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  1. With more info coming out on the newest game with each passing day I find myself craving a Fire Emblem rp. Doesn't matter with who or what, I just wanna play fire emblem!

    I played each and every game in the series and thus can rp in every game in the series. The only FE I won't rp at the moment is Awakening. I like it well enough but lately every Fire Emblem rp I see is about Awakening so I'm a bit tired when it comes to that game.

    I'm fine with almost any character or pairing but my preferred ones are
    Genealogy of the holy war:
    Azel x Tiltyu (OTP!)
    Lex x Ayra
    Celice x Tinny

    Binding blade:
    Anything with the three orphan amigo's will do.

    Blazing sword:
    Erk x Serra
    Guy x Priscilla
    Pent x Louise

    Radiant series:
    Ike x Soren.
    Tormod x Vika
    Tormod x Sothe
    Tormod x Sanaki
    Edward x Leonardo
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.