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Yuri, Yaoi (if there is a crossdresser), Furry, Romance, School Life, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Modern, etc. I'm pretty open minded
It's the year 1345 and the Albion Kingdom is on the brink of collapse. With the death of the good King Renald III, the kingdom's stability began to unravel. A power vaccum occured and from it rose three factions that split the kingdom into thirds. The first faction is known as the White Dragon and they are Loyalists to the crown and believe that the young princess is next in line to the crown. With her the White Dragon hope to keep the monacrchy intact and preserve the traditions of the kingdom. However, her uncle Philip and many of his supporters thought she was ill suited to rule and that the throne belonged to him. His vision for Albion is to turn the once flourshing kingdom into an empire and expand it's borders by conquering their neighbors. He plans to rule by fear and might and make Albion stronger for it and is known as the Black Dragon faction or the Nationalists. Seeing their oppourtunity, the peasants led by a group of political idealists rose up and formed the Red Dragon faciton also known as the Revolutionists who want the kingdom to turn into a democracy. They are tired of being ruled by the moncarchy and want to bring about a government for the people.

Our characters will be tasked to protect the princess as she ventures forth to rally allies to help her bring stability to her home. The allies in question may have a different agenda than what their allegience say. Our characters can be mercenaries hired by the White Dragon Faction or they could be knights that are a part of the White Dragon. I was thinking we use classes mainly from the GBA era of Fire Emblem to help define our characters. For example, I was thinking my character could be the mercenary class and eventually becoming a hero later on. Was also thinking about making a shaman character as well. And the magic would be Anima, Dark, and Light. And soldier could be a selectable class. But I wouldn't be opposed to classes from other Fire Emblem games as long as it fits. Also doubling up is fine as long as you can keep track of your characters. Any pairings will be okay as well.

This is a loose idea I had and wanted to see if there would be any interest in it. I am all for world builiding for it and welcome new ideas. The princess can be played by someone and be the lord class if they want. I imagine the Albion Kingdom is a huge kingdom and was once the kingdom that everyone else looked up to. I also want to split the RP into chapters like Fire Emblem does. I am still pondering on what the Fire Emblem should be in this game though. I was thinking it could be the name of the pact that the allies of the Albion Kingdom signed years ago. Anyways I hope this is of interest and I welcome your ideas.


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Sorry if this is too late, but I wanted to jot down some ideas I had while readings this:

On Backstory: The Albion kingdom was widely known as the strength of the continent. It's founder had slain an ancient foe millenia ago. The extinguished darkness gave way for the other nations to rise in the wake. Albion served as both defender of the realm and peace bringer between nations. When pirates from distant lands threatened the coastlines, other nations could count on Albion's military might to push foes back. When nations threatened to go to war with each other, it was the wise king of Albion that would broker peace.

Against this backdrop, monarchs across the continent are well aware that Albion wields a terrible power: the Albion monarch is able to summon an undying phantom army. Composed of ancient ghosts that once fought alongside Albion's founder, they had sworn their eternal souls to the heir to Albion's throne. Only three times in history had this army been called upon. Most recently, they were summoned by King Renald I to defeat a conqueror from across the sea. All nations witnessed as phantoms tore through the invading army. Blood stained the plains for weeks after. History would not forget that terrible day. For a time, the continent had nothing to fear, for a strong, yet peace-loving Albion ruled decades after.

All of that changed with the death of the good King Renald III.

In the wake of the king's sudden passing, Prince Phillip, the king's brother, took much of the duties. Effectively, he was monarch in all but title. Only one with the royal birthmark, known as the Fire Emblem, would be the true ruler of Albion. Upon the king's death, that birthmark reappeared not on Philip but on the king's daughter.

Though next in line to the throne, the princess was still a child. She had neither wisdom nor the respect from other nations as a peer. Most viewed the princess as a figurehead, one to be married off to an allied nation in an effort to stabilize the continent. Indeed, the princess was encouraged to think this way: her uncle Philip encouraged her to enjoy her youth and leave the responsibilities to him.

There was a problem: with the acting ruler illegitimate and the true heir unable to rule, dukes and lords across the continent (and even within Albion), once allies to King Renald, were not so keen to work with Philip, especially after learning of his military ambitions. With the monarchy in limbo, the phantom army would remain dormant. With that power off the table, enemies starting testing Albion's strength; even lowly bandit crews grew more bold in their raids. The people of Albion suffered greatly as a result.

In their desperation for safety, they turned to the revolutionaries known as the Red Dragon. They channeled the peasants' anger not only at bandits but against dukes and lords of Albion, taking over several territories in the name of the people. To prevent an insurrection from turning into a full blown civil war, Philip wielded the military fiercely against anyone not loyal to the crown (and particularly his rule). All the while, rumors were spreading in taverns across the lands of ancient horrors roaming wild areas.

The princess was largely unaware of the issue's outside the castle, as intended by her uncle. She continued her schooling, convinced that she was fulfilling her royal duties. Her naivety began to crack when Philip came to her. He spoke of dangerous enemies threatening to engulf Albion, both from the borders and from within. The military was stretched too thin. There was only one solution: in one month at her coming of age ceremony, she would abdicate the throne to Philip, allowing him to wield the full might of Albion's throne with the phantom army.

The thought of abandoning the birthright given by her father weighed heavy on her mind. Yet Albion deserved a strong ruler like Philip; she wasn't ready for that responsibility. One night, the princess received a letter: "If you want the truth, come to ___ Village." The combination of curiosity and the nagging feeling that something wasn't right compelled her to investigate. The castle guard would not dare let her leave the grounds.

The RP begins with a group of mercenaries meeting one of the princess's bodyguards to discuss a peculiar mission. They were to be paid by the kidnap the princess...and bring her to this village. Once there, the princess learns the truth of the state of the world and Philip's actions. All of this comes to a head at the coming of age ceremony when the princess refuses to abdicate. Aided once more by her new allies, she escapes the castle, effectively creating the rift between the White and Black Dragon. The RP continues from there.

Needless to say, I'm interested.