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  1. The king had always been a fool. It was all was that idiot's doing.

    His dark eyes gazed across the makeshift camp. After the formation of the "new" army, multiple decisions had to be made. Who would be the leaders? Who would be the tacticians? Gwyn could have answered all of these questions on his own. But leave it to the nobility to squabble over it all, and then come crying to him, begging him to fix their problems. He had never been all too fond of his fellow lords and ladies. They knew not the struggles of war and tragedy. They had spent too long in their lofty, lavish homes, away from the horrors of reality.

    It was only natural that he become the leader of this new army. He had the brains, he had the brawn. The king's previous choices had been foolish. He had appointed several nobles with no combat experience. And it had obviously gone horribly. Gwyn had been willing to watch them crash and burn, because he knew that they'd turn to him to pick up the pieces.

    Soldiers bustled about, hurrying to pack up various crates and tents. They would be heading to their first battle, most likely. A small group of Ignis soldiers had been sighted nearby. Which... was perfect. Gwyn had been planning to move on anyways. They might as well take the chance to kill some enemy soldiers. Two birds with one stone. The white-haired taguel gave a small huff, hand perched on the sheath of his rapier.
    They would face their first test, very soon.​
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  2. What madness these nobles have wrought! Saulden thought to himself as the "army" was taking form. Ragtag warriors come to seek fame, gold, glory or other vague notions of grand rewards on the battlefield could hardly be called a proper army. Hell, it could hardly be called a band of people with half a brain to share between them. Let them seek fame and dwindle into nothingness as their corpses litter the fields of the lands. Let them seek gold as they die without even a pot to piss in. Let them seek glory as they will forever be haunted by all the faces they killed. There is nothing to gain here, only death and despair.

    Saulden sighed and moved up; he'd fight in the vanguard, he always had. those who fight in the thick of it will have first hands on what little treasures the dead no longer needed which was good as he needed a new set of boots. Who knows, maybe he'd get lucky and kill a noble with a nice and shiny golden crest on his chest. Oh, what is he saying, of course that won't happen, that would actually make his life a bit easier.

    If nothing else this army will quickly know if they'll be able to win a battle; with so many mercenaries you might as well have them decide which battle will be won and which will be lost. A mercenary will never run from a winning fight, if your men are abandoning you, it means you're not on that side and you didn't pay them enough to die for you. Not that you could...
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  3. "So many people", Mala said as she watched the comings and goings of mercenary soldiers from her seat on the ground. "You keep saying that", Rowan replied, turning his head slightly away from the wyvern he was busy washing, "Nervous?" The pointy-eared girl shook her head and flashed a mile-long grin. "More like excited", she said, standing up and moving to grab her partner's arm, "Come on, let's go introduce ourselves to everyone!" When the girl attempted to pull him away, the green-scaled wyvern snorted at her. "You know Hera won't be pleased if she doesn't get her bath before we move on. I'd rather not have to deal with her being a big passive-aggressive baby, especially considering we might very well see some action today", he said, an excited smirk creeping across his face.

    "Well, I'm going to go meet some new people. You losers can hang around here if you want", Mala said with a huff, standing up on the tips of her toes as she searched for people who didn't appear too busy. "Alright, but be careful!", Rowan called to her as she started to walk away. She just waved at him dismissively before disappearing from view, leaving him alone with his winged companion. He sighed, watching the direction she'd gone off into for a while before a heavy, warm breath brought his attention back to Hera. "I'll get back to it, okay? Just relax", he told the beast, who lowered her head and closed her eyes, seemingly satisfied with his response.

    While Rowan occupied himself with making his wyvern's scales shine, Mala wandered around the encampment that was being packed up. If what he said was true, it'd probably be best that she be quick about making her rounds before they marched off into battle. If there wasn't enough time to get to know everyone right now, she at least wanted to learn the names of the people she'd likely be tending to. The first to catch her attention was a fellow whose armor appeared to be one or two blows away from falling apart, and so she hurried to approach him.

    "Hello!", she greeted the man cheerfully once she stood in front of him, immediately thrusting her hand out toward him, "I'm Mala, nice to meet you!" Standing before Saulden was a girl with a very youthful appearance and a head of fiery red hair, pulled up into a ponytail. She was probably about half his height and slender enough that a breeze could knock her over, her small body mostly hidden under a brown cotton shirt that appeared to be several sizes too large and beige breeches that were rolled up past her ankles.
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  4. Lumaana had set herself to the task of carrying about her things. The girth and height of her backpack seemed to rival her lithe form, but she handled it with no complaints. Her head turned left and right to survey the camps they were setting up so feverishly.

    Her eyes landed on a taguel standing abroad the rest of the camp. He was dressed as a noble. She hadn't actually seen a taguel before! Her curiosity drew her closer, but not too close. She read in her books that they didn't particularly socialize well with humans. Still, he was about her age, it seemed.

    The way he was looking out looked a little pompous and self-important to her. She turned her head.

    "Whaddaya looking at?" She droned, a meager attempt at smalltalk. It hadn't occurred to her that this guy was her superior, nor did it occur to her to use proper forms of address.

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  5. Saulden was snapped out of his morose walk by a voice that sounded a little bit too cheery for his tastes. He turned and gazed in disappointing disbelief at the little girl standing in front of him. Was this a joke? He thought to himself as he looked over his shoulder to see if she was adressing someone else or perhaps one of the officers were playing some lame prank on him. But no, she appeared to be there for him...
    "What is this? Is this a joke? I don't know what you're doing here, but if you're looking for your mother then I wouldn't know where to look girly. Perhaps give one of the officers' tents a try, that's usually where you find the prostitutes." Seriously, what on earth was this little girl doing here, Saulden even had to strain his neck to look down at her and she looked desperately underfed. Maybe she was looking for food. Makes sense, kids always try to approach a warcamp in search for scraps left behind, though he'd never seen one be so bold as to walk up to a soldier and announce her presence in such... lighthearted fashion.
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  6. Hugh laid on his back leisurely soaking up the sunlight. By his side lay a novel he had been reading, and by all accounts of simpletons who looked at him, they wold assume he was a mage of sorts. The lordling has decided to put Hugh in reserve, to watch out for any potential enemy manaketes and to send to where morale seemed to be flagging. Few things can rapidly bring back troop morale than a massive scaled beast breathing fire ones' foes. And such a sight was a prime target for enemy mages, hence good commanders Hugh experienced working with always kept his kind away from the initial assault like trump cards.

    Sitting upright, the long haired manakete tasted the air with his tongue to sample the various 'scents' from the camp that came blwoing by a strong gust of wind like a reptile. Humans, taguel, wyverns, horses...hmm, intriguing, another manakete?

    His interests piqued, Hugh wandered back to the camp in search of his own kind, mostly to warn them of the need to mask their scent far away from home. As he did so, he passed close to a wyvern. Immediately the manakete assessed the beast, taking in its size and gender.

    Frowning, Hugh asked its master, who's tent just so happen to indicate it was in the presence of a manakete other than himself for a long while, "Child, is your wyvern a male or a female?"
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  7. Soldiers hurried about, quickly packing up the camp as they all prepared to move on. The king was paying these soldiers handsomely. So much so that the royals might not have any money left after the war was over. The thought caused Gwyn to briefly be amused. Perhaps he should be the king after all of this. Everyone, from the highest noble, down to the lowest peasant, knew of the king's blunders by now. How the man didn't crawl under a rock out of shame, Gwyn didn't know.

    However, his thought were interrupted by the sound of a young woman drawling to him. Immediately, his mood plummeted. He supposed that he should have expected it. After all, he didn't look like the typical army leader... But apart of him still felt scorned. He turned to the young woman, eyebrows raised.


    "Is that how you address a superior officer?" He questioned, voice cold. Every troop knew his name. But the issue was that not every troop had seen him, yet. That would be remedied, though, as he would be giving a small speech before they left. "If that's how you talk to the leader of the army, then perhaps you don't belong here." However, he knew that she had made a mistake. But still, it wasn't the best first impression. "I am Gwyn Moreau, the commanding officer of this army, and I demand respect from every soldier here."

    "...However, I understand that you might have made an error--abet a grave one." He drawled out. "Don't make the same mistake again."

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  8. -MALA-

    "No, it's not a-What? No, I'm not looking for-Hey! You'd better not be calling my mom a-", the redheaded manakete stopped to take a breath, attempting to calm herself. This guy didn't know her yet, not even a little. It'd do her no good to get into a fight over a first visual impression, although.. She exhaled in a soft huff and shook her head, then unclenched her tiny fists and moved her hands behind her back.

    "My mother is not a prostitute", she corrected him, then immediately smiled up to him again, "I just wanted to say hello." She let her shoulders slump slightly, feeling a slight tenseness to them from that brief moment of misunderstanding. "You're going to be fighting, right? That means you're going to get hurt", she said, moving her hands from behind her back and resting them on her hips, "I'll be taking care of you when that happens, see? Or, well, I might be. I don't know how many others will be on healing duty." She paused for a moment before continuing. "I just thought we should get to know eachother, just a tiny bit for now, you know?", she finished her explanation, then stuck her hand out toward him again, "So, again.. I'm Mala, and it's nice to meet you!"


    When came a voice from behind him, Rowan's face reddened. He had been humming softly whilst tending to his companion's hygiene for some time now, focused on nothing more than the task and the creature herself. "Oh! Ah.. Ehem", he took a moment to clear his throat and let his flushed cheeks to return to normal, then dropped the cloth he held into a bucket full of water at his side. "Female", he replied, standing and turning to face the person who the voice belonged to. The man before him looked like he couldn't have been any older than he was, and yet he called him child. It didn't take him long to hazard a guess as to why that was.

    The man tending to the wyvern stood at about the average height for a man his age, his figure fit and well toned. He was garbed in simple casual attire, a plain white shirt and beige trousers- both items wet from the task at hand. The only eye-catching thing on his person was the dragonstone hanging around his neck, and even that wasn't particularly flashy. His armor and boots were set aside, just inside of his open tent. Rowan thought to ask for confirmation to his assumption, but he'd have to come back to that. "Gorgeous, isn't she?", the brown haired man asked with a tiny smirk, not bothering to look back and see if she was paying attention. She was, of course. The wyvern's eye opened slowly, looking at the stranger without lifting her head.
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  9. Masatsura seemed to lag behind for whatever reason, arriving with the front of the last supply-line to the King's troops. He had all of his equipment slung over his shoulders, and came bare-handed in his robes. This boyish man barely 18 years old strolled into camp, raising a hand to let people deeper into the throngs of mercenaries and deposed nobles know he was there. "I am so sorry. I got caught up because of a stroke of bad luck." He said, before quickly amending that statement. "I was hungry, gathering the materials for a meal without taking from what we had at camp was important to me. I would never hurt your ability to prosecute the war, even if I starved for it."

    Masatsura tried to walk into the large band of people, and after pushing in enough to get a glimpse of their commander, he stood stiff. He flinched for a moment in anticipation of punishment, but otherwise was standing perfectly still. All he had on him were his bow and arrows, so the least he could do was be attentive.
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  10. Hugh felt relieved after being informed of the creature's gender. He quickly studied her scales and judged her expression, idle curiosity and not ill tempered. Then he took in the features of the man in front of him and compared it to his own. While the both of them were wearing white attire's, Hugh was dressed in more impractical gear for war, his white robes already sporting clumps of dust and sand. The long hair of his was just the sort begging to be pulled in hand to hand combat. Thankfully none would be on display if a real fight broke out near him.

    "Yes, indeed she is. Pretty healthy and well cared if the sheen of her scales are any indication," then the sight of the dragonstone around Rowan's neck caught the manakete's attention prompting him to further ask with an incredulous tone, "You're a manakete?"
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  11. Saulden was stunned in disbelief; this frail, young girl was part of the military force and a healer no less? Gods, he thought to himself, you know you've hit rock bottom when you get there. "Saulden..." He snapped himself awake from his perplexed state "the name's Saulden, Little one, and you needn't worry about me, I'll probably be dead before the night comes. Best to fraternise with some of the others, maybe they'll live to see tomorrow." He then paused and thought for a moment "No... Best not to fraternise with anyone, if we're lucky, we'll all be dead. Hah ha ha ha..." He was laughing, but he was only partly joking. Having the army die would solve quite a bit; the war would end, the farmers could return to their crops, a proper annexation could begin,... and Saulden could finally stop giving a damn.
    "In either case we won't meet again for a long time, I'll be in the front so you can stay in the back. Don't you dare let me see your face before it's over. then again... you're small" He placed his hand on the crown of her head, his glove old and musty. It must've carried a smell far worse than he realised seeing as he'd gotten used to it. "Maybe they won't see you if you keep low. heheheh" He gave her hair a quick ruffle before walking off, he was needed in the front in order for him to earn his keep. As much as he desperately wanted to think about tonight's meal, he had learned better over the years than to think too far ahead in the future for everything could be over in an hour. Well, at least nothing will arm him once he returns to the ground.
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  12. -ROWAN-

    The long haired man's assessment seemed to elicit something like a mix between a growl and a coo from the wyvern, which in turn caused Rowan's smirk to spread further. Ever the vain creature that she was, she did so enjoy having her claim to beauty validated. The beast's head moved ever so slightly toward the stranger's direction, slitted eyes settling on him as he spoke with her rider.

    "That I am not, unfortunately. I would love to live through the ages and see how the world changes with time", he replied, his smirk shrinking down into a sort of sad smile as he took the stone around his neck between his fingers, "More than that though.." He trailed off and held silent for a moment, then eventually rid himself of whatever thought he had with a shake of the head. "Forgive my poor manners. My name is Rowan-", he said, letting go of the stone and motioning toward the wyvern just behind him, "And this is Hera. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."


    Mala blinked when a hand fell atop her head, eyes crossing as she looked up at this man, Saulden. The ruffling set her slightly off balance for a moment and caused her to stumble a little. When she stood firmly in place once again, she'd see the raggedy mercenary walking away from her. His little parting joke made her eyebrows furrow and her lip stick out, but she'd ignore that for now and address something else. "Nobody is dying here if I have anything to say about it!", she called to him as he headed off, "So keep your head up, Saul! I'll see you around!"

    The little cleric would watch the man's back slowly grow smaller for some time, frowning at the grim words he left her with. After some time passed, she crossed her arms and huffed. How could he be so sure things would end badly? He couldn't, she thought, unless he was some kind of fortune teller. Mala nodded, reassuring herself that Saulden's bleak prediction was wrong, then turned to look over in the direction of her camp. From the looks of it, someone had made their way over and was now chatting with her partner. Maybe this person would be a little more chipper, she hoped quietly as she started to make her way back.
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  13. Lumaana's eyebrows furrowed slightly, though this was probably the only indication that Gwyn's stonewalling had any effect on her. She was somewhat stonefaced herself.

    She didn't mind, terribly. She had pretty thick skin. Dude was acting pretty big for his britches, but she was pretty accustomed to standoffish types. Her brother emulated the sort enough. She was more bummed that he didn't actually answer her question. Her posture remained lax, her mouth flattening.

    "...Eh. I'm just here to give them ingrates a black eye. S'not like I mean disrespect or anything. " She added with a shrug, not particularly concerned or offput about adjusting her vernacular in the presence of a superior officer. "Though if you're demanding it, well... dunno, might go over better with a 'please' and 'thank you', y'know?" She added with a head tilt.

    She hoisted her backpack to the ground, rummaging. "Aaaaanyway, you lookin' for the kitchen? I was. Wanted to fill up the pantry a bit before we shove off."

    She pulled out an enormous sack of rice. Good grief it was enormous! It must've been almost as big as she was! It teetered perilously as it towered.

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  14. Takeda came to camp on his own time, never one to be rushed. To be honest, he was early, one of the earliest to arrive at the site, except no one saw him since he stayed far away, watching over them from a distant ridge where he toiled with taking care of his fur first thing in the morning. There was no rush to join the troops until they were ready to set off. To be a part of the planning and the politics was not in his job description as a hired hand; he would march with them into whatever endeavor they were doomed to face, and he would do so without needing to know all the dirty details. Simple and to the point was the way he liked to live his life. He'd leave it to the strategists to tell him what he could do for the team to achieve optimal results.

    The kitsune busied himself meanwhile with his routine of gathering assorted plants; herbs and flowers he found growing in the fields nearby the one he'd been napping in. Humans were so very slow at putting on their pantaloons and taking down their tents and rolling up their bedrolls, it seemed he had all the time in the world to dilly-dally doing whatever he wanted without worry of being left behind. Sure, they were soldiers -- trained to march nonstop for miles -- but their endurance only allowed them to move at a slow and steady pace; a kitsune could easily sprint the same distance to catch up to them without getting tired. Takeda doubted they would be going anywhere right now at the rate they were trudging along though.

    For a few hours, he figured he was free to take a leisurely stroll around the countryside -- and what a lovely stroll it turned out to be! The sun was shining bright in the sky, birds were on branches cheerfully chirping at each other, worms were wriggling around leglessly in the dirt, and a lady bug even landed on his hand once!

    In a roundabout way, the carefree fox eventually ended up walking right into camp where he was supposed to be. Still, the humans were struggling with their supplies. As if to underline his observation, he spotted a precarious sack of rice being balanced by a girl who clearly could not handle it all on her own. "Wow, what kind of an army is this?" Takeda commented as he came over quickly, lending her a literally hand by pushing the tipping side of the sack back up into her arms. "Did we run out of men or something, that we had to resort to piling our supplies upon the frail arms of little ladies? Ha ha!" He laughed in good-humor, until he saw that it was the commander of the army he was right next to when he said that.

    "Oh!" Takeda jerked back like he saw a lion standing too close. He forced an innocent grin onto his face to make up for it, but the guilt could be seen through it clear as crystal. "I uh... I'm here now, if you were perhaps wondering where I was, commander! Here, I'd like you to have this -- I picked this flower especially for you!" The kitsune pulled a smashed dandelion out of his pocket. "To show my respect, you see?"
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  15. Well this was certainly a change of scenery. Percival knew that the king had hired just about anyone to take on the nation of Ignis but he knew not to what magnitude until he'd arrived at camp. He'd hardly seen any knights he recognized, or anyone with a respectable set of armor either. But it didn't bother him, it's not like he was an elitist or anything. Besides, if there was any question about who the best looking man in the army was before, there certainly wasn't now.

    Percy stayed in his tent fixing his glorious hair, looking at himself in the mirror to make sure not a single strand was out of place before the fight. Grooming himself took him longer than it did to actually pack up his stuff. Took less than ten minutes to roll up the tiny tent and hang it from his horse's saddle. He hummed happily as he did so, smiling brightly for all the world to see as he mounted the beast. "Come Ganymede~ Let us grace the commander with our attention!" he brushed Ganymede's mane, the beast looked well kept with a new set of horseshoes and shiny chocolate hide.

    Ganymede strutted pridefully into position below the commander and his two strange companions, a kitsune, and a girl holding a curiously large bag of rice. Percival stood next to an archer with his lance in one hand, pointed at the sky, and a hand mirror in the other as he double-checked his hair. Then he placed the mirror in his satchel and looked up to their young leader, waiting for the order to move out.

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  16. "The pleasure was all mine. My name is Hugh, a simple name and easy to remember in any age," the manakete introduced himself formally to both of his talking companions with a light smile.

    His curiosity still not sated, Hugh presses further with the questions as his eyes never strayed from the dragonstone around Rowan's neck, "So how did you come to be in possession of a dragonstone? My kind are loath to part with our dragonstones, valuing it as much as our very lives."

    Hugh can sense that the dragonstone still radiated power that could be harnessed. Judging by the living scent of a fellow manakete who was recently nearby, Hugh could only assume the most logical conclusion. That the manakete trusted this human a lot, and that probably told him much about the man he was speaking to.
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  17. (Gwyn is stuck between Lumaana and Takeda.)

    "Listening to your commander is a requirement." Gwyn spoke sharply to Lumaana, clearly displeased with her insolence. "The words 'please' and 'thank you' aren't necessary for me." He asserted coldly. The young woman didn't seem to have a clue on how to treat nobility. But that was to be expected. Although every member of the army was strong in their own ways, not all of them were familiar with etiquette. However, the young taguel's temper mellowed out as Lumaana presented the large sack of rice. At least she was trying to contribute.

    The white-haired taguel raised his eyebrows at the size of the bag, before giving a soft sigh. For now, he chose to ignore her rudeness. Instead, he folded his arms and spoke in a mellower tone of voice.

    "I must thank you for your contributions." The words sounded like they were being dragged from his throat. "The pantry has already been packed up, but you can find the soldiers in charge of it in that direction." With that, Gwyn pointed to a group of soldiers a bit away from where they were standing. Bags of rice and vegetables were strapped to horses. And with the use of magic, they had been able to preserve most of their rations.

    Just as he was about to say his farewells, Gwyn found himself bombarded by another disruption. A kitsune scurried up to the pair, and his lackadaisical tone immediately irritated Gwyn. How carefree... Too carefree. The white-haired taguel sent the kitsune a frigid glare. He had never been too fond of jesters. It took all of his willpower to not scold the kitsune immediately. The young man clearly respected, or feared him, judging by the way he scurried backwards and tried to make amends.

    "That's quite alright." The words were extremely forced. Gwyn assured the kitsune with a sigh. "You've done nothing wrong. For now, just prepare to leave." Spotting Percival nearby, Gwyn decided to speak up. "You, there." He called out to the horseman. "Help this girl carry the rice over to those who are handling the rations. I have business to attend to."

    With that, Gwyn strode away, towards a particularly large rock close to the center of the camp. Immediately, he hopped atop of it, one hand on the sheathe of his rapier.

    "Attention, all." Despite being so young, Gwyn's very presence demanded attention and respect. The stern commander, raked his gaze across his troops. "You have all been called here for the very same purpose, to serve under the banner of Zephyr, and drive out the invading Ignis forces."

    "While many of you are mercenaries who could have easily avoided the conflict, all of you have chosen to stand up and defend your country. This is the common thread that links you all together--the will to protect Zephyr. Soon, we will be embarking on our first journey, across the forests of the Invidia region. There is no doubt that we will encounter Ignis forces on this journey. And while I have no doubt that our forces can defeat the opposition, I want to remind you all that you are apart of a large group. Many of you were accustomed to traveling on your own."

    "But now, you have allies to work with. Working as a team will be a vital part of our efforts. Even if you are opposed to the idea of working with others, I ask you to open your eyes and do it for the sake of your country." Gwyn paused, allowing his words to sink in. "Most likely, we will meet Ignis warriors in the valley of hills right before the Invidia forests. Hope for the best, but prepare yourselves for the worst. And remember, if we do not stand together, we will fall apart."

    With that, Gwyn ended the brief speech, stepping down from the large stone.
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  18. "It was a gift from my companion, a dear friend of mine", he began, gently patting his wyvern's neck, "Not her, of course. Someone else, who ran off to introduce herself to the camp a bit before you arrived." To this day he could remember the time that they had met and decided to stick together, though perhaps with less clarity now that so much time had passed. He smiled briefly at the recollection, then broke into a full grin and crossed his arms against his chest. "You could call it a reward, I suppose, for my first real act of heroism", he said, his tone a very proud one. For a moment, he looked as though he wanted to elaborate further on the matter, but he thought better of it. "She told me the stone was important to her, but I didn't realize the extent of it. Maybe I should have insisted she keep it then."

    "I wouldn't have given it to you if I didn't want you to have it, you big dope", came a voice approaching from behind Hugh. Rowan didn't have to look to see who it was, but she was quick to fully reveal herself anyway. She walked past her fellow manakete and approached the human, gently punching his arm and grinning up at him. The redhead spun on her heel to face the other man, her smile as warm as Rowan had come to expect of her. When his hand fell atop her head her expression immediately soured, but then just as quickly rebounded. "Heheh, though maybe he'd take me a little more seriously if I could still turn into a dragon on command", she said, smirking impishly. "I'm Mala, pleased to meet you!", she said, thrusting one hand out toward Hugh while the other struggled to separate Rowan's own hand from her hair, "So, you're a manakete too? I've never met another before, aside from my mom.. Our kind must be pretty good at hiding from the public eye, huh?"
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  19. Shaking Mala's hand, Hugh introduced himself to the wyvern rider's companion, "I am Hugh of no clan at the moment."

    Procuring some herbs from his pouch, the manakete presented them to Mala. They appeared to resemble grass with a tiny set of shriveled up grey bell shaped shoots at the tips. They had a pretty subdued scent of human to those with more sensitive noses. "And this is how our kind generally kept away from the public eye, these herbs should help masquerade your scent like mine. Fresh ones stink a lot, but when dry...yeah."

    Whatever further conversation they would have was broken up by the announcement of their commander. Hugh decides to memorize the features of the taguel, to make sure if he acts too informally, it would not be in that person's face.
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