Fire from Ash (OOC)

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  1. This is a pre-discussed one-on-one RP between Vansalon and myself. This is intended to be the prologue to a group RP that happens afterward. Seems we both like doing that... [shot] For that reason, it's here and not in PMs.

    "Fire from Ash"

    Ustava was the region of the ever-troubled peninsula of Choroba that, for all its own troubles, had been progressing the most steadily. Even in the face of a global economic recession, the eastern republic's people showed miraculous fortitude as the 20th century reached a scientific climax, bestowing all manner of wonders of transportation, medicine, and more.
    The buildings of the capital, Pravosk, growing taller and taller, the fishers' boats traveling farther and farther out to sea in search of a resource being depleted faster than it can renew itself, the rival Churches racing to stamp out the native religion— they all begged for something to stand in their way.

    The date is June 1989. Time is running out, but few know this. One man in particular has raced back to Pravosk from the nearby city-state of Poll in hopes of preparing for a disease that nobody knows about yet. Terialis: the word will find its way into the common vernacular in a new way in a matter of weeks. The plague works at a frightening speed, its various strains all spreading by different means. One who is infected finds their self in a state of febrile seizure in a matter of hours.
    If they're lucky, that is when they die.
    The other case is that the individual is resistant. Explicitly-stored memories are usually discarded by the victim's brain like so much garbage as terialis becomes their identity. The irises of the eyes begin losing their color, replaced with a dull grey. Affected on a genetic level, a resilient terialis victim is debilitated in body and mind...
    But the person that remains may well be able to challenge the definition of what it means to be a person. Exhibiting remarkable, almost supernatural abilities that break apart any conception of what is and isn't possible, they will steer Ustava and Choroba onto a route through history that nobody could have predicted.

    (note: both these characters' sheets are from a prologue RP that happened previously, which is succeeded by this one. They are subject to change.)

    Player: Kreska
    Name: Ivak
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Ivak looks almost perpetually tired, with greying blonde hair and dark green eyes. He is taller than average height, but this is mostly because he does not walk with the bent back that most of his cohorts carry with them. He prefers to dress simple, with a grey coat and brown pants and shoes. His idiosyncrasies make themselves apparent underneath, with closer examination revealing that he is actually wearing two coats. One conceals a knife so large that an older person would call it a dagger, and the other conceals armor.
    Personality: With those whom he is unfamiliar, Ivak's temper is short. However, with those whom he does know, it is quite tolerant. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, he does not care much for making friends and instead treats everyone he knows as a co-worker of sorts. He also tends to mutter quite a bit, so most of the time his co-workers are just that.
    Back-story: [pending]
    Other notes: Ivak rarely goes by his real name, instead having several cover names which he uses based on location.

    Player: Vansalon
    Name: Estelle Eisen
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Estelle is a few inches shorter than average, and has a frame that goes beyond petite; she's borderline emaciated. Her wavy black hair is relatively short, falling only just past her shoulder blades. Her eyes are a soft, deep, blue. She wears a trenchcoat so dark a blue to appear as black at a glance, gloves and boots of the same color, and a light blue scarf wrapped around her neck. She customarily looks at the ground, keeping her face down, but often casts discreet glances around her, keeping a careful facade of obliviousness when in reality she rarely misses anything around her. Her expression is always nervous and apprehensive. She keeps a simple black face mask concealed in her coat, which she wears on the occasion she has to deal with a client personally. Finally, she keeps a stiletto hidden in her coat.
    Personality: Estelle has anorexia nervosa, a disorder characterized by an obsession with retaining a thin figure. She eats very little because of this, only ever taking small portions and eating an absolute maximum of two meals a day. This bears side effects such as a constant headache, a lack of energy, drowsiness, and high fever. Estelle is extremely paranoid, distrusting and always carefully scrutinizing everyone. She is always wary of betrayal, but at the same time isn't afraid to hire people to perform discreet jobs for her, and she has a few individuals she's worked with long enough to trust, who serve as her representatives to clients. She values information she can trust far more than simple currency, but she accepts that as payment more often because it's necessary to keep her small business running. When she does find a close friend she can trust, she tends to become over reliant and almost clingy, although this hasn't happened in a long time.
    Back-story: [pending]
    Other notes: Estelle normally runs a small but efficient under the table information gathering and corporate espionage service out of Poll.
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