Fire Vs Fire

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  1. "Father, can we go riding the dragons again tomorrow," the boy asked, smiling up at his father. The king chuckled and lifted his boy so he rested on his hip. "Of course, my son," he said fondly. "But it is time for the little prince to be in bed," he said, lying his son down and pulling the blanket over him.

    "But Father, I am not tired," the boy protested, though he yawned not half a second after his statement. The king chuckled once more and kissed the boy's forehead. "Rest, my son. Tomorrow will be here before you know it."

    "Yes, father," the boy yawned and snuggled into his bed. The king reached over and clicked on the boy's night light; images of dragons began circling the prince's bedroom as they emanated from the small rotating lamp.

    The king stood in the doorway, watching his son sleep. "I am sorry, Ryan," he whispered and closed the door behind him as he left. He didn't see anyone else that night. He went directly to the dragon stables and mounted his dragon. The black beast didn't utter a sound, just flapped his wings and took the king's travel bag in his talons as he rose and flew off into the night.

    The prince walked through the halls towards the dragon stables. He had just gone through another fight with his mother about his missing father. The king had gone missing after putting him to bed twelve years ago. The queen has insisted upon the prince marrying to take over his father's throne, but the prince refused. He would not take the throne that belonged to his father, without his father to pass it down himself. He knew his father was still alive and he was going to find him.

    Tanit was curled upon her favorite boulder in the giant stables. Her black scales reflected the flickering candle light above her. She rose her head as she heard the prince approach. Ryan. You look cross. Again. she noted. What happened? Her giant head moved to nuzzled him from her spot upon the giant rock.

    "We're going to find my father, Tanit," he told the dragon, climbing up her scales to sit between her shoulder blades. "We are leaving now."

    You don't think it is a bit hasty, Highness, she asked, looking back at him. Nevertheless, she stood and moved towards the exit of the giant stables. Once outside, she spread her wings and took off into the night.
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    "Come on Nepita! You can go faster than this!" Ash ex lamed. She was in charge of training her new dragon Nepita, and so far she was doing a good job of it. "hey Nepita, is it just me or do I see another dragon over there?" she got Nepita to turn towards what she thought was another dragon and what she saw she will never forget.
  3. Tanit nearly ran into the young dragon, and did a nose dive at the last possible second. As it was, the prince was not prepared for such a move and flew off of her, unable to hold onto the saddle. Nanit caught him within two seconds, landing the bewildered prince back in his saddle. I am terribly sorry, Ryan. I did not see them. The black dragon flew back to the young dragon and female rider, hovering near them.

    "Excuse us," Ryan said to the lady. "Have you come across an old black dragon with a middle-aged man riding him," he asked. Tanit's father was the king's dragon, and so was as passionate about this mission as her rider was.