if you want to wait and see.
  10. Lol, ok... Enjoy. I'll keep an eye out for your re-post...
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