Fire Emblem: Tides of War

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    Zephyr, an age-old kingdom.

    For thousands of years, the great kingdom of Zephyr has stood strong on the continent of Fae, occupying 3/4's of its landmass. Covered in forests, lakes and fertile land, Zephyr has never struggled with feeding its people or finding wealth in trade. To the north, the great mountains have provided the kingdom with valuable gems and minerals. Merchants travel the land selling their wares. Since its creation, Zephyr has never had to struggle with unruly neighbors, or other kingdoms waging war.

    Until two years ago, that is. From the badlands of the southeast, a challenge came. A kingdom from over the sea had started to expand on its borders, until they reached the sea. This nation, Ignis, soon set its sights upon Zephyr.

    Shortly after Ignis established a colony on Fae, they destroyed several border towns and farms. Immediately, the message spread to Zephyr's capital. The king assured the people that everything would be fine, and that the threats would be taken care of. Little did the citizens know, that the king and his inept council never had any experience with war. Over the next five years, the king sent his flimsy army to challenge the warriors of Ignis as they blazed across the country. He refused to hire the rogues and mercenaries of the nation, vainly believing that the royal army could take care of the invaders.

    Each battle was lost.

    Now, the kingdom is desperate. The humiliated king, in a last ditch effort, has started to hire mercenaries and other, experienced fighters from across the kingdom. Now, the army is larger than it has ever been. With the odds stacked against them, the soldiers of Zephyr will fight until the very end.

    Their fate is in their hands.


    Welcome to an original Fire Emblem roleplay! Embark on a quest to rescue the nation of Zephyr from the clutches of an evil dictatorship. The roleplay itself will be a journey throughout the kingdom, fighting off invading forces and discovering new secrets. However, a lot of the roleplay will depend on the players and what they want.

    For characters, you have access to all sorts of species and classes. The species and classes that you may use will be listed down below.

    Available Species (open)

    cat laguz
    lion laguz
    tiger laguz
    raven laguz
    hawk laguz
    heron laguz

    Available Classes (open)

    • Swordsmaster
    • Master of Arms
    • Merchant
    • Master of Arms
    • Mechanist
    • Merchant
    • Master Ninja
    • Mechanist
    Spear Fighter
    • Spear Master
    • Basara
    Pegasus Knight
    • Kinshi Knight
    • Falcon Knight
    • Dark Flier
    • Kinshi Knight
    • Sniper
    • Paladin
    • Great Knight
    • Great Knight
    • General
    • Berserker
    • Hero
    • Blacksmith
    • Hero
    • Bow Knight]
    Wyvern Rider
    • Wyvern Lord
    • Griffon Rider
    • Malig Knight
    Dark Mage
    • Sorcerer
    • Dark Knight
    • Valkyrie
    • Butler/Maid
    • War Monk
    • War Cleric
    • Priestess
    • Grand Master
    • Great Lord
    Cat Laguz
    Lion Laguz
    Tiger Laguz
    Crow Laguz
    Hawk Laguz
    Heron Laguz

    If anyone is interested in this roleplay, don't hesitate to comment below! When I get about three people, I'll post the RP topics.​
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  7. Assuming human just isn't listed because it's a given, I'd be interested. I say that because finding anything else never goes well for me.
  8. Thanks so much, everyone!

    I'll put the OOC threads up shortly!
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