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  1. This is a video I recorded with my phone.

    So my new life in California is shaping up to be just as deadly and exciting as my life back on the east coast.
    Here is a short video of the Firemen going into through the roof to relieve pressure of the fire so that when they break the Windows to get in fire does come exploding out.

    By the time they had got to the house the fire was already heavy, The news on the house is that they is a shit ton of stuff in there, among the things they found a little old lady in the kitchen.

    The conversation is October and I standing in the backyard to make sure, that while we were directly downwind of this fire, our yard didn't go up in flames either.

    I wonder what's next.

    RIP little old lady​
  2. Dude. Freaky.
  3. The kicker is, Octo went for a walk and for just about 45 minutes he could smell the fire and came home totally convinced there was a house on fire. Not even 20 minutes later we we choking on the air in our room, and as soon as we walked outside there it was the house right behind us, billowing smoke.
  4. I've lived in California my whole life. Fires like that happen every summer... A lot. It's really sad. You just have to be aware of where you live, the dangers around you, and have an escape plan.
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  5. Welcome to Cali. Make sure to stay away from East LA at night!
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  6. Cali is a great place to he from :D
  7. Yeah.. unless you're an avid hunter and/or gun enthusiast... then it sucks!
  8. I'm from Cali... Live on the east coast. Lol
  9. RIP Little Old Lady. My condolences
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  10. This fire I recorded, was in no way caused by the weather conditions the west is under atm. My recording was a kitchen fire, but this link is exactly what you guys are talking about and is happening as I type this:

    Shastina is Evacuated

    Edit: Good thing I am 5 hours away from this.
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