Fire&Ice Wolf Packs

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    Looking for an active wolf roleplay? We are looking for active rpers! Choose from one of six packs, or explore the lone territories where devious things are happening..

    Jabbar Junayd - A pack shrouded in darkness, but there is something different about these wolves. Led by Prince Damean Jagger II and his mentors, this dark pack is highly unique.

    Black Pearl - This neutral pack lives by the oceanside, where there is always a tinge of water and salt on the air. Led by Alphas Jack and Calypso, the pack is strong and tightly-knit, a safe haven for its many residents.

    Midnight Meadows - Many of the wolves here are long-standing and loyal members. The ranks are always shifting as they are often the target of malicious wolves, but they stand strong together and are dedicated to finding peace and protecting their family.

    Mount Muerta - Led by the infamous Akira, this is a dangerous place to be, and only wolves of harsh temperament survive here. One should only set paw here if they are ready to commit to deadly power.

    Tirisfal Valley - These wolves are pure of heart, and a rather tight-knit group. So dedicated are these wolves that most who come never leave again. For now, the elders keep the pack running smoothly, while the younger generation grow into their roles.

    Hamara Sydan - Long overrun by mutts and mongrels, this pack is led by Blackjack, a violent-hearted German Shepherd with deep hatred for wolves. The pack has been growing steadily since its takeover and it's only a matter of time before they start causing trouble with their wolven neighbours..

    The Lone Lands - There is plenty going on here, especially within Lacrimosa Lake. They stand apart from the other packs, as they are merely a band of rogues being brainwashed by their leader Evanescence and her followers. Something dark is brewing here...

    Come join us and give Fire&Ice Wolf Packs a try! FnI -