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  1. Hello there! I left this forum for a bit, but I'm back in full swing now!! And what I really wanna do is a few roleplays in my current favorite fandom, Fire Emblem!

    Now, just some things before we begin: besides Marth and Ike, I know absolutely nothing about Fire Emblem games before Awakening or Fates. Sorry to disappoint any fans of the games before, but I'll only do RPs centered around the two games mentioned. Also! I prefer canon/canon RPs rather than OCs. I have fandoms where OCs are great, but I love canon for this fandom ^^;;

    Okay, RPs! I can do fluff or angst, and tbh I would really love to do angst for this fandom. I'm also open to smut as well...though only for certain characters. Some I refuse to RP sexual scenes with. I can RP in threads or PMs, so whichever you're comfortable with!

    And now, what you've all been waiting for...ships! I'll put a * next to who I want to be and a (!) next to ships I reeeaaally wanna do. And if you like a couple, we can always double up and do other ships in the RP!

    *Robin and Kamui can be male or female, just pick which you like


    Lucina*/Anyone (!)
    Vaike/Lon'qu (!)
    Olivia*/Henry (!)


    Pieri*/Anyone (!!!!!!!)
    Saizou/Kamui (!) *have a plot for this one!!*
    Soleil/Sophie*/Ignis (not a love triangle, though it could start that way! Also, three RPers please!)
    Kamui/Benoit (!)

    HOWEVER!!! Please, please, pleeeaaase suggest ships to me for Fates!!!! I really wanna have more, so if there are any you like, please let me know!!!
  2. Maybe one day~

  3. Keep in mind that sex scenes with detail written in any section outside of the libertine sections should be spoiler tagged and given a content warning, as mentioned here. And any roleplays you intend to write smut in should be started in the libertine section.

    Anyhow, happy hunting! I hope you find the RPs you're looking for! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.